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The Evolution of the Up

“Welcome to XYZ Chevrolet.  My name is Julie.  How can I assist you today?”9ed60c37856cd466ceb675617269fa4d.jpg?t=1

1985:  “I’m not sure what I’m looking for, but I think I want a truck.  Do you have any? “

1990:   “Yeah, I’m interested in a Silverado.  Can you tell me what you have in stock?”

2000:   “Yes, I saw that you have a blue 2001 Silverado Extended Cab showing to be in stock on your website, but I need to know your lowest price – if you even still have it.”

2015:    “I see that you have a blue 2015 Silverado, stock number 12345, on special today.   I’d like to look at that truck and possibly test drive it. ”


Let’s be real.  The first two responses are not likely to happen today.  Many of us (well, many of YOU…ahem) can remember a time when they were common conversations, but we all know by now that today’s auto intenders are online.  They know exactly what they are looking for, how many you have in stock, and how every dealer in the region is pricing that vehicle – before they ever call you, email you or step foot into your showroom. 


The third response still happens.  Why? Because consumers, by and large, do not trust auto dealers.  Unfortunate, but true.  In a recent study conducted by DrivingSales, only 1.5% of consumers entered their shopping experience expecting to be satisfied with the process.  That means that most people are expecting to be disappointed.  They expect that the price you show online is NOT the lowest price.  They expect you to show something in your inventory when it, in fact, sold days ago. 


Many auto intenders are determined to keep the brick and mortar dealership (and salespeople) completely out of the process until as late in the game as possible, mostly due to the “trust factor.”  In fact, 61% of them make initial contact with the dealership by simply walking into the showroom when they are ready to test drive and negotiate – without EVER having phoned or emailed anyone. 


Are your specials pages driving ups to your showroom?

                ALWAYS have specials on your website.  If you don’t have a “specials” tab on your homepage, in a prominent position, call your website provider TODAY and fix it! 

                AUTOMATE your specials management.  When one of your specials is sold, another should drop in its place automatically.  When OEM incentives and rebates change, the pricing of your specials should reflect that immediately. 

                AIM your specials to what your website shoppers are looking for.  If someone is looking at 2015 Silverados, they should see 2015 Silverados on your specials page.   If they change their mind and begin looking at a different make, model or year, the specials and coupons presented should change as well.           

Technology has made it easier than ever for consumers to shop for a vehicle.  Is your business using technology in a way that makes it easier than ever to sell one?

Russell Hill
Great article and very thought provoking Julie!!!!!
Keith Shetterly
Probably one of the best articles ever! I mean that. Awesome.
Julie Jamison
Thanks, guys! Being skilled at overcoming objections on the phone or in the showroom is GREAT! But what about the objections/roadblocks that are happening in the customer's living room while they are shopping online? If someone is looking for new or used specials on your website, THEY INTEND TO BUY A CAR! You just can't get much lower in the funnel than that! If they aren't pleased with that experience (can't find them, too many clicks, not relevant to what they want, no pricing, etc.), there is not one darn thing keeping them from heading up the Google food chain!
Russell Hill
It's amazing all the things from other people on how things are changing and how to deliver the best customer experience. This and many other articles that i have read are delivering and new education for the dealers that right now they just don't get, however that being said it reminds me of this- an opportunity is not an opportunity when everyone thinks it's an opportunity essentially they have already missed the opportunity!!!!!
Carey Fried
Great article! Really appreciate your insight. It's pretty incredible how much things have changed. I

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