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5 Questions to Define Your Ideal Social Content Strategy

5 Questions to Define Your Ideal Social Content StrategyAwesome content is what drives engagement on Social Media.

I see a lot of emphasis on technology lately with Social marketing.  Putting technology before strategy is quite dangerous.  There are a lot of cool tools out there to manage your time.  However, automation is there to support your efforts, it’s not the guts of your campaigns.  You can’t skip planning, listening, education and go straight to engagement.  No one will connect with you if you’re not real.  Human connections are what drive sales.

Focus on your connections, not your network.  People buy from people.  Each Like on Facebook, every follower on Twitter, every reader of a Blog post is a person.  Social Media has connected us all in ways we couldn’t have imagined even 5 years ago.  Never forget that each connection represents many things to those who participate.  Providing great content that people want to engage with propels your connections (read: relationships) further down the trust road.

Social Content strategy is the act of designing, developing and managing the relevant information you produce on various Social platforms.  Do you have an on-staff content writer/strategist?  Those who want to succeed at Social business have created this position and tied it with customer service.  Hint: Your online reputation is part of your Social presence.

I hear many dealers asking, “How do I know what to post on Social Media to grow Likes, get people talking and sell cars?” You must start with a solid foundation. The only way to the goal is to build your house, brick by brick.  Here are 5 questions to ask yourself and the answers are your blueprints:

Who is my customer?

You won’t know how to frame your content strategy unless you understand something about the type of person you’re trying to sell to.  The more you know and understand, the better your content will be.  If you’re new, the answer here may seem elusive and you may not realize how well you know your customer.  The individual who drives an import compact car is far different than one who drives a European luxury sedan.  The F-150 driver has certain interests that the Nissan Juke owner would never be interested in.  Break things down by each model you sell.  Describe in detail who your customer is.  Never lose touch with the people who buy from you.

What is my customer interested in?

Start local. Think about your market area.  What are the communities and causes in your town?  Is your store near the wine country, a recreational fishing area, or ski resort? There are all sorts of communities already built for you.  Once you’ve identified your customer’s interests, you can find pieces of content (blogs, articles, videos and photos) based on those subjects.

What problems can I solve?

You’d be surprised how many questions people have about car dealerships.  Here’s your chance to be the “likable expert”.  Be as transparent as you can about the information you give.  What are your customers’ frequently-asked questions?  Ask your front line personnel to contribute.  One store I know has a gregarious master technician who likes to do short “how-to” videos.  Solving customers’ problems fosters loyalty and engagement.

What desires can I satisfy?

The great Eugene Schwartz, master copywriter said, “You can’t create desire, you can only channel it.”  Create content which serves that existing desire.  If you’ve spent time getting to know your customer, you understand what drives them to certain behaviors. Buying is sometimes an irrational process that meets a hidden desire.  People buy social consciousness, not the Prius.  People buy credibility and trust, not your service menu.

How can I help them buy? 

Start conversations.  Social Media allows you to keep in touch with your customers regularly.  Keep awesome information coming their way and over time you cement a relationship for all future sales.  People buy from those they know, like and trust.  The content you post everyday should engage your customer.  They buy from those who helped them the most.

The answers to these 5 questions lay the groundwork for your content strategy.  They’ll help you identify the goals of your Social marketing campaigns. I’ll cover what to do from here in another post. Until then, will you let me know how it’s going for you?

Kathi Kruse
Social Media Coaching & Training


Bryan Armstrong
O.M.G. YES!!!!!! I LOVE this! Thank you for clearly outlining not just what SM IS but what it COULD be and how to get there.
Kathi Kruse
Thanks Bryan! Call me crazy but every dealer has the opportunity to succeed on Social..not just exist. Stop listening to all the negative noise and set a plan in place. When you do it right, it works.
Jeremy Alicandri
What about using games/contests to keep customers interested?
Kathi Kruse
Hi Jeremy, Do you have good results with games/contests? I find they attract people who only want to win games/contests and many times they're not living in your market area. :-)

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