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How to Sell Cars with an iPad

Earlier today, a colleague mentioned going to an old-fashion diner and having her order taken on an iPad. As contrary as it seems, it got me thinking that nowadays, technology really has taken the crown – especially in the business world.

Things like the file cabinet, the briefcase, and the folder are a few of the passé ways in which business people stored valuable information. Nowadays it’s all about minimizing the clutter and presenting ourselves and what we embody in a more cohesive way.

Dealerships can also have a piece of that pie. iPads are a great way to sell not only cars, but your company as well. Here are a few ways you can use the iPad to amaze your shoppers:


Have you heard of CarStory? If you haven’t, check it out. This app not only gives your salespeople the basic information of a vehicle - it also helps you tailor your search to your customer’s needs.iStock_000025264438Large.jpg

Manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Audi have jumped on the forward-thinking bandwagon as well. By launching applications such as Ford’s Showcase app, they’ve given dealers easy-to-use presentations of particular vehicles in the palm of their hand. If you have invested in a personalized app for your dealership, add it to your iPads! Think of it as a visual aid with a wow factor!

Plus, your shoppers won’t always know what all the car features mean in writing. Being able to visually show them what you’re talking about will not only give them confidence in their purchase, but in you as the salesperson.


Remember those digital photo frames that changed from picture to picture? The iPad can do that, and one-up the fad.

Picture it: you’re talking to a prospect that’s almost ready to sign on the dotted line, and upon glancing at your iPad (cleverly set on your desk facing them) they see a slideshow of amazing dealer reviews and selfies of new car-owners holding the keys to their new car.

This will motivate your shoppers to buy because you’re appealing to the emotional side of their purchase. Your reviews will reinforce the shopper’s decision to buy from YOU instead of your competition.

But, most importantly, you’ll show your shoppers that having all the bells and whistles in a car are great – but so is the experience of owning one.


Being able to show shoppers vehicle features and cool pictures isn’t all the iPad’s good for. Salespeople can also complete other time-saving tasks like:

- run credit checks

- calculate payment options

- have paperwork signed

As a recent car buyer, I can tell you the shopper will thank you for not having to wait an hour for the paperwork to be printed and signed - not to mention you're saving trees in the process!

Thinking beyond the Numbers

The iPad is a great tool to help you sell inventory. It’ll help your sales pitch and keep mobile shoppers from looking at competitor websites while they wait for you to whip up some numbers. But more than that, it’ll give your customers the confidence and motivation to buy that car.

While the world of sales relies on ROI and all around wins, we know that selling cars is about so much more . The experience you give your shoppers can encourage them to make you a part of a life-changing decision.  


Are you using an iPad in your dealership? If so, let us know how it’s going and share some tips with us below!

Chris Halsey
I do worry about the iPad being a little too convenient. There are some privacy issues that can crop up (i.e. credit check info) that some customers might find troubling.
Lisandra Ramos
You bring up a great point, Chris! There's an interesting juxtaposition between technology and privacy. Yes, we want our privacy, but we want things done fast (in comes technology). Personally, as a customer, I see technology as an opportunity to save me some time. Not to mention I feel unsafe about writing my social security number on a piece of paper that someone can just as well misplace (which has happened). But this can go both ways.

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