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Josh Knutson

Josh Knutson Marketing Manager | AutoMotion Dealer App

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Mobile Apps Continue to Dominate the Mobile Web

As a whole, the adoption of mobile devices continues at a staggering pace. The average consumer is now spending 18.9 hours per week on a mobile device.

New data reveals:

  1. Your customer is on a smartphone.
  2. They are primarily using apps.

mobile apps vs the mobile web


Apps: Time Consumption

Apps now control 86% of the total time consumers spend on mobile.  


Apps: 73% Growth in Automotive Shopping

2013 saw a 73% growth in the amount of consumers using automotive apps and websites in their vehicle shopping process according to J.D.Power.


Apps: The New Mobile Marketing Strategy

As apps have gained traction, brands have already established new priorities for how their mobile marketing strategy is structured.

Mobile web, mobile paid search, mobile retargeting, paid app installs, mobile social marketing, and mobile messaging now function as gateways to an app install.

More and more brands are utilizing these advertising channels to encourage an app install. This is not a minor advertising push. Brands are using strong tactics to promote app installs. The goal of these marketing efforts? Be present on the consumer’s mobile device. Being present on the smartphone now means apps. Mobile apps now account for 2.31 hours of the consumer’s total daily spend vs. 22 minutes on mobile web.  




Apps: Center Of The New Eco-System:

Mobile apps are becoming the central gateway for a host of future technology.

  • Wearable Tech
    • Nike Fuel (Wristwear), Google Glass (Headwear), Galaxy Gear (Smartwatch) all utilize apps as their center point.
    • In-car Technology
      • Apple’s Car Play, recently announced Google and Microsoft in-car systems are using apps to provide the next generation of features.
      • Location Based Technology
        • Major retailers, airlines, and even coffee houses like Starbucks are powering their location based services via apps. At the gate? Your airline ticket automatically pulls up. Arrived at Starbucks? Your scanable card is ready.


All of these features utilize apps at the center of the eco-system.  


Apps: Tomorrow’s Website?

Today, as mobile becomes the dominate platform, apps are evolving as the primary smartphone medium. As future tech continues to utilize apps as the central gateway, major brands are focusing their mobile marketing strategies around the app install.  

Do you think apps are the future website? Why or why not?


By: Ben Anderson, Josh Knutson - AutoMotion Dealer App

Chris Halsey
I think the biggest reason apps are dominating over mobile websites has to do with the quality of the user experience. I think as more websites become responsive and move away from the third party platforms these numbers will start changing.
Josh Knutson
Totally agree Chris, user experience is more important than ever! With the digital world growing at huge rates each day, standing out from the thousands of apps and websites boils down to the experience they provide. It will also be interesting to see how the evolution of websites will affect web and hybrid apps.
Mike Jeffs
Josh, what percentage of dealerships do you think have an app?
Josh Knutson
Mike I do not have a hard number, but we are seeing more and more large dealer groups making mobile apps mandatory across their rooftops, and with the huge number of automotive mobile app companies popping up everywhere its only a matter of time before every dealer has an app. It took a while for the mobile website to catch on with dealers and I feel we are still in the early phases with apps but moving extremely fast, so the future is looking bright :)
Bill Simmons
Our dealerships have had mobile apps available to our customers for over a year now. The adoption rate from our customers has been pretty poor. It is not from lack of effort on our part promoting the app. We have POP in all of the dealerships, a link to download the app in email campaigns etc. I am not "anti-app" but do not see consumers wanting one from car dealerships. I would like to see a list of the automotive apps that the JD Power study says consumers are using. I would think that they are shopping apps from the likes of ATC, Edmunds etc, and not local car dealer apps. The mobile app domination that I see written about in other articles is social media networks, news sources and other verticles.

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