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This Week in Social Media

Social News for the Week of August 3, 2015

Google+ Gets Focused



With more and more people flocking to Google+, the site continues to improve the user experience.  With its latest improvements, Google is rethinking some things and making important changes to help users interact and use the site more efficiently.  Users can look forward to new features like Google+ Collections that will allow them to share posts organized by topic, a new Google Photos App that will house several elements from Google+ Photos, and newly-house location sharing in Hangouts.  With all of these changes happening in planned stages, users will notice a more engaging and easy-to-navigate Google+ over the next few months.  As Google+ shows off a more organized and user-friendly experience, dealerships will want to take note and be ready to take advantage of features like the photos app to share inventory and showroom news with customers.

LinkedIn Campaign Management Tool

Sponsored updates and text ads are getting a fresh, new face on LinkedIn.  The LinkedIn Campaign Manager has been redesigned and rebuilt, allowing customer the control and visibility they need throughout a campaign.  The new look and feel will be seen immediately by users, and there also are major tech considerations that have taken place behind the scenes, too, which will allow for future capabilities.  Several advertisers already have access to the newest version of the tool, and LinkedIn expects to allow all advertisers access in the near future.  Dealerships should take advantage of this updated LinkedIn tool to easily track and follow specific campaigns, as well as view the dynamic reporting that can be filtered to satisfy specific criteria.

Periscope Mute Button & Broadcast Stats



Not to be outdone in the updates and improvements category, Periscope also continues to improve its user capabilities.  Its newest updates for iOS, and soon to be available for Android, include a “Mute” option for notifications.  This allows you to mute individual Periscope users while still receiving their broadcasts in your feed; you simply won’t receive push notifications when they go live.  Additionally, Periscope has added broadcast stats via a pop-up panel which appears at the end of a broadcast.  Previously only available after stopping your broadcast, these stats are now always available.  With more shoppers being highly in tune with new online tools, dealerships should consider reaching customers via short Periscope broadcasts.

Facebook Security Checkup

The new Facenbook Sercurity Checkup tool offers users peace of mind and an easy way to enhance safety when it comes to their online experiences.  Boasting “dedicated teas and intelligent security systems working around the clock,” Facebook means business when it comes to protecting users from online breaches.  They also offer optional added protection controls, allowing users to decide which features they want to use.  Starting within the next few weeks, users will see a reminder in their newsfeeds, telling them to click to “Get Started.”

Twitter Event Targeting

Twitter recently introduced its Event Marketing capability, which activates around events that take place worldwide.  Including three primary tools, the event calendar, event insights, and event activation, users can quickly and easily learn about and plan for specific moments.  Event Targeting reaches audiences interested in various events and keeps them abreast of specifics as events progress.  Once users have identified events they wish to target via the event calendar, they can get more information about the specified events via insights.  Finally, after gathering all the necessary information regarding selected events and audiences, the event activation tool allows users to create campaigns targeting chosen events.  This is a great tool for dealerships that sponsor local events like charity fundraisers and workshops.  Consider Twitter event targeting to boost your online visibility and increase engagement!

Twitter Native App for Windows 10

Continuing with its updates, Twitter announces Windows users will have a newely-optimized experience.  Created especially for Windows 10, the app launches in tandem with Windows 10 for PCs and Tablets and gives users instant access to top tweets, pics, and videos without logging in.  Users will also be able to see tweets in live tiles from the Start menu.  Enhance your dealership’s posts with this newest Twitter experience by uploading up to four pics per tweet, sharing private photos with your customer base via Direct Messages, and even tweeting with Vine videos directly from your showroom floor.  

Fewer LinkedIn Emails

Users will be seeing fewer emails from LinkedIn due changes resulting from member feedback.  Now focusing on making emails more “infrequent and more relevant,” LinkedIn promises it has received the message being sent from consumers.  Instead of an overload of individual emails, users will now see a single weekly digest that contains invitations to connect.  In addition, users who subscribes to several LinkedIn Groups will see aggregated updates from all groups into a single email.  According to LinkedIn, for every 10 emails they used to send, these changes have resulted in removing 4 of those emails.  As you position your dealership a subject matter expert and build your credibility throughout the industry, your visibility on LinkedIn will help you make new connections and maintain the solid connections you already have.

Google Search Shows Busy Times for Businesses

Thanks to Google Search, everyone can now avoid long lines at their favorite venues.    Users can search millions of businesses worldwide and dertermine the busiest business times is selected, users will see how busy it gets during certain times throughout the day, allowing them to avoid the long lines and crowded waiting rooms.  As more consumers become aware of this app, your dealership can take advantage of busy times leveling out throughout the week, providing a steadier stream of business.

Google Dynamic Search Ads

Introduced three years ago, Google is enhancing their Dynamic Search Ads (DSA).  Now available to all advertisers globally, DSA is an indexing tool that searches your website and determines which searches should contain ads.  With its newest update, DSA organizes website content into recommended categories in order to target ads.  Offering extended reach and ease of use, the updated tool is powerful and boasts a less-than-10-minute-setup for a user’s first campaign.  The enhanced version of DSA allows users more transparency regarding how ads will show, and users will see samples of targeted search queries, as well as customer landing pages.  Your dealership can be more powerful than ever when you leverage the recommendations, insights, and previews offered by the newest Dynamic Search Ads.

Yahoo Livetext

Yahoo recently introduced Livetext for iOS and Android, a one-to-one video texting app.  Encouraging users to include real-time reactions in their daily text conversations, Livetext is billed as a new way to stay in touch.  Yahoo claims it “blends the convenience and ease of texting, with the immediacy and vividness of live video.”  Audio-free, Livetext allows users to include things like a smile, a smirk, or an eye roll into the middle of a text conversation.  Much like a real-life conversation, these snippets are quick and fleeting.  Dealerships on the cutting edge can consider integrating Livetext as they target specific customer lists.  Capture a smile or a wave and sent it your customers’ way!

Tip of the Week—Make Social Media Special

Although your dealership’s social media platform is an extension of your business, you’ll want to make it stand out and be unique for several reasons, one of the most important being the fact you want to increase your online reach and you want people to keep coming back for more.  When you give your followers something they can’t find anywhere else and something they enjoy when they visit your site, that’s exactly what they’ll do…they’ll keep coming back!  Here are a few tips to help you stand out, stay ahead of the competition, and shine when it comes to providing what your consumers are looking for:

You can only chew so much.  Or, there are numerous social media sites out there; the first thing you should do is choose the ones that are right for your dealership, and be sure to select a manageable number of platforms.  Once you start posting and updating your followers, they will expect you to continue on a regular basis.

Offer something fun.  Consider offering a variety of different things on your social media sites that are only available to those who follow you online.  Think about special coupons, offers, or even giveaways directed toward those who follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t be shy.  Don’t forget to reach out to people on social media and start conversations.  Remember, social media is all about being social, so have some fun, ask thought-provoking questions, get your audience involved and engaged.  By giving more to your audience, you will end up getting more.  It takes an investment of your time, but you’ll soon find consumers looking to you as a thought leader in your areas of expertise.

Post like it’s your job.  The more visible you are on social media, the more people will seek you out and want to interact with you.  If you commit to engage people on your social media channels, go ahead and plunge into the deep end—engage on a daily basis!  Be the person everyone counts on seeing when they login to their accounts.

By following just a few quick tips, you’ll soon start to feel more comfortable creating your dealership’s social media presence, and you’ll also notice people starting to look to you as a thought leader in your industry.  Your social media platforms should serve as a reflection of your dealership as a whole, but they should also have their own flair that helps your dealership extend its reach even further.  Engage, Share and Get Social!

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