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How Self-Driving Cars Will Impact Car Owners

Self-driving cars are about to take over our streets. We have seen them being tested and some are already operating. It is expected that by around 2020 these cars will be the new cabs on our roads. Many companies are battling to win the battle on autonomous cars which means we might have many more of these cars in the future.


How They Operate

New technologies are being employed in these vehicles, but one thing they have in common is the use of radar. The vehicle uses radar to know if there is anything in front of it. Other sensors and cameras are also used for navigation.

The most complex part of the car is the software. It is responsible for driving the car. It works by collecting and analyzing data to make a reasonable decision and to predict what may happen accurately. The data collected and stored is then used in the future in case the car uses the same route another time

However, with every discovery, there are always some effects that they come with. How these cars will impact, our society is yet to be discovered. But we can already start to see some of the pros and cons that are unavoidable with self-driving cars.


Insurance Coverage

90% of all road accidents are as a result of human error. Eliminating the human and using the software to drive the car drastically reduces the probability of an accident. With fewer chances of accidents, you only need minimum insurance cover. By 2020 the average insurance cover may go down to £265 a year according to AA.

Although car insurance will always be a necessary requirement, the hope is that insurance prices will decrease with the development of self-driving vehicles. The reason behind this is all in how the cars operate. The manufacturers of these vehicles aim to ensure that the cars are perfect such that they cannot cause an accident. The cars can avoid over speeding and overtake using the software. This makes them safer on the roads.


Improved Safety on the Road

These cars can avoid all mistakes made by humans on the road. They can communicate with each other and know what the other car is about to do to avoid accidents. This makes our roads safer than they were with human drivers.


Better Traffic and Fuel Economy

With these vehicles on our streets, there will be very few accidents. This reduces the traffic jams that are caused by human error. As traffic becomes better, you get to save on fuel. Traffic wastes a lot of fuel without going anywhere.

Driverless cars have the ability to communicate with each other. As they communicate, one car can choose the most efficient route where there is less traffic to reduce congestion. Without traffic jams, the amount of CO2 released by cars is also reduced.


Reduced Driving Time

In the current world, people drive almost everywhere. Any place you wish to go you have to drive. A lot of time is spent behind the wheels before you grow old. However, with the autonomous car, you can choose to drive or let the car drive. This gives you time to do other things before you reach your destination.

If you are headed to a meeting, you can arrange your notes and rehearse as the car drives you there. This is an added advantage to people who don’t enjoy driving.


With companies like Tesla and Google competing for the self-driving cars race it’s just a matter of time before we see these cars everywhere. More car manufacturers are investing millions of dollars just to be part of this new technology. Insurance companies are also preparing themselves to embrace this new change to go with the flow. The government as well is encouraging this new technology to take over. 2020 is the year everyone will witness this technology and test it themselves.


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