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Staying on the 'Road to the Sale'


An in-depth report based on interviews with 250,000 customers of more than 250 dealerships tells us customers most often walk without buying because we wandered off or away from our Road to the Sale.


We’d like to believe customers’ excuses for not buying – “It’s not in my budget” or “I'll be back tonight with my wife" – but the facts say differently.


A report by an Unsold Research Call Center found that 27% of customers who left without buying did so for reasons within dealership management control. Ouch!


Here’s what real customers said about why they left a dealership without buying:


•           Rude and disrespectful treatment by sales personnel

•           Sales staff not being knowledgeable about product or

financing information

•           Appointments not kept by the proper sales staff member that customer was expecting to meet with

•           Condescending attitude and not working directly with or talking to a female when a male was present with her

•           Not being respectful of customers’ time by back and forth communication with sales desk manager

•           Manager who took a turn seen by the customer as rude or too pushy and lacking empathy


Without commitment to (and accountability for) following your Road to the Sale with every up, the entire sales process falls apart. How is yours? Here’s what research tells us are the most frequent missteps:


·         The product presentation

·         The demo drive

·         The service introduction and walk

·         The manager TO interview


Take detours on this road at your own risk. Want to know more about improving sales, be-backs and decreasing third-party leads, click for the report, “An Auto Dealer’s Guide to Outselling the Competition.” 

Chris Costner
Kurt, great post. It all boils down to the process of the road to the sale as you say. It doesn't matter how the dealership staff feels everything went. The customer's perception is everything. It's a process that is so easy and yet is made so hard day in and out. Thanks for sharing.
kurt kubicki
So true Christopher, one of the problems that we see constantly is that we are so used to the process in our business, that it is easy to overlook it, and cut corners. It reminds me of what Vince Lombardi said about playing every down like it was that one play in the game that was going to change the outcome of the game. Unfortunately there are about 165 plays in a game, and we need to have our head in them all, and play hard on every one....

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