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This Week in Social Media

Social Media News for the Week of July 27, 2015

New Facebook Video Tools for Businesses

This week Facebook delivered updates to make up for some of the limitations released earlier in the year. The new video library gives users a centralized location to store and organize videos.   Improved upload flow now offers users the ability to customize video distribution options in order to reach a more targeted audience. For automotive dealerships, this offers yet another opportunity to reach a specific audience when it comes to sharing straight-off-the-lot news and updates.

Facebook Secret Videos

Users now have the added capability to add secret videos accessible only through a direct URL and aren’t searchable on Facebook. This is great for users who want to use Facebook to host videos to embed on third-party site, or share them with anyone who has the URL.  Direct your audience to a private video containing special offers or upcoming events without having to post it anywhere else on Facebook.

Facebook for Business Creative Spotlight

Facebook is busting out tools for business, and we love it!  The numbers don…your consumers are engaging your brand using their mobile phones more often than not, so video marketing is a tool every brand must leverage to stay competitive.  This week Facebook introduced a ‘best of’ showcase highlighting brands getting it right.  Check out Castrol’s cool Mustang video topping the list in the Automotive category this week. Dealerships looking for creative ways to engage consumers via video advertising stand to gain valuable knowledge from the monthly updates.

YouTube 360-Degree Video Ads

YouTube has taken video ads to the next level with their new 360-degree video ads. This feature offers companies a new way to engage consumers with a true video experience.  This feature is activated by dragging your mouse or moving your phone in order to shift the point of view.  The 360-degree feature offers a different experience with every movement. Available in Chrome or on Android and iOS, this capability promises to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Imagine being able to give showroom shoppers the power to pan through a complete 360-degree view of the spotlight inventory you’re showing off in your video!

SlideShare Improvements for Lead Generation

Dealerships may not have considered SlideShare for lead generation, but now might be the time for you to take advantage of SlideShare’s 70 million unique visitors per month.  Slide Share hosts visual content, including videos and with SlideShare’s LinkedIn integration, a business profile may be one more way to connect with existing and potential customers.  SlideShare can serve as a host for articles featuring your dealership in local publications, presentations and more, and delivers SEO value as an added benefit.  Check out SlideShare and create targeted content for your audience. Business plans allow you the option to gather lead generation information before consumers view or download your content, providing one more way for you to deliver a positive customer experience.

Instagram Search on the Web

Recently, Instagram began offering internet users the capability to search on the web for people, places, and hashtags. It had previously added this feature to its smartphone app and is now offering it as a function for every platform.  Read our previous article on using hashtags to grow your brand and let hashtags fuel your dealership’s search engine results.

Tip of the Week—Responding to Complaints on Social Media

If you own a business, it’s only a matter of time before you read the first complaint about your brand on social media.  Social media call-outs are different than in-store complaints for one major reason: they have a much broader reach. So when it happens, and it will, here’s what to do to ensure your dealership earns social street cred:

Face the feedback head-on. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the complaint. Consumers appreciate being heard, and this is your moment to demonstrate you care.  Be authentic.  Apologize if you are wrong and offer to make it right.  Build credibility with a direct approach.

Respond quickly. If you aren’t monitoring your social media channels for consumer feedback, get a plan to start.  The longer a complaint goes unaddressed, the more opportunity it has to adversely impact your brand.  By monitoring your online reputation, you demonstrate your desire to connect with consumers where they are, in order to deliver on your brand promise.

Learn from experience. When you receive negative feedback, view it as an opportunity.  You’ve essentially been given a second chance to win your customer!  Negative feedback also offers the opportunity for leaders to re-engage employees and discover what needs to happen in order to avoid repeating the problem.

Explain your solution. Everyone wants to feel heard and understood.  Show your customer you are listening by clearly stating how you will address their concern.  When you clearly communicate your intentions and deliver results, you will earn the respect of everyone watching and hopefully, win back your customer.

Move forward. Finally, move past the error and continue to monitor your brand and engage your customers online. Respond to both positive and negative feedback and thank individuals for their input. Remember, everyone makes mistakes; it’s all about how you handle them that shapes the image consumers have of your dealership.



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