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Holistic Car Dealer Marketing

It may be junk mail, SPAM, loud commercials, adwords overkill, or SEO wars to some people, other view it as a dead resources, but smart automotive dealers know that direct marketing (done right) means cars sold, and a lot of them. Automotive marketing is making a comeback with a vengeance. Now there is an upswing in focused marketing, many car dealers are looking at several channels to help successfully gain new customers and increase revenues.

Automotive marketing at its best, is direct, focused and everywhere, branded the right way. It is a form of direct response advertising, wherein customers are provided a call to action such as placing an order, making a call or getting them in the door. When done the right way, marketing is one of the most effective sales tools around. Let's find out how to establish a successful marketing campaign, this time focused on the rooftop.

Determine what you have to offer

Car Dealer advertising campaigns, regardless of method or strategy, starts with a your offer. Determining your offers, incentives, inventory, is the first part.

Identify your target market

The more you can narrow target audience, the higher the response rate. Knowing who your prospective customers are enables you to focus your marketing efforts on their needs and wants. Getting the person that is mostly likely looking, needing, or can be coaxed into your dealership are the ones you need.

Choose the right formats that suits your needs


Depending on your product/service, your offer, and your target audience, you must choose the best format for your marketing campaign. Using geo-locating services, targeted SEO, and voice-mail campaigns can make a huge impact on your sales.

Design and branding is key

Visual appeal plays a big role in automotive marketing. It may be a good idea to hire a graphic designer who can create an attractive and compelling marketing piece. Professionals know how to combine color, text and graphics that will catch the reader's eye and interest. Don't forget that the copy – the text that tells about your product-- is equally important.

Focus on benefits

Instead of describing what your company or product does, tell your prospective customers what benefits they can derive from it. What incentives, bonuses, cash-backs, buy-backs, etc..a headline that says, “We HAVE Awesome Cars” is not as compelling as one that says, “Get Top Dollar For Your Trade-in”.

Make a clear offer

Your customers will want to know exactly what they can expect from your offer, so give them the details. Instead of saying, “Big, big savings,” you can provide something more specific such as, “110% trade-in allowance, this weekend only.” Avoid using words like “amazing” or “unbelievable.” They rarely get a positive reaction from prospects.

Include a call to action

After making your sales pitch, go ahead and ask for sale. A successful automotive direct mail advertisement should include a call to action. Your CTA is your advertisings way of "ABC always be closing", it's not enough to just list your phone numbers, website or address. Ask your reader to make the call, visit your website, or come to the store. Make that irresistible clear offer, then the CTA should bring them in.

 To wrap-up, we have to look at the direct marketing program as more of an event than just a simpler "buy this stick here!" It is an event, with all of the fanfare and hoopla associated with it. Positioning your sales and customer staff to handle the potential customers in a way that compliments the marketing and signage in your dealership welcoming the direct marketing prospects, everyone on their toes and excited...Everything must holistic and complementary.

Henry Lim

Cool Strategies, does this strategies able to apply on recon car dealer malaysia too?

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