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What's Behind the Facebook Like?


facebook like

Why do consumers like your Facebook fan page? Are you eager to gain fans and do so by offeringenticing offers, contests, and deals? Well there’s finally a report that gives us reasons why people like a Facebook fan page.


A new report by social-marketing research firmSyncapse finds that there’s no one predominant reason that people like a brand or business on Facebook. There’s really no concrete reason why people like your dealership’s page, it can range from to publicly supporting your dealerships to wanting special access to deals and information.


The one major similarity between Facebook fans, according to the study: Most of them—78%—are current customers of the businesses they like. “Since being a brand user is usually a prerequisite to becoming a Fan in consumer goods categories, marketers should prioritize their Fan acquisition investments on converting existing customers,” the report notes.


Since there is no real reason people like a Facebook page, it can help to understand the reasoning behind  the likes so you can determine the types of Facebook marketing that might best fit your dealership.

Here’s a list of the top 8 reasons people like a Facebook page, Syncapse found:

  1. To support a brand I like. (49%)

  2. To get a coupon or discount. (42%)

  3. To receive regular updates. (41%)

  4. To participate in contests (35%)

  5. To share my personal good experiences. (31 %)

  6. To share my interests/lifestyle with others. (27%)

  7. To research brands when I was looking for specific products/services. (21%)

  8. Seeing my friend was already a fan or liked the page. (27%)


The report also notes, however, that businesses should focus more on the “emotional drivers” that cause people to connect with a brand on Facebook and less on the monetary reasons.


If you want to read more about this report, you can download it here.



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