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Akio Toyoda Announces e-Palette Future for Toyota, It’s More than a Concept "Vehicle"

Akio Toyoda Announces e-Palette Future for Toyota, It’s More than a Concept "Vehicle"

On day one of the 2018 CES Show, an enthusiastic crowd of 400+ media gathered at Mandalay Bay to hear Akio Toyoda’s vision of the future.  Akio …

Trust Isn't Limited to Just Offering Pricing & Services Online

Trust Isn't Limited to Just Offering Pricing & Services Online

Trust is imperative as it offers the customer the peace of mind that they have made the right decision regarding the servicing of their vehicle. And while …

Is your SEO company interlinking?

Is your SEO company interlinking?

Adding relevant content just isn't enough.  As I have written many times SEO is so much more.  Interlinking is another part of the SEO&…

3 Biggest Mistakes as a Manager

3 Biggest Mistakes as a Manager

Becoming a Manager at 25 years old, only 3 years after accidentally stumbling into the Automotive Industry, created many challenges that were truly unexpec…

2018 CES Spotlighting Futuristic Vision of Smart Cities and Clean Technologies

2018 CES Spotlighting Futuristic Vision of Smart Cities and Clean Technologies

Although the inclimate weather delayed tens of thousands of CES goers at various airports across the Midwest and east coast, the international automotive c…

Top Ten Blogs and Auto Industry News: 10/21-10/25

ActivEngage, the most trusted brand in automotive live chat brings the top ten blogs and news stories right to you! We monitor industry trends, current events, and the auto dealer community every week to bring you the top ten blogs and stories from around the globe. In this weekly edition- Dealer Think Tank, DD15/DSES reviews, and marketing gold in new Chrysler ad.


10. Kill the Wolf

What's the common image of a salesperson? The big bad wolf.

The big bad wolf seeks and destroys. It's a predator who pounces on its prey, eats the weak and leaves a bloody mess behind. This image makes the job of salespeople a lot harder than it should be. The good news is that this creates an opportunity to kill the wolf and turn the negative into a positive.

9. DrivingSales Executive Summit 2013 Review with Kevin Frye

Kevin Frye’s FIRST ever review of DSES.

8. DD15 Review with Kevin Frye
Kevin Frye’s Semi-Annual Review of Digital Dealer 15 in Las Vegas

7. Empowering Employees to WOW without Fear
The key to the success of a program of this type is “giving them a framework within which to operate… and feedback about how they are performing within that framework.” This empowers employees to WOW customers while minimizing abuses. At the same time, it ensures that larger issues which cannot be resolved within this framework get escalated to a manager. It also helps ensure that the employee doesn’t brush the customer off without satisfying them.

6. Dealer ThinkTank Speaker Line-Up is Sure to Amaze
The Dealer ThinkTank Automotive Training & Education Conference will bring together some of the most innovative and interesting automotive professionals in the business today, and they are openly going to share their invaluable knowledge with you in a collaborative environment. Get ready to learn something!

5. The Failing State of Content Marketing
While some may contend that the "cream always rises to the top," when it comes to great content, there is another worthy argument that goes like this: there is too much cream and there are too many tops. Everyone is publishing - in text, images, audio and video. All of the time... and to the world!

4. Give us the Truth
More than two thirds of consumers in the US, UK and China rate ‘honesty and transparency’ alongside price and quality when considering to buy a product or brand, according to a new report from global communications agency Cohn & Wolfe.

3. How Chrysler’s Francois Scored Marketing Gold in Will Ferrell
Olivier Francois is a Parisian working for an Italian company, but he understands American popular culture better than most U.S.-born marketers. Thus the Fiat and Chrysler CMO — the man behind the iconic “Imported from Detroit” campaign for the Chrysler brand — now has scored what looks like another major marketing coup by creating another cultural touchstone with Will Ferrell’s Anchorman 2-based ad campaign for the new Dodge Durango.

2. Drop in Teen Driving Tracks with Teen Unemployment, HLDI Study Finds
A recent drop in teen driving likely comes down to simple economics. Young people today may want to drive just as much as they did a generation ago but simply can't afford it, a new report from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) suggests.

1. Best Halloween Costume, Yet?
A little toddler girl dressed up in an LED suit that transforms her into a precious little stick figure? What is going on? Cute is upping its game in the 21st century, and this is the new frontier of precious.



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