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DrivingSales' Ron Henson to speak at another industry event

ab8a1d48744699b2df50dd266728320a.jpg?t=1Thought Leadership Summits, Inc. (TLS), today announced the executives speaking at the Automotive Summit Series, which includes the Automotive Customer Centricity Summit on June 16, 2015, and the Automotive Social Media Summit on June 17, 2015 (both held at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, CA).

Each Summit offers a full-day agenda and an exclusive environment featuring exclusive sponsors and strictly limited vendor involvement. They provide a unique setting focused on learning and networking with true peers. More information on the Summits is available at or 720-287-0145.

Automotive Customer Centricity Summit — June 16, 2015

The Customer Experience as a Competitive Advantage - The proliferation of mobile devices and the demand for true personalization has fundamentally changed the automotive research, shopping, and buying processes.  Consumers are spending more time researching brands, dealers, & vehicles online, and are demanding a seamless, consistent experience as they move from brand to dealer websites, from PCs to mobile devices, and from the outside world to the dealership.  The Summit will focus on how brands and dealers are adapting to the “new normal” of increased volume, higher pressure on profits, and sophisticated consumers who expect a consistent, personalized experience across a diverse set of channels.

Presentation topics will include:

  • Acura’s view on the customer experience in the new purchase funnel
  • Gartner’s insight on the shift from connected vehicles to connected experiences
  • Hyundai of St. Augustine’s ability to attribute clicks to sales
  • Jeff Wyler Auto Family’s personalization with privacy
  • Larry H. Miller Group’s successful CRM strategy
  • Toyota’s utilization of disruptive marketing technologies
  • Volkswagen’s collaboration with dealers to create true customer engagement

Keynote Presentation: Toyota Motor Sales

The Disruptive Impact of New Data Technology on Traditional Marketing

Technology has always acted as a disruptive force in the business world.  The advent of “Big Data” and related data technologies has led to a paradigm shift from traditional, broadcast, one size fits all marketing to highly segmented, personalized, one to one marketing.  Ned Curic, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer – Toyota Motor Sales will explain how Toyota’s Customer Engagement Platform and Marketing strategies acknowledge the disruptive impact of data technologies and seek to take advantage of the paradigm shift to personalized marketing.  Ned will discuss the tactics they have executed and will identify if the goal is increased effectiveness, reduced cost, or better customer engagement.  Specifically, Ned will spend a few minutes addressing how the following functions fit into Toyota’s strategy:  data analytics, personalization, customer 360, predictive modeling, customer matching, and lead management.  Ned will conclude with the strategic results achieved.

Automotive Social Media Summit — June 17, 2015

Integrating Social Media Throughout the Enterprise - Social media has become ingrained in our culture and daily lives and its’ power to influence the value of brands is constantly growing.  Social media comprise the majority of resources consumers consult during their several months of “Zero Moment of Truth” research so the importance of online reviews, videos, blogs, tweets, photos, and networking sites simply can’t be overstated.  The Summit will focus on how brands and their dealers are integrating social media into the traditional functional areas of their organizations.  In particular, the Summit will provide insight on how social media are being included in sales, marketing, customer service, and public relations. 

Presentation topics will include:

  • American Honda’s use of social media to support marketing events
  • Audi of America’s combination of social media & TV to create engagement
  • Del Grande Dealer Group’s integration of social media in retail operations
  • DrivingSales’ insights on using social media to drive trust, brand, & dealer selection
  • Kawasaki’s ability to utilize social media to engage, educate, & excite customers
  • LaFontaine Auto’s social media successes & lessons learned

Keynote Presentation: Del Grande Dealer Group

Integrating Social Media in Automotive Retail

Just like the Internet 20 years ago, social media has revolutionized how people interact and has quickly gone from novelty to ubiquitous in society.  In order to fully maximize the opportunities social media creates, these new channels must be integrated into standard operating procedures throughout the enterprise.  Shaun Del Grande, President – Del Grande Dealer Group will explain the Del Grande Dealer Group’s (DGDG) “P3” strategy - implementing a real world approach based on People, Process, and Performance.  Shaun will then delve into the impact social media has had on DGDG, specifically the ability to understand new consumers and communicate with them in the way they are used to in their daily lives.  He’ll discuss how DGDG has integrated social media in their ongoing operations, bringing all functional areas of the dealership together to maximize social media efficiency.

About Thought Leadership Summits

Thought Leadership Summits, Inc. (TLS) develops and executes exclusive, executive Summits, which enable the exchange of ideas, strategies, and tactics among the world’s best companies — helping our constituents maximize the return on their strategic investments. Learn more at

Jason Stum
Looking forward to this event, see you there Ron!
Ron Henson
Thanks Jason! It will be a lot of fun and I look forward to catching up with you!

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