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Automotive Industry Marketing Is Asleep At The Wheel

My friend Chris Walsh from Vets-Cars posted a link to a blog today about the Facebook Dark Post Bandwagon starting to roll.

I was surprised to see him share the link and assumed it was an old piece.  Like - a REALLY old piece.  In it, the author talked about the bandwagon "preparing to roll out".  But I was thrown off because Facebook Dark Posts have been around for about two and a half years now.  So why is it that dealerships are just starting to catch on?

I looked back through our account on Facebook and sure enough, our first dark post was created April 4, 2013.  TWO YEARS AGO.

It was for a restaurant group looking to target engaged women.  The ad was a quick success - driving 17 people through the door after a TWO HOUR run and a $25 budget.

We were hooked.


In the past two years, we've run hundreds upon hundreds of Facebook dark post ads for companies ranging from restaurants and retail locations to, yes - you guessed it, car dealerships.  We've seen the cost of clicks SKY ROCKET.  But when I talk about soaring prices - check this out.  We've seen the average CPC rise to about $1.37 - from $.14 two years ago.

But after reading the piece...I was left a little confused.  How is it that the bandwagon is just now about to roll out?  How is it that the automotive industry isn't just a little behind on this - it's two and a half YEARS behind?

So I put on my thinking hat and flashed back to when I was employed by an automotive group running their marketing.  What was one of the biggest selling points for the owner when a new vendor would come in?  Simple - the fact that they ONLY served the automotive industry.

Don't get me wrong - that's got it's perks.  Then again, considering how far behind the industry tends to be with markeitng, it's also got drawbacks.

Look at Meerkat and Periscope, for example.  How many dealerships are actively using them?  What about Snapchat?  Anyone else out there beta-testing video software like OptimizePlayer (Vimeo on steroids)?

Here's my tip of the day.  The automotive industry is asleep at the wheel when it comes to marketing.  When you're looking at ways of advancing your marketing strategy in this rapidly evolving world...sometimes it's best to look ALL around - and not just at what your industry is doing.

Looking for the ultimate handbook in Facebook Dark Posts?  You can find it here.  Make sure to follow me on LinkedIn for more.

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