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Why Your Dealership's Team Should be Volunteering

“I’m just not sold on the whole volunteering thing” - Said no dealership, ever

I hope! In case you were wondering, community involvement is a no-brainer. The answer should be YES, do it. Companies today are becoming more involved in giving back because the outcome is always the same: win-win. Like in your school days, volunteering looks good on the company resume, it benefits others, and you just feel darn good doing it! d0d3f84445f343f7e299d0b02a9f0fcb.jpg?t=1

But how, does volunteering benefit your dealership?  



Company Culture

In the past, companies were admired for volunteering and giving back to the community; now society expects it of them. If you look through company pages and read core values, many times you see the words community involvement somewhere in there.


Put your PR hat on for a moment. Why is community involvement so important to company culture? Well, because businesses and communities depend on eachother - so it’s only natural that they work together!


Showing that you put community first, will humanize your dealership and prove that your team is about more than making a profit. Serving others will build trust and respect, both key components to building strong relationships.  



More and more, employees are taking company values into consideration when deciding whether a job is right for them. According to a 2014 Deloitte survey, millennials are looking for careers with purpose. And I’m not talking about putting a foosball table in the break room - they want to be a part of a company with purpose.     


Plus, giving back is good for your team’s health! According to a recent study by UnitedHealth Group, volunteering does great things for your employees’ well being. Not only does it reduce stress levels and improve their mood, it also makes them feel more engaged at work. Not to mention it strengthens core skills like time management and teamwork that are important to you and your dealership. By giving your employees the opportunity to be a part of something that matters, you’re winning too!


Your Customers

Giving back is a great way to get your dealership recognized and respected by the community. So not only will you be able to voice your company’s values to others, but you’ll also encourage others to follow your brand.


Give yourself some props, too - share your volunteering experiences via social media! Facebook and Twitter are great ways to build a following based on charitable work.


You want your stakeholders’ sentiment because they will not only respect you, they’ll share your story. Plus, when potential customers are ready to purchase a vehicle or get their oil changed, they’ll remember you in the best way.


Finding Volunteering Opportunities

If you’re looking to start your community involvement program, here’s a few places you might want check out:


LinkedIn: It has great volunteer groups that constantly post volunteering opportunities to small companies.


VolunteerMatch: It has everything from non-profit organizations near you to the dates of upcoming community events.


Your local school or non-profit: They’re usually in-need of extra hands and they’re gung-ho about receiving the extra help!



Does your dealership have a community involvement program? How has it impacted your employees and customers? Share your stories below!

Grant Gooley
I have worked for a group that used community involvement as the main course of their marketing. It seemed to do very well! However, loyalty doesn't seem to be the same as it used to be. (According to the GM who had been apart of supporting different sports teams and charities for 20 years) There was a time when they would sponsor a hockey team and all the parents would make a point to shop at the Dealership. According to the GM, now-a-days they expect the doe and don't do much in return. As a Marketing Director I would get in touch with the sponsored team and make sure they AT LEAST posted the dealership website on their website... I think charity donations and sponsorships are a fantastic way to give back and show your support. Expecting people will buy their cars at your dealership would be wrong, but a full circle approach would make the relationship prosperous for everyone!
Shannon Hammons
Lisa, Great read. I agree with you, and I think this should be a priority.
Lisandra Ramos
Thank you, Shannon! I agree completely with you, Grant. Giving back won't directly influence sales, but it's a great way to encourage employees and customers alike! Not to mention it's what is expected of businesses. And you brought up a great point: follow-up with the organization your sponsoring/donating and encourage them to also showcase your actions!

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