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This Week in Social Media

e48efc42443982cb5012f0efe21f88d8.jpg?t=1News for the Week of November 30

Snapchat Story Explorer

Snapchat introduced Story Explorer, a unique way for users to share experiences through the eyes of the community.  With Story Explorer’s technology, after viewing a Snap, users can see more of the story simply by swiping.  Snaps of the same moment have been curated by Snapchat into easily-accessible moments, viewable from a variety of perspectives, allowing users to feel like they are in the middle of the scenes they truly enjoy.  Stories are themed based on events, such as sports, holidays, and awards shows, with Live Stories expiring after 24 hours.  Dealerships can benefit from this newest Snapchat feature by introducing stories of their own, especially when it comes to highlighting special events and promotions.  Interact with followers and engage your audience to encourage even more viewing and sharing of your stories.

Native Video Support for Twitter Kit

Twitter recently announced its latest update, native video support, which is now live for iOS and soon to follow for Android.  Users are now able to watch full-screen videos and GIFs without opening a webview or leaving their app.  Even better for users is the fact they won’t have to do any additional work in order to get this feature; apps that are running the latest Twitter Kit for iOS8+ will support this functionality automatically, making updated video viewing instantly accessible.  Continue using Twitter to post engaging videos, and think of new and creative ways to engage your audience.  Successful dealerships are not only getting creative with their posts, but they’re also getting back to basics by reminding customers of important things like dealership opening and closing times.

Vine Discovery Tool

Vine recently added a new discovery tool for iOS, offering users a brand-new way to find and watch Vines.  When watching a Vine, users can now simply swipe left to see more, offering an easy way to access new material.  Additionally, Vine is being introduced to the Apple Watch in an app that offers two feeds: Favorites and Featured.  With the Apple Watch, just like with other apps, users are able to like and Revine.  As social video sharing becomes more widespread, it’s important for dealerships to get involved by continuing to explore new and exciting ways to interact with consumers via this format.  The quick and appealing visual nature of video make it a natural way for your customers to share and interact, both with each other and with your brand.

Facebook Work Chat Messenger

Facebook at Work recently introduced its Work Chat app for Android, an app for users on Facebook at Work.  Allowing users to chat either one-on-one, in groups, send photos and videos, and call colleagues across the globe at no extra charge, this app is available for Android users via Google Play.  Functionality for iOS is upcoming and will likely be available soon.  Work Chat is only available for select companies currently, and users must have a work account in order to access the app.  Dealerships, continue to stay tuned to the latest and greatest from Facebook, as it remains the giant in the room when it comes to connecting with and engaging your consumers.  Focus on providing relevant and educational content, and shoppers will continue to seek you out via online platforms as you emerge as a thought leader.

Snapchat Chat Prompt

Snapchat recently added a chat prompt feature, allowing users to send a direct message when viewing a story.  Simply by swiping up while viewing a snap, users can send a private message to the original snap poster.  Once a message is sent, the original poster receives a notification and can jump into the private message thread.  This latest update makes communicating and starting a conversation based on individual snaps much easier.  Although the chat feature has existed for a while, the ability to tie the chat directly to a specific snap clears up any conversation confusion.  Dealerships, if you haven’t experimented with Snapchat as a way to create and share original content that’s appealing to modern consumers, there’s no time better than now!  Try sharing holiday events or promotions with this popular app.

Tip of the Week—Go Back to the Basics

There’s a lot to remember when it comes to marketing your dealership and interacting with consumers via social media, and it can be overwhelming.  There are rules and content and keywords…and the list goes on.  But it doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you just want to get started and go in the right direction.  The following are good mile markers along your social media journey, and it’s helpful to check them every so often:

  • Get to know your customers.  Don’t assume you’re talking to an audience that has all the same marketing and purchasing needs.  When you take the time to get to know your consumer base, you’ll do a better job of providing the communication and content they need to make informed marketplace decisions.
  • Get to know your platforms.  There are several social media outlets, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of them.  Choose wisely based upon the amount of time you have to spend and where your target market is spending the majority of their time.
  • Communication is important.  It’s a two-way street, and when you interact with consumers via social media, be sure to be there to react, respond, and answer questions that may arise.  You’ll be seen as responsive and trustworthy, and you’ll build your credibility in the process.
  • Ask questions.  We are in the habit of disseminating quite a bit of information to our consumers—and that’s a good thing.  But every so often it’s a nice change of pace to shake things up and ask a question.  It will help you get a read on your consumers and see things from their perspective.  Consider a fun consumer poll to cook up some interaction amongst your followers.
  • Stay up to date.  Seek out posts that update you on the newest trends in social media so you’re able to connect and share alongside your consumers.  When you’re using the same apps, features, and platforms, you’ll be more relevant and interesting to those who follow you.
  • Know your brand.  This may seem simple, but unfortunately there are dealerships and businesses that forge their way on social media without a plan and without a cohesive understanding of their own brand.  When you know your message and exactly how you want to portray it to consumers, you’ll succeed in earning recognition in the marketplace.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the thought of spending hours dedicated to boosting your dealership’s social media presence, take matters into your own hands by getting back to the basics first.  Fewer things are more important than truly knowing your own brand and understanding your customers, so begin there.  Use the tools that are at your disposal and present your dealership’s genuine personality in order to gain loyalty and trust among your online followers.  It’s time to get out there and get social!

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