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Web Video Marketing Part 2



Now that the pre-planning stage of your web video is complete, it’s time to develop the production of your videos. If you’re not up to the job technically or don’t have a video professional on staff, it’s a good idea to outsource to a reputable production company. 



Here are some points to remember when creating your video:


  • Use a script, and ensure that it's clear, short, and concise. A good Web video creates energy and buzz, so don't bore your viewers with droning speeches.


  • Consider how the script can be used alongside your graphics and any other audio you use so that the whole fits together in a way that allows you to hear and see a rhythm pattern and progression. This is what will hold your audience's attention.

  • Keep the background simple, and don't allow clutter. Let short phrases and accompanying graphics do the talking. Think of it as an interactive slide deck. 

When production is all said and done, there are 3 metrics to measure the success of your video:

  • Engagement: How long do viewers spend watching your video? Do they watch the whole thing? When do they drop off?

  • Play Rate: How many people actually click play

    • Test different thumbnail images to see which one gets viewers to hit play the most

  • The number of plays over time: If you’re looking at total views of a video instead of number of plays over time, you’re measuring the success of your video in a poor way. Think about it, if you get a lot of hits in one day and then your play rate plummets, that video didn’t stick with shoppers. However, if your video has a steady number of play rates each day then, your video is really speaking to your shoppers!

Hopefully these tips will help you become successful in creating a web video that is sure to accumulate countless numbers of plays over time. If anyone has any tips they would like to add, feel free to comment below! 

One Two
Right on Ketty and I'm a strong believer in video too! I'm working to convert my current dealer on the idea. During a brainstorming sessions at home I discovered a killer idea for video and for car dealers exclusively, so I'll share it when it's ready, because it's going to be like "superglue" for eyes looking at a dealer website. I'm very excited! I've created about 50 "ad lib" Nissan videos, and I can only imagine how many more views I'd have with a "improvements" like cool titling graphics and credits, more hot linking, better arrangement, less wind noise, less shaking - but all of them have about 2 million views, or over 30,000 each on average. How many dealers would love that? A lot of them would, but even though my top viewed video has been seen almost 600,000 times, here's the secret to how it all went down. Learn from success! And so what I did was to "Pay the most attention to how the most viewed videos out there are titled and what the descriptions contained". Do this and you will find massive success getting your videos indexed in someones Google search results: (This is for YouTube videos). Ensure your dealerships name is first in the video title, then with year, make and model (or whatever you want to say) and duplicate the title copy "exactly" at the beginning on the description. Then provide a very good summary of what people will see when they view the views and be conscientious about TAGS and be relevant to the title and description.. It's best not to deviate from that rule. Keep your primary videos short and sweet like 60 seconds , but offer an extended version if you can and need to. Viewer insights and analytic from YouTube are golden and reveal just how long their attention span is to your video. You don't want the important part of your message to go unseen if you lose people at 45-60 seconds when you got a 4 minute video. You can see those videos I made here:

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