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5 Tips to Get Started on Facebook for Car Salespeople

If you’re a car salesperson, you need Social Media. You need an online network just like you do your customer list. You need referrals through word-of-mouth because you know those relationships are the most profitable.  Getting started may seem overwhelming because you most likely view Facebook as something your “kids do for fun”.  Well, it’s a lot more than that–you can generate leads online.  That’s right: You can sell cars on Social Media!

It’s not surprise that Social Media will consume your greatest asset: Time.  However, having been on the line myself, we all know there’s downtime during the day that you can put to better use. Here’s a pretty remarkable reason to start:

You @ 200 contacts

Those 200 @ 200 contacts = 40,000 prospects

You can easily build your Facebook up to 200 contacts.  Your 200 contacts have 200 contacts so that means you have the potential of reaching 40,000 prospects on Facebook.  40,000 people that may need a car or know someone who needs a car and they know you.  So it’s time to get started on Social Media.  If you follow these 5 steps, you’ll build your network in no time at all.  Soon you’ll be engaging and attracting potential customers and selling cars.

1.  Create Your Profile. If you already have a Facebook profile then you’re one step ahead. If not, simply sign up for Facebook and walk through the simple steps to create your profile. Keep in mind that you’re now a car sales professional on Facebook so act accordingly.  You can share info about yourself but always keep in mind that you’re presenting a brand called YOU.

2.  Set Your Goals. Who do you want to attract? What do you want to say them? Where do your customers live and work? When will you post content? How will you execute your goals? One of your goals could be to get 200 contacts in a week.  Use the “Find Friends” app on Facebook to look for people you know.  Start asking your customers if they’re on Facebook and put out a friend request to them. Make sure you mention they “like” the store’s Facebook page too!

3.  Create Content. Content is what you post on your Facebook wall to engage your customer.  My motto is “Share or Solve…Don’t Shill” Shill means pitch.  You want your content to be three things: Relevant, Recent and Local.  You can search 1000′s of blogs out there that deliver great information all the time.  You can share video testimonials.  You can share your store’s content.  It’s ok to post this week’s ad but remember to share or solve 80% of the time and “sell” 20% of the time.

4.  Execute Your Plan. Make every attempt to post 2-3 times per day.  This may sound like a lot at first but once you get the rhythm going it will become second nature.  You want to post regularly because Facebook’s algorithms are set to constantly facilitate engagement.  If you don’t engage, your posts will not appear on others’ walls and you won’t maintain those relationships.

5.  Analyze Your Results. It’s essential to monitor your success.  You want to see which content is getting the best reactions from your network. You can do this easily in the beginning by just reviewing daily what your results were.  Once you get a larger Social network you’ll need monitoring tools.  There are a bunch of free Social Media monitoring tools out there that will help you measure your results.

The best way to get started is to try.  After you’ve put together your plan, jump in!  It’s not enough to “dip your toe in” so make the commitment to yourself and your future customers.  Social Media is not instant gratification.  It takes time like all business relationships so be patient and don’t forget to have fun!

Are you a car salesperson who uses Social Media to sell cars? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Kathi Kruse
Automotive Social Media Coaching & Training

Jim Bell
Great tips thing to add is what are you going to post? I have had a few salesmen post links to different inventory that has come in. A lot of people are looking for that $7-$10k cream-puff. That has been successful with a few here at our store. I know that I try to keep business from my personal life on facebook, but I do post every once in a while and do get some comments on those that I do post.

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