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How To Find A Reliable Auto Body Repair Shop

How To Find A Reliable Auto Body Repair Shop

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The Gap In Email Success - Part 3

The Gap In Email Success - Part 3

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Why You Need a Better Goal for 2017 than Simply “Sell More Cars”

Why You Need a Better Goal for 2017 than Simply “Sell More Cars”

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Car Dealer Protocol for Vehicle Sales to Customers with Built-In Breathalyzers

Car Dealer Protocol for Vehicle Sales to Customers with Built-In Breathalyzers

Working in the automotive industry is a rewarding experience, particularly working for a dealership at the front line of customer service and sales.&nb…

Top Ten Blogs And News For Auto Dealers: 4/30-5/2/13

autonewsActivEngage, the most trusted brand in automotive live chat brings the top ten blogs and news stories right to you! We monitor industry trends, current events, and the auto dealer community every week to bring you the top ten blogs and stories from around the globe. In this weekly edition-- DD14, self driving cars, and playful whales.


10. Going to DD14?

Don’t forget to register for the Blue Martini After Party.


9. Responds to Dealer Community

Linda Barman, CMO, responded to the dealer community with an open and direct account of what has transpired over the past month with regards to the test email campaign.


8.  Facebook Graph Search...What’s Next?

Even though Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has emphasized that Graph Search is “not Web search,” many would agree that this is Facebook’s attempt to compete with Google. Unlike Google’s current search algorithm, Graph Search relies on social interactions to build its search database.


7. Facebook Ad Boss: Clicks and Engagement Are Not Important As Exposure

Facebook's Rajaram suggests that companies should focus less on engagement and clicks, and more on how people are being exposed to ads because "there's really no correlation between clicks and whether people actually convert."


6.  Chinese Girls Poisoned Over School Rivalry

The head of a rival kindergarten is reported to have confessed to lacing the yogurt with rat poison because the two schools were both trying to attract children


5. Bangladesh Building Collapse Death Toll Tops 500

Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith spoke as the government cracked down on those it blamed for the disaster in the Dhaka suburb of Savar


4.YouTube Case Study - BMW

See how BMW turned to digital media – notably Google and YouTube – to deliver engagement and promote their 1series launch in Germany.


3. In the Future, Dogs Will Work Car Deals

Within your dog’s nose…Imagine a maze the size of (if you will) the Universe. Within your dog’s nose, all things are possible. Everything that can happen will, and everything that has happened did. In a space so large, ALL things are possible!


2. This is What Google’s Self Driving Car Sees

Google's self-driving car soaks in a staggering amount of information about its environment as it drives, gathering 750MB of data every second, claims Idealab founder and CEO Bill Gross.


1. Watch These Whales Chase a Boatkiller whale

This is TOO awesome! Happy Friday!



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