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Top 10 Blogs And News For Auto Dealers: October 8-12


The most trusted name in live chat brings the top ten blogs and auto news stories right to you! We monitor industry trends, current events, and the auto dealer community every week to bring you the top ten blogs and automotive stories from around the globe. In this weekly edition – Toyota sells cars on HSN, there’s a giant diamond in outer space, and the EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

10. Facebook is as Tempting as Cigarettes and Sex
A report by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business found that the desire to check social media platforms like FacebookTwitter and Pinterest were among the toughest-to-resist temptations — equivalent to cigarettes and sex.

9. Woman gets $15 Quadrillion Phone Bill
A woman in France cancelled her phone bill early and she expected an early termination fee, but not one of $15 Quadrillion. She said that there were so many zeroes in her bill she lost count.

8. New Car Buyers are Keeping their Cars for a Longer Period of Time. 
Buyers are now typically holding onto new vehicles nearly 6 years, up big from 2006, when the average buyer kept their new car or light truck just under 4.5 years before replacing it

7. Giant Diamond Found in Space
Ladies, forget getting diamond engagement rings in karats! There is a planet called  55 Cancri e and was discovered in 2004 around a nearby star in our Milky Way. At least a third of the planet's mass is likely pure diamond.

6. Why I brought Kevin Root on as President of DrivingSales

Jared Hamilton  explains why he chose Kevin Root to be COO of his “baby.”

5. Slow Sales can Equal High Revenue
Hunter Swifts  from DealerSocket gives tips on how to continue to make money without selling cars.

4.  Toyota Sells Hybrids on HSN
Toyota says it was drawn to the network by the chance to have the time to fully explain its technology. "A lot of our research shows people don't understand how hybrid technology works," says Ed Laukes, a Toyota vice president.

3. The European Union Wins a Nobel Peace Prize
The Norwegian judging panel said the EU received the award for six decades of contributions "to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe." Does this mean that all the citizens of the EU won the Peace Prize too?

2. French President Promises to Ban Homework
Hollande wants to outlaw homework, but at the sametime he wants to extend the school week from four days to four and a half days. Oh nooo!

1. Joe Biden’s Teeth Win the VP Debate
The focus of last night’s debate were the immaculate teeth of Joe Biden. I want to know who his dentist is!


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