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5 Ways to Upsell Without Sounding Like a Pushy Car Sales Rep

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Don’t Just Sell, but also Retain CPO Buyers

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2017 Presidents Club Insights - Patrick McMullen

2017 Presidents Club Insights - Patrick McMullen

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Top Ten Blogs And News For Auto Dealers: 9/2/13-9/6/13

auto news

ActivEngage, the most trusted brand in automotive live chat brings the top ten blogs and news stories right to you! We monitor industry trends, current events, and the auto dealer community every week to bring you the top ten blogs and stories from around the globe. In this weekly edition-- ad blocking software, empowered employees, and Google+.


10.  Over ⅕ of People Use Ad Blocking Software

Based on data from 220 clients, PageFair found an average ad-blocking rate of 22.7%. It estimates that one of its “typical” clients, with a 25% block rate, loses about $500,000 a year due to ad blockers. Based on data from a small sample of clients, PageFair says ad blocking is growing at 43% every year.


9. Auto Dealers say the Darndest Things

This eBook was created to serve as a quick guide to be sure you are always creating a positive showroom experience that will turn into SALES!


8. Empowered Employees and Pizza: A Success Story

A simple act of generosity can create something very hard to find: a brand advocate.


7. The New Playing Field at the Dealership – Are You Playing?

Let’s face it: the customers that come to the dealership for information are most-certainly a dying breed.


6. Made-for-Web Video Remakes the TV Landscape

Viewers don’t seem to make huge distinctions between TV and made-for-web video ads. A January 2013 Starcom study found that US internet users had similar attitudes toward ads during traditional TV and original streaming content.


5. Google+ Said to Top Twitter in Mobile App Popularity Around the World

Despite having a highly engaged mobile user base, Twitter falls behind Google+ in mobile application popularity around the world, according to a recent study from GlobalWebIndex


4. American Auto Earnings Show Signs of Beating Best of 90s

The 17 percent surge in U.S. auto sales last month pushed the annual rate to a pre-recession, boom-time level. Even more significant, Detroit automakers are reaping profits not seen since the turn of the century


3. Gone in 90 Seconds: America’s Quickest Selling Cars

U.S. consumers bought cars more briskly in August than they have in six years, according to a batch of sales data released yesterday. Low-interest rates, gathering momentum in consumer confidence, and pent-up demand are combining to fuel the gains. Check out the list.

2. Kia’s Hip-Hop Hamsters Are a Branding Bargain

Kia’s latest hamster ad video went viral, in part because Kia is careful to post its videos on the Web long before they air elsewhere. This is the kind of social fuel that a lot of car companies and their advertising shops fail to accomplish. It’s interesting enough to see Jennifer Lopez tool around her old neighborhood in a little Fiat (F:IM), but it’s not necessarily the type of thing one might e-mail to a friend or post on Twitter. Ditto for Clint Eastwood growling about Detroit.


1. What DOES the Fox Say?

spinandsay resized 600

Norwegian group Ylvis finally answers the question that your old See 'N Say never could. We all know that cows go moo. Dogs go woof. Fish go blub. But what does the fox say? These two Scandinavians try several of their best onomatopoeic guesses before a CGI-animated fox schools them both. The video is almost beyond words - imagine Old MacDonald having a nightmare about a Flaming Lips concert - so you'll need to see for yourself. Watch (and love) every minute of it.



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