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Upcoming Webinar: Show with Your Showroom, Sell with Your Website

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This Week in Social Media

News for the Week of August 31

Guest Blogger today: Kristin Huntley, Director of Content and Marketing

This-Week-in-Social-Media1.pngYou Don’t Have to Be Square!  Thanks Instagram!

This week, Instagram announced they are expanding their format to allow for portrait and landscape photos and videos, as well as the traditional square posts users are accustomed to. Instagram stated that one in five posts shared is not in square format, prompting this update in order to make posting easier and more fun for all users. To maintain its clean grid feel, posts will appear as center-cropped squares. For video formats on Instagram, this newest update allows for an even more cinematic experience than ever before. Dealerships can now take advantage of panoramic views to display all of the curves and features of their vehicles, or showcase more inventory for consumers.

Clipping on LinkedIn/SlideShare

LinkedIn and SlideShare recognized the fact that it’s difficult to keep track of all the content that’s available today; but now users can keep everything organized in topic-based clibboards. Clipping make it easy to clip, save and share the content you want in Evernote, or right on your profile to view and share now or later. Dealerships with an active LinkedIn presence should take advantage of this feature to build a library of useful information for every area of their dealership.   

LinkedIn eBook, 10 Ways to Drive Killer ROI with your Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn is offering their new eBook as a brand-new resource for those looking to improve ROI. Citing brands that are succeeding in the marketplace today and giving real-world examples of ways you can succeed by tailoring content that speaks directly to your audience, creating effective campaigns, and extending the life of already-existing content, this new eBook is a valuable tool that helps businesses take their marketing efforts to the next level and reach even more consumers.Facebook page managers will gain valuable insights for marketing via LinkedIn with a behind the scenes look at the successful strategies of more than 200 top brands.

Facebook Admin’s Guide to Page Messaging

Users can now find Facebook’s new admin's guide to using page messaging, which helps users connect with people when it comes to everything from customer service to product questions. The admin’s guide includes step-by-step recommendations for using Pages most effectively, as well as new and upgraded features. Recommendations are included for admins handling messaging and saved replies, and admins are now able to reply privately to sensitive questions. For dealerships interacting with consumers and participating in online platforms, leveraging all of Facebook’s features to authentically connect with consumers is a smart move. Take difficult conversations offline, and when possible, use your Facebook presence to build trust with transparent communication.

Facebook Video Rights Management Tools Updated

Video creators now have more say when it comes to how their videos are shared on Facebook. With newly-updated cideo rights management tools, the social media giant is meeting the upsurge in recent video with much-needed tools that empower users and give them control, thereby cutting down on “freebooting,” or other users uploading their videos to Facebook without their permission. This protection goes into place to benefit video creators and ensure those who have worked to create the content end up getting credit for their creations. Alternately, Facebook’s IP policies ensure posters who repeatedly post content without permission will be held responsible for their actions. Dealerships and individuals alike are now able to protect their original content.  Facebook is committed to ensuring that only users with permissions are able to post video content to your page, and that no one else can claim ownership of your hard work.

Facebook Adds “Donate Now” Button

Facebook for Business has added a new "Donate Now" call-to-action button, providing an even easier way for brands to connect with individuals who share an interest in the same causes. Brands that support a specific nonprofit can now encourage customers to join the cause with the “Donate Now” button that appears on both link ads and Pages. The Facebook Help Center can help you get started. Dealerships are leaders in supporting their communities and nonprofits. This new feature is an indirect reminder of the work they’re doing, and one more way your dealership can give back.

Facebook Moments App

Facebook Moments has been updated for iOS and Android and can automatically “create a video of your shared photos which you can customize, personalize and share back to Facebook.” Available in many countries, it has also now been translated to 34 languages, making it a user-friendly, universal app and a fun way to turn collected photos into music videos. Once an automatic video compilation has been made, users have the opportunity to customize by selecting from a variety of music backgrounds. Dealerships can now customize and personalize Facebook Moments videos and engage more consumers in a meaningful way.

Tip of the Week—Think Like a Customer to Win at Mobile

It’s not a stretch to say just about everyone knows mobile is where it’s at right now. That said, having a responsive, mobile-friendly website isn’t enough to capture the market anymore. Want to sell more cars via mobile?  Here are some tips designed to supercharge your mobile success:

  • Think Like a Customer. Don’t just guess what the customer wants; instead place yourself in the position of a customer and deliver the customer experience you’d like to have.
  • Offer valuable communication. The value of communication lies not in its frequency, but instead in its quality and the consumer need it meets. Overwhelming consumers with messages they don’t care about will drive them to your competitors. Instead of overselling, provide engaging content that answers questions consumers ask, and captures buyers early in the sales cycle.  Reduced foot traffic in the showroom means your customers begin their shopping journey online.  Make sure you’re leveraging the latest technology to give your self the competitive edge this market demands.
  • Market Smarter. Take advantage of emerging technology to market intelligently to your consumer. You don’t need to guess what your consumers want.  We are able to identify exactly what your consumer cares about, and answer the questions they are asking, well before you lose them to a competitor.

Mobile is not just a trend; with more and more consumers relying on mobile devices for shopping, research, and daily social interactions, your dealership must know how to leverage data insights to capture more in-market shoppers as early as possible.  Today’s consumer demands a more efficient purchase cycle.  How easy is it for you to capture in-market buyers via mobile?  A recent study by Internet Retailer revealed that are 71% more likely to be influenced by digital advertising across multiple retail categories than the average consumer.   And a new Edmunds study identified the top five behaviors of automotive mobile shoppers:

  1. They shop.
  2. They view inventory.
  3. They click on ads.
  4. They are submitting leads in increasing numbers.
  5. Their page views rival those of wired visitors.b42e1b6fa92a26c981b16b9a11505f02.gif?t=1

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