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And the Father of the Sale is . . .

It’s ACCOUNTABILITY, not “Attribution”, for advertising. 

Advertising vendors, agencies, verifiers, and consultants are all aflutter about attribution. Whatever. 

It’s not just coming down to “last click”, or “multi-click” . . . because that all sounds like the 21st Century version of “Who’s On First”. And it is. In fact, it's more like a paternity test on Maury Povitch! Sheesh. Who sold the car? Who is the "father" of the sale??

So, let’s cut to the chase. Open the envelope. 

I know damn well “who sold the car”, and so do you: Your dealership sold the car.

Advertising never sold a car. Ever.

For advertising, yes, attribution is very important, but it is only a part of ACCOUNTABILITY. You spent money, and did the advertiser deliver what they promised? That is THEIR accountability. And did YOU do what you needed to do with whatever traffic--online and in the store, leads, calls, floor--that came into your showroom? THAT is YOUR accountability.

So, attend to your calls, leads, and showroom traffic.  Pay attention to what your advertising is doing for traffic, and measure it every way possible.

And don’t be led astray by a singular focus on “attribution”. That will get you nowhere but with a smiling advertising vendor telling you, on a good month, that THEY sold the car, and on a bad month that YOU failed.

Baloney. ACCOUNTABILITY of advertising, and of YOUR dealership, including far more than attribution of clicks, is where it’s at for sales success.

Your dealership sold the car. And you can tell them I told you that without an "advertising DNA test". 

P.S. Much more to come from me on this soon.

Keith Shetterly
Independent Consultant
281-229-5887 cell/text

Ryan Gerardi

Keith, I am with you on this. Whenever I hear people ask, "who gets credit for the sale?" I say the same thing - the dealership does. The purpose of marketing attribution should be to help determine how effective your advertising sources are at achieving your objectives, and at what cost.

Much of the conversation around 'Attribution' seems to stem from a CRM's limited ability to give dealers that "dashboard" view they need to get a clearer view of their advertising efforts. But CRMs are not designed for this, they are designed to help manage the nature of the customer relationship. This is why we now have 'Attribution Dashboard Providers' sprouting up. 

In all my conversations about attribution, there always seems to be this dog-chasing-its-tail dialog that results in the same outcome. That is, CRMs are only helpful at identifying the last touch point a contact reached upon entering your CRM, and that we need models and tools for evaluating the multiple touch points that lead to people to the dealership. 

We do need these things, but we don't need them taking credit for any sales.

Keith Shetterly

Thanks Ryan! Exactly, 100%. 

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