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What to Change in Resume to Qualify for a Bigger Salary

If you’re reading this article, you may look for a better position or a higher salary than you have now. What should you do to get your dream salary? First, you should find a company which can offer a salary you desire. Thus, you need to visit a reliable job site,, where you’ll find a proper suggestion for you.

Let’s consider which factors define a salary level. They are:

  • education, qualification, and experience
  • skills
  • personal qualities
  • way up on the career ladder

If you’re perfect with all these points, but you still don’t get the wage you deserve, we should review your resume first. It is a crucial point since your CV is the first impression of you. And as you know, it is the most important one. You’ve got the only chance to make a proper impression when you are hunting for a well-paid job.

Probably you’ve already experienced it when you sent your résumés but didn’t get the answer. Hence, you need to polish your CV, so that you can apply for the best-paid job. And we are ready to help you! Here is a list of tips for creating an efficient résumé.

The first thing you have to know is: if you’re looking for a highly paid vacancy, your resume must look professional. It’s not just a list of your data! You should change your CV according to specific rules.

Type of Resume

You know what kind of work you are looking for. But did you know that there are different types of CVs and you should use a proper one depending on the field you’ve chosen? These types are: functional, chronological, and targeted. Do take time and explore which kind of résumé you need. Create a CV according to what position you’re hunting.

Also, include qualifications and qualities needed for a particular job in the order given in the job description. Use keywords. Applicant tracking system and a hiring manager won’t go past such a résumé.

Change Skills Section

Recruiters read very carefully this section. It should be short but very informative! Don’t just name your skills, show your expertise! Not just “Knowledge of three languages,” but “Spanish — native, English — fluent, French — intermediate.” If you have rare and valuable skills — demonstrate them! But don’t overload your CV! Be precise on the qualities and skills needed for a particular job.

Make sure that you provide full data on your education. Do include all certificates, seminars, courses, etc. It shows your desire to learn and develop. That is what all employers appreciate!

Emphasize Your Achievements

Try to include all your accomplishments! Especially those which are relevant to your desired position. But also, you should demonstrate your awards in other fields: any competitions and sports. Having grants means that you are a purposeful and competitive person. These are important qualities for highly-paid positions.

Add Creativity to Your Resume

A creative way of thinking is highly rated for lucrative jobs. If you show your creativity in the résumé, it will add scores to you. It will catch the manager’s eye and may reveal your personality. But be careful! Remember that a résumé is a document, don’t overstep! However, if you manage to demonstrate your imagination correctly, you’ll get that dream salary!

DO NOT name the desired level of wage in your CV. There must not be any kind of such information: no requirements, no previous figures.


To apply for a better highly paid role, the first step you have to take is your résumé. Make it professional, tailored to the desired position, brief (1 or 2 pages are enough), complete, precise, and relevant.

Take time to create a catchy on; it’s worthy. Use templates but make it personalized. Don’t forget to edit your CV. Mistakes are unacceptable! Double check it!

We believe you’re going to have an excellent career!

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