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3 Things You Need to Know about Auto Transport


3 Things You Need to Know about Auto Transport

             For most people, the subject of auto transport is a foreign one. It’s usually the final task that most people need to worry about when buying their next classic car project, or selling their finished restoration. There is a common stigma in the auto transport industry about the quality of the companies who may be putting their hands on your vehicle. You can read negative reviews on auto transport brokers and the carriers they hire for hours on end. The truth is that most of this information won’t do you much good. If you ever do find that perfect 1988 Pontiac Fiero or a restorable 1953 Corvette; it will most likely be out of state, and you’ll need to figure out how to get it to your doorstep.

You’ll need to find someone to handle the job. When it comes to choosing your next auto transport company, follow these simple recommendations and you’ll come out fine in the end.

 Who you’re dealing with.

There are two different types of companies that you will come across in your search for the right company to transport your next classic; auto transport brokers and carriers. Knowing the difference between the two and what they can (and should) offer will save you a lot of headache.

Carriers – These are actually the guys that will be loading your vehicle onto their car hauler. They operate either open or enclosed trailers. Which one is right for your car will largely depend on its condition, your budget, and just your overall shipping preference.

Auto Transport Brokers – In reality, you will likely be dealing with a broker for your move. These auto transport companies help fill the trucks. Carriers would be stalled for weeks trying to fill a truck without them. They help coordinate every part of your move, starting with your budget, trailer selection, time schedule, insurance verification, equipment verification, load checklists, and coordination of pickup and delivery.

There are many advantages to using this type of company. Reputable brokers have long term relationships with their carriers, and can be as selective as necessary to complete your transport correctly.

Ask about service quality requirements.

Finding out your brokers requirements for an in network car carrier is a question that is too often missed. Based on your auto transport broker’s response, you will immediately know if they have the experience that you need.

If you have found an auto transport company with similar service requirements to those below, you probably found one of the good ones:

-98% or above internal rating

-Zero damage complaints

-Minimum 2 years in business

-Valid license and insurance in place

-Validated minimum coverage for specified cargo

A great auto transport broker will not misadvise you on how to handle your shipment just to complete a sale. Again, successful auto transport companies should be all about establishing long term relationships. If your first transport is completed properly, there should not be a need to go through the process of finding a new broker in the future.

Don’t Waste Time Searching for Carriers on Your Own

Finding an actual carrier is not as easy as it may seem these days. The power of the internet has changed things. Pick up the phone book and you’ll likely find local tow companies that will not be able to help you out if your car is 300+ miles away, and at $140 per hour for most of them…you probably don’t want their help anyways. Recommendations from friends should be resource number one for you.

Most carriers only run a few different routes, at certain times of the year, with certain types of trailers; so that recommendation from a friend may fall short on a couple of points. You may need your transport now. You may need your classic car picked up before you lose a deal on it. If this is the case, it’s time to turn to google.

If you don’t know what to look for and how to look, this initial search will provide you with more information than you’ll ever need.

You will likely come across many auto transport brokers in your search. When you find the right one, you’ll feel like you’ve hit a home run. A reputable auto transport company can be used as your primary resource for any vehicle shipment you made need for many years to come.

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