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The Perennial Sales Starter Kit

The Perennial Sales Starter Kit

Outside of having some online training that I could do on my own time, a 2-Day Sales Training Course, shadowing the top Sales Consultant (at my initiative)…

How SEO Impacts the Service Department

How SEO Impacts the Service Department

Digital marketing in the dealership often is viewed and conducted solely from a sales perspective. But the service department, often called the "backb…

What 89% of salespeople are failing to do...

What 89% of salespeople are failing to do...

  According to Dale Carnegie only 11% of salespeople ask for referrals. We all know how valuable referrals are but when it comes time to ask for a …

Why Your Online Shoppers Don’t Take the Bait

Why Your Online Shoppers Don’t Take the Bait

You think you’re dangling an enticing lure in front of your customers’ eyes. You plan to set the hook and reel them in. But what you don&rs…

Click-to-Call [Infographic]

Click-to-Call [Infographic]

  Most dealers understand the importance of making it easy for customers and prospects to find contact information. Websites often have prominent &…

Top Ten Blogs and Auto Industry News 10/14 - 10/18

top ten auto industry newsActivEngage, the most trusted brand in automotive live chat brings the top ten blogs and news stories right to you! We monitor industry trends, current events, and the auto dealer community every week to bring you the top ten blogs and stories from around the globe. In this weekly edition- search and social, no to Yelp, and the TCLE Act.


10. 9th Annual Clients & Friends Workshop

Please do not miss this awesome opportunity and remember only 100 tickets are available for the November 12th -13th Kain Automotive event in Lexington, KY.


9. Great Products Do Not Sell Themselves

Assuming that a fantastic product will inevitably find a way to customers is dangerous because it’s false.  No product sells itself.  Check out the life and times of Nikola Tesla as an example.


8. The 5 “Believes”

These 5 ‘Believes’ can take you farther than just great. Master them and you can be the best. You can set the standard for your company and for your industry if you believe you can. Set your mind to it and don’t settle for anything less. You were born for greatness.


7. Search and Social will not be Separate Marketing Endeavors in 2014

Search is getting more social. Anyone who is watching the way that Google and Bing present their results and determine rankings on keywords can see this. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (not to mention Google+, which is trying to seamlessly tie in search with social) are all becoming more prominent in search while continuing to improve their own internal search engines. These two facts are pushing us towards a collision course where search marketing and social marketing are becoming the same overall concept.


6.  Why a Digital Marketing Expert Still Believes in TV Advertising

A recently conducted study showed that television not only builds dealership brand awareness, it amplifies other marketing channels dealerships use to reach customers, including email campaigns, Web site targeting, direct mail and paid and organic search.


5. Why We Said No to Yelp Ads Twice

From Aaron Wirtz at Subaru of Wichita, “Yelp prides itself on being a search engine for low-funnel shoppers ready to make a decision. If this is so effective, then why are the ads served up in the Wichita area only marginally relevant?”

dan fontaine resized 600

4. Google Glass for Vehicle Merchandising

Dan Fontaine, e-Commerce Director for the Colonial Automotive Group, shows us what dealers can do with Google Glass.


3.  How Social Data Changes Everything We Know About Marketing Strategies

Conventional marketing is like trying to hit a thousand bull's-eyes with one arrow. For too long, marketers have accepted absurdly low conversion rates for the deployment of an an email or banner ad, with a singular message for a massive audience. Personalized marketing using social data-triggered programmatic techniques, on the other hand, can be scaled from an extremely narrow, niche audience ("18-22 year old males in Portland who like Daft Punk") to an audience numbering in the hundreds of thousands ("18-22 year olds who like electronic music").


2. No Cell Phone Calls and No SMS Messages Without Consent

The new Telephone Communication Law Enforcement began two days ago. Did you prepare yourself?


1. I Love Chinese Food! Hey!

The mastermind behind the infamous, yet super-viral, Rebecca Black “Friday” song unleashed a new song, “Chinese Food,” this week that instantly became another Internet sensation.


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