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How To Advertise To Your Online "Be-Backs" With Retargeting

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Be Back Advertising – How to get in front of your online be-backs and present your brand, and offers to them. That’s this week on

Although the rest of the world doesn’t call it be-back advertising, retargeting or remarketing is ideally the same thing, online.

Imagine being able to create a list of people who have visited your website, you can then categorize them based on what they looked at (new, used, service, parts, finance, particular models etc). Then with that information, you can craft advertising that speaks directly to them based on your understanding of what they were interested in on your website.

This presents a great opportunity to get in the minds of your potential customers, you already know something about them based on their specific behaviour.

Here is how it works, using cookies on your website you identify people who have visited your website. You then segment this list of people based on the url they visited. Typically your website url will have structure with words like service, new, used, and parts in it when visiting those specific pages. This allows fine tuning of your list and your prospects interests.

Now that we’ve identified these people using an anonymous cookie so it remains private, you’re not gathering any personal details about anyone, you can begin showing specific ads to specific audiences.

These ads will appear when the user is browsing online. Websites far and wide big and small have banner advertising on them. Typically that space is rented out to advertising networks like the Google Display Network and many others. When someone visits a page, Google decides what ad to display on it.

Your ad now starts to show up when the user is browsing online, keeping your brand, or offer etc. front of mind. It connects with them because you know they were interested, far more interested than showing your ad to 100% random people.

To show you just how powerful these ads can be when shown to interested people, compare this:

  • Retargeting CPC vs. search CPC across a number of our clients accounts is 55% less. That means you budget gets stretched further, each click costing you less.
  • The users that click on the ad spend 225% more time on the website than standard Google Search Ads traffic.
  • They look at 153% more pages and the bounce rate is 68% less.

These are all positives in terms of ad performance.  These are typically graphical banner ads. You get the added benefit of your brand ‘appearing’ like you advertise heavily online, you’re a big deal! You’re advertising on Kijji, local news papers, popular online blogs etc. Your ads can include offer details, phone numbers (they may not even click) and they could simply pick up the phone and call

The easiest way to get into retargeting is likely Google AdWords, but there are plenty of other options that present even more inventory – which means available advertising spots, than Google.

A new one on the block is Facebook. The entire country spends hours and hours on Facebook each and every day, the likely hood that your website visitor has a Facebook account is extremely high. Through 3rd party services (not Facebook directly), you can continue this retargeting on Facebook. Only display your Facebook ads to those people who visited your website, and you can categorize them just the same.

Think about how you can use be-back advertising online to further your marketing budget and increase conversions and leads for both sales and service. Google is a great place to start and you can move on to include Facebook and other advertising networks as you scale up.

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