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Use Live Chat to Promote Your Dealership’s Competitive Advantages

In a perfect world, shoppers would be able to find your dealership’s unique selling points, such as your amenities, “why buy” statements, and your specials on your website.

However, that’s not always the case. Many times websites have too much or too little information, or shoppers are just too lazy to navigate the pages and find a reason to buy from you.

If you aren’t providing an effortless online shopping experience, chances are these shoppers are bouncing off your site. That means you are missing out on potential leads and sales.

Live chat can help you combat this trend!

Here are some ways your staff can use live chat as a tool to market your dealership’s competitive advantages:


ActivEngage’s studies show that our chat invites receive anywhere from 30 to 40% of clicks to chat. But let’s face it -- how could you miss those? That’s why it’s a great place to promote your “why buy” statement and specials!

Use Your Why Buy Statement

In a recent DealerRefresh article, Justin Brun and Ben Koller mentioned that most “why buy” messages are hidden in pages that get little to no traffic, such as the “About Us” page. That’s why they recommend you put them in higher traffic areas such as your website’s VDP page or homepage.

You can also put your “why buy” statement in your chat invite!

By placing your “why buy” statement in your chat invite, you will not only entice your shoppers to click in to chat, but you’ll also give added exposure to what sets you apart from the competition -- and persuade more customers to buy from you.

Here is an example of a customized chat invite with a why buy message:

describe the image

Use Your Specials

Don’t expect your shoppers to navigate to your specials pages. Instead, proactively ensure they see your offers by putting them in a chat invite.

You can even have your customized chat invite deploy at the exact moment when your shoppers would find those specials relevant. For example, if your shopper is looking at the 2014 Jeep Patriot, launch a targeted invite such as this one below to let him or her know it’s on sale!

describe the image


The chat greeting is important, as it sets the tone for the entire conversation! Use this interaction to mention what sets you apart from the competition and start influencing your shoppers’ buying decision.

Start With Your “Why Buy” Statement

Once your customers click to chat, you can personalize your greetings and showcase your “why buy” statement in the messages!


“Hi there, [CUSTOMER NAME]! Welcome to [INSERT DEALERSHIP NAME], where we’ll always have the best price, or match the competition!”

The point is to let your shopper know right off the bat why YOU are the dealership your customer should be buying a vehicle or receiving service from.


Dealers, there's so much more to chat about than availability! Bump your customer service skills up a notch by plugging your amenities and specials into chat conversations when appropriate!

Mention Your Amenities

Chances are that having a great waiting area alone will not convince a shopper to schedule service appointment with your dealership. However, mentioning your amenities is a great way to build a relationship during a conversation and provide added value to your services!

  • Do you have a game room in your waiting area for service customers? Tell your shoppers chatting in for an oil change about how much fun their kids can have while they wait!

  • Do you offer complimentary WiFi? Tell them to remember to bring their tablet in case they want to get some work done while they wait!

  • If you offer free CarFax documents on vehicles, Black Book Trade-in appraisals, a First-Time Buyers Program, etc. -- you can say so during a chat! That might just be the extra push your prospect needs to choose your dealership over one of your competitors.

With ActivEngage’s mobile chat app, you can even take pictures of your amenities to send shoppers and really WOW them!

Mention Your Specials

One of our most frequently asked questions in a live chat conversation is “What specials are you currently running?”

Like I mentioned before, your shoppers aren't always finding what they’re looking for -- even if it is on your website!

When shoppers chat in to ask about a vehicle you’re running a special on, use live chat to guide shoppers to your specials page so they can check out the details on the special they asked about, as well as get information on all of your other deals you have listed.

Letting them in on your specials will not only demonstrate excellent customer service skills, but also show your online shoppers that you have a vested interest in their business.


Don’t just use live chat to answer questions, use it to differentiate yourself from the competition and to build relationships with your customers. The more you make their shopping experience unique, the more they’ll want to do business with you.



Dealers, are you currently using live chat to market your dealership’s services? How have you seen customer experience change as a result? Share your stories below!

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