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6 Reasons To Call (Not Email) A Prospective Buyer

I used to work at a company that contacted all of their clients through email. I would rarely make a call or handle any calls that came into the office. Should this be alarming? Yes.

Why, you ask? Well despite being in a fast-paced, technology absorbed society, the phone is still a very integral part of getting bigger and better business. Especially at your dealership. Here’s why:

1. Get back to the basics

In such a machine saturated world, prospective buyers enjoy a little personalization. Not only will a customer appreciate that you took the time to call them, but they’ll appreciate the genuine aspect of a call. Phone calls not only give customers this personal interaction, but allows you to develop a relationship with them.

2. Emails can get lost in the shuffle

People are more likely to be proactive while on the phone. Yes, emails function well as a written reminder. But how often is that email going to get attention of your prospective buyer right when it is received? Phone calls are more memorable. Not only are they a great way to get an update from a client, but the phone call also services as a great tool for actionable items and getting things done quickly. Lets be honest...the more you call, the more likely you will move to the top of someone’s to-do list.

3. Emails lead to miscommunication

How many times have you received an email, or even a text, and not understood what the sender was trying to say? Or even worse, you thought the sender meant something different than the original message. Not only can miscommunication happen, but relationships can be tarnished. Humor, urgency and actual emotion are traits that can’t always be conveyed in an email.

4. Emails can have typos

Whether you’ve copied and pasted the wrong information or your iPhone auto corrected the wrong word, it’s happened to the best of us. Yes, emails can be great for written proof, but sometimes they can cause more harm than good. 

5. Phone calls increase customer satisfaction

When it comes down to how customers view the customer service of your dealership, they’re going to take into account how you are as a communicator. Do you answer your prospects' calls on a regular basis? Can they get in touch with you to get their questions answered and their concerns dealt with? Are their messages getting returned?

For example: You need to call your credit card company. one likes to deal with big banks because you can never get in touch with a live person. This is key. People like to talk to a live person. It calms their nerves and eases their stress. Just take a look at all of the dealerships advertising their easy access to a live agent.

6. People make phone calls for big purchases

Prospective buyers are 67% more likely to resort to phone calls if they are making a large or long-term purchase. Owning the Phone for inbound and outbound calls is essential to make these customers happy. Purchases often have less to do with price, and more to do with the customer service and buying experience. Many people will spend more for the same service or car than the cheaper competitor if they had an exceptional purchasing experience.

Moral of the story: pick up the phone! Give a prospect a call instead of sending an email. Remember that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the prospective buyer feels they are being treated. Making phone calls will not only increase customer satisfaction, but increase customer loyalty.

Megan Barto
Great post! Phone phone phone phone! As 2 of my favs, Robert & Elise say - there is nothing hotter than a phone prospect. E-mails should be designed to get the customer on the phone --> phone calls should be designed to get the customer in the store!
Lauren Cummins
Absolutely! And if your team constantly drops the ball on the phone, you're diminishing your appointment rate to less than 50%. Imagine how much revenue dealerships would get if they focused more on the phone.

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