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How To Retarget Your Dealership Visitors Using Facebook

Watch Original Video How To Retarget Your Dealership Visitors Using Facebook

Facebook advertising for your dealership, It’s a great source of traffic that seems to go ignored. What you can do with it and why you should.

In the display advertising arena often the discussion revolves around Google. Google AdWords is the biggest and largely the most popular because they have the biggest market share of people doing searches. AdWords allows any business big or small to get their brand, message and offers in front of people who are actively searching for what you have.

So why does everyone talk about AdWords? Why do businesses WANT to advertise on Google? Because that’s where the eyeballs are and if we follow the eyeballs further, we’ll come across this other little site called Facebook!

Now I’m not concerned with how many users Facebook has in total, but what is important is to grasp just how many in your target area have Facebook and how much TIME they spend on it each and every day.

You can google ‘Facebook usage stats’ and get countless info graphics to hammer home just how many people use Facebook daily, I’m not going to rhym them off all. What I need to know is it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account and the ones who have it, spend a consistent amount of time on it every single day.

What I want to do is tap into Facebooks advertising inventory – meaning their available space to run ads – and use behavioural retargeting via Facebook.

The Facebook exchange allows companies to tap into Facebook inventory and offer advertising. This is the only way to do retargeting on Facebook, you can’t do it through facebook’s native ad management interface, it has to be through a 3rd party.

One company we like here at is AdRoll. They provide a slick interface, great support and allow us to tap into the Facebook exchange. It offers easy single pixel tracking setup and advanced segmentation, all the features you may be use to in AdWords. The biggest difference between Google and AdRoll is the available inventory. AdRoll is connected to 25+ different exchanges, Google is only 1 of those 25.

So back to Facebook exchange, it could all sound like a great idea, but lets take a look at some numbers to back this up.

Recently we’ve been testing Facebook exchange for retargeting using AdRoll. We rolled out two campaigns, one for Facebook, the other did not include Facebook. So the second none-facebook campaign included 25+ other networks including The Google Display Network.

Over the course of 4 days, the following is what we observed. This is a retargeting campaign, targeting the exact same list of visitors, same dates, same budgets etc.

  • The Facebook campaign received 56% more impressions
  • The difference in CTR between the two was only .02% (very close)
  • The cost per click for Facebook was 54% cheaper
  • The bounce rate was close with Facebook 3.69% higher.
  • These Facebook users averaged 6.56 pages per visit spending on average 4 minutes 37 seconds on site.

From an ad perspective, that is fantastic. The impression count just goes to show how active previous website visitors are on Facebook. There isn’t enough data yet to base this off conversions, but unfortunately most dealerships don’t have the kind of call tracking setup to segment ‘calls’ based on traffic source. That’s a discussion for another day.

What we can measure is your costs, the amount of people who clicked on the ad and what they did on your site. Things like How long did they spend on site, did they look at any VDPs etc.

If you’re looking to increase your online advertising footprint, seriously consider getting your ads on the Facebook platform. You can do traditional non-behavioural advertising as well (again, another discussion for that), but what I’m talking about here today is behavioural retargeting only.

There are several companies you can use to connect with the Facebook exchange, AdRoll is one we recommend and use to manage our clients retargeting.

Good luck with your campaigns, and I hope you include Facebook into your pay per click campaigns going forward, if done right I’m sure you’ll get some great results within any sized budget.


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