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​​​​​​​Who's still using Excel to manage their employee development?

​​​​​​​Who's still using Excel to manage their employee development?

To dealership managers, If you're using Excel to manage your employee development process, you are still better than 80% of managers that don't …



Does your dealership have a business development center? Is it producing the level of leads you’re looking for? If the answer to either of th…

[VODCAST] Millennial Car-Tell Episode 3 - Don't Stop Believin'

[VODCAST] Millennial Car-Tell Episode 3 - Don't Stop Believin'

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Disrupting the Disruptors

Disrupting the Disruptors

In the last several years we’ve all heard the warnings about how the auto industry is being disrupted by online retailers such as CarMax, Carvana, an…

WEBINAR RECORDING - 3 Proven Strategies to Overcome the “Circle of Distrust” in Automotive Retail

WEBINAR RECORDING - 3 Proven Strategies to Overcome the “Circle of Distrust” in Automotive Retail

In this webinar, we had a great discussion with Matt Weinberg, SVP of Consumer Experience at Modal. Watch this webinar recording to learn t…

5 Modern Work Perks That Can Boost Employee Productivity

Modern companies know that they can no longer measure productivity through analytics alone. They also can’t think that every single employee is going to behave the same as the next. Productivity comes in all shapes and sizes and an employee’s ability to produce great work and sales results depends on their personality and preferences. Here are five ways to boost productivity in the workplace - combining strategies will help you connect with all of your employees. 

Make it Okay to Take Breaks

According to Entrepreneur, you should encourage your employees to take breaks, both their scheduled ones and additional ones if they need them. It’s important to understand that the brain can handle only so much work before it starts to get fried. Letting your employees know that it’s okay and encouraged to take a breather, go for a walk, sip a cup of coffee and clear their mind will help them refocus and actually get more done during the day. 

Turn Tasks Into Games

Turning humdrum tasks into games and competitions is a great way to breathe new life into them, according to Set Up a leaderboard, rank your employees, give them points, set challenges and offer rewards for those who come out on top. Make sure the rewards are something they actually want to strive for, like a gift certificate to a great local restaurant or even a paid day off.

Create an Outdoor Space

Some people function better at work if they’re surrounded by nature. Create an outdoor space for your employees where they can go on their breaks, if they need to brainstorm or even if they want to work on a laptop. If you need some landscaping, doing a simple online search for “lawn services near me” could be helpful. Also consider adding some fun elements that will get their wheels turning, like a basketball hoop or an area for yoga and stretching. This is especially important for people in creative careers who need to think a lot in order to get ideas for projects.

Be Flexible 

Two of the best company perks you can offer are flex-time and working from home. These options can be given to your best employees who you know you can trust on an alternative schedule or from a home office. This obviously won't work for sales-floor employees, but could work great for office personnel or even online salespeople. Flex-time means that you’re getting rid of the basic nine-to-five schedule and letting your employees work longer days and take other days off, or come in either earlier or later based on their preference.

Working from home doesn’t have to be offered on a full-time basis, but letting your employees know they can stay home once or twice a week or if the weather’s bad could help them to be more productive. Ultimately, when your employees don’t feel hemmed in by a strict schedule, they’re more likely to happily get the work done. 

Arrange Team Events

Planning events that your team can do together can do wonders for productivity. A break from work for an afternoon or entire day can make people realize how much they like the people they work with and it can instill a new value in their job. Plan small events, like office breakfasts or lunches at a nearby restaurant, or big events like catered parties or nights out on the town. The focus should be fun, not work, so that everyone can unwind and come back to work with a new outlook.

Every business that has employees needs to find a way to regularly enhance productivity. People can only be productive when they’re dealing with the same old routine for so long. Get rid of anything that kills productivity and at the same time be proactive in encouraging your employees to become better at their job.


One of the best perks where I am is the PTO time and ability to have a life outside the dealerships without management frowning upon it. I have heard of car salesman who work 6 days a week, 70+ hours. NO THANK YOU! 

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