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4 Ways Mobile Apps Complement, Enhance and Improve Your Website


In a world where websites are becoming more app-like and apps are becoming more powerful, is it possible for these two digital channels to coexist?

The answer comes down to consumer behavior:
  • People peruse websites, but they use apps.
  • Websites provide information, while apps help accomplish tasks.
  • Websites may have a larger audience, but apps have a more engaged audience.


These two marketing channels shouldn't compete for your customers' attention, they should complement each other.  

What is the best way to integrate your dealership website and your mobile app?




Tip #1: Redirect Mobile Website Traffic To Your App

Think of your mobile website as a gateway to your mobile app3-Dealer-App-Example-Circles-SFW

Mobile apps are more robust, efficient and contain features and solutions the the mobile web simply doesn't. Think of your mobile website as a gateway to your app – it’s funneling people to the best experience your brand can provide on that medium. What is the fastest way to turn web shoppers into app users you ask, App Option Code. Maximize your website efficiency by taking all your current traffic and placing them on a sticky platform that entices repeat actions across the purchase funnel, while driving downloads at the same time. Create an optimized shopping experience on every device and turn your web traffic into car sales.  




Tip #2: Reproduce and Enhance Your Websites Best FeaturesCar-Circle-ss-SFW-

People who download a company's app generally expect it to have a similar feel to the company's website while providing a mobile friendly interface with mobile specific capabilities. Everything your customer can do on your website, they can also do on your mobile app. Inventory, service scheduling, specials, loyalty programs, live chat and more are right at your customers finger tips, giving them a seamless way to shop, save and service their vehicle 24/7. Combine this with app specific functionality to gain even more advantages.  




Tip #3: Add App-Specific Functionality

Some of the largest advantages mobile apps have over the mobile web are location and messaging capabilities.


Location Targeting technology allows dealers to target shoppers based on their physical location and provide relevant messaging directly to their smartphone. This can be used in a variety of ways across all aspects of the automotive process both pre and post purchase.

Push notifications are the next wave of marketing messaging. With over 94% open rates and interactive CTA's, the ability to interact with your customer at the right time, place and with the right message has never been easier.


Actions to Outcomes Your dealership app is an actionable platform that allows you and your customers to interact with one another in a variety of ways pre and post purchase. Interacting with your customers directly on their device at precise moments inside and outside of the dealership allow you to capitalize on your shoppers mobile lifestyle.  




Tip #4: Create A Seamless Experience


No one likes a dead end, keep your customers on a platform that creates customer engagement, retention and drives traffic directly to your dealership. Making your dealership accessible through a wide variety of platforms and digital devices greatly increases your chance of engaging consumers. With 67% of people starting to shop on one device and continuing to another, the amount of people completing tasks through a mobile/digital format continues to grow. Making your dealership experience discoverable on all devices increases your chances of being in front of the consumer at the right stage in the purchasing funnel and at precise moments of decision.    


Use your website and app together to be more effective

Both platforms have their benefits, so use this to your advantage. In the end you want your customers to have the best experience possible, so give them what they want, when they want it and on the platform they prefer. Effectively using your dealer app and dealership website side by side is the best option to reach the entire market and convert shoppers into customers. In this increasingly digital age, having the most effective digital marketing strategy is essential to capturing and converting the mobile shopper.          




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