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What is the perfect time to buy a new car?

Buying a new car is often a better decision than investing time and money on an old one. In order to make a wise purchase decision regarding a car, you have to consider the time factor. There are several times around the year when car dealers are ready to offer great deals.

At the end of the year:

At the end of December, dealers who have large inventories tend to unload cars so, they slash prices. Sales are pushed, and this push leads to sales boost for the dealers and the companies. Also, most of the consumers tend to enjoy and relax during the short winter holidays, therefore, they spend heavy amounts on vacations. As a result, they fail to gather enough funds for the purchase of a car, hence, there are lesser than usual buyers in the market. This situation leads to the ideal situation for potential car buyers. Therefore, in order to have a good purchase deal on a car,year endcould be a profitable choice.

At the End of summer:

At the end of Summer, from July to October, companies switch production from the current year’s model to next year's model. Consequently, dealers push the old models to make room for new ones. Instead of wanting to keep a bunch of the left overs, the stockists prefer to clear out most of the old models. Therefore, summer end is also a wise time to make a decision to purchase a new car.

At the End of the month:

You won't encounter much resistance to a fair offer at the end of the month. At this time, dealers have quotas to meet and they want to qualify for bonusesinorder to maximize their paychecks, therefore, they have to move as many cars as they can, off the lot. Thus,month end is also a great time to strike a good deal.

At the End of the day:

Another clever idea to have a better offer is to purchase at the end of the day, or at sometime before the dealership is scheduled to close. During these hours, each and every one from the finance department to the salesdivision is eager to wind up their work and go back home.Consequently, they cut to the lowest prices sooner than usual and a better purchase deal can be negotiated.

At the beginning of the week:

Weekends are mostly jammed with customers, so at the beginning of the week sales people are more scarce and eager to work. They want to have a good start, therefore, they tend to offer great deals at the start of the week as well.

Other times to buy a car:

When markets are down due to extreme weather conditions, storms or other disastrous conditions, it is time to grab the opportunity and attain a profitable deal. As under these circumstances, the dealers are eager to sell cars because people prefer to sit at their homes and there is a negligible number of buyers in the market.

Under all these circumstances, car dealers are interested in releasing more and more cars off the lot, as they have to make room for new car models. At these times,the dealers offer most reasonable prices andthese are the timely opportunities to snap up some bargains.


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Frank Thomas
If you are in the line to get a new car, you could wait until the model you wish to buy becomes familiar in the market and not selling like hot cakes anymore. The holiday season can be a good time especially because there are dozens of offers and discount schemes available for the buyer. In car of buying a pre owned vehicle specifically from places which deal with used car parts anytime during the later half of the month seems appropriate. This is generally because sales people need to get their targets completed and are willing to cut the margin to a great extent.

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