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How Corona Harnessed the Power of the Moon

luna coronaLast week the world found out that the moon isn’t made out of cheese like all the fairy tales said, it’s actually a lime.Corona launched a fun billboard in New York City that captures the moon at the precise moment it descends onto the bottle placed on the board, in the precise shape of a lime wedge. The billboard was created after consultations with astronomists and professors, and is placed at the perfect location to create"Luna Corona."





Pretty awesome right? Imagine standing in NYC watching this phenomenon unfold and the experience Corona gave it’s customers. Now, how can you harness the power of the moon?


Make it relevant

Everything Starts With the vehicle

Are you offering something valuable? Are you merely selling vehicles… or facilitating and endorsing your customer’s life?

Don't Forget About the Dealership

Being true to who you are is key. Storytelling, authenticity, and uniqueness add more than you would expect: They reflect core values and sustain your identity.

Creating the Experience

Stories stay stories. Creating an actual experience around your vehicle, online and offline, is something intangible that elevates your product and brand experience. This is what Corona has done with their ad, they created  an experience  that was worth sharing with friends.

Your Website

Your Digital Showroom

A website is more than just an info desk about your dealership. It is what you are: You can share your past, your present, and your future and get feedback from your consumers. Your digital showroom should be a portal where everything your consumer needs to know is presented in an intuitive and engaging way.


Activate conversations


Surprising your consumers is the best way to shake them awake and make sure they stay focused. A surprise can be anything: Send them a birthday card or post a video that no one has ever seen.


Do not underestimate the power of stories. Tell a story about yourself, let your consumers share stories about their personal life, or, even better, combine both. People want something to talk about. What kind of stories? Real, unique, personal, and emotional stories!


No guts, no glory

Go out there and create something awesome. If you don’t try, how will you know you succeeded?



What do you think about Corona’s billboard? Do you think you can do something similar with your dealership? And as always, follow @activengage for the lastest tips in car live chat

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