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Connected Cars: Impact of Digitization in the Automotive Industry

There has to be a word which perfectly captures how it feels to have the world at your fingertips, with the ability to get whatever you want, whenever you want and wherever you want. Fortunately, there is one word which quells the tension of getting things in your hands. That word would be - ‘Being  Connected.`` This also applies to the one thing which is always right across the street or miles away from your presence. Your car.

The trend of being connected to everything started from the rise of social media. This platform has changed the way in which the industries are run and have also enhanced the usage of smart phones which are aggressively ruling the market of today. ‘

As most of the business owners are aware, millennials are the most active audience. They’re very much attached to all things digital and they want their needs to be gratified as instantly as possible. Today we will talk about the impact of digital transformation in Automotive Industry and how it has affected the millennials.

Benefits of Automotive and Digital Connectivity

Earlier, owning a car was considered to be a sign of financial stability. That is how the automakers enjoyed the limitless attention from their consumers. Because freedom which came along with the cars gave a new meaning of independence to the car owners. Fast forward to now, when there is a hype of being digitally connected, it has enforced the infrastructure of the automotive ecosystem to adapt the new philosophy of understanding their consumers.

Due to this paradigm shift, automakers of today are getting their cars directly connected to the consumers. And not just that, the world around them is linked with it as well. Now, I will walk you through how connectivity has taken the lead in the automotive industry which is winning the hearts of millennials.

In order to be in sync with the advancement of technology, the automotive ecosystem has to be integrated along with the smartphone. Therefore, our cars of the present and future have been turning into computers or phones on wheels. Now the question is, how will the automakers and mobility brands meet the needs of tech-savvy ‘in the moment appeal’.

Living in the moment

The moment millennials start their engines, their infotainment section gets synced with their phones and they have everything they need on their windshield. The connectivity features have improved the car sales and its utility amongst the younger audience.

Not just that, there are more benefits of your car being connected. It enhances safety, provide better and safer driving experiences and do much more. Talking about the maintenance part, the future would be running through apps and consumers would be relying on them rather than interacting with the servicemen. Through these facilities, car companies are gaining benefits in terms of data acquisition, targeted marketing and tailored in-car apps for products and services which will be offered to the customers.

Millennials are creating a market pressure for automakers which is driving the need to change. They are fueling the in-vehicle technology and providing access to every necessity in their cars. 

In the near future, your in-car virtual assistant would be ushering you to fill the fuel in your car and suggest you with the names of restaurants as well as nearby locations. Consumer insurances will be covered for pay per use. This data will be gathered with the help of connected services through which the car owners will be able to track driver’s behavior keeping insurance frauds at bay. Predictive maintenance will take a big leap as a connected car feature.

Wrapping Up

Millennials are not just one of the most active audiences, but also the creators of instant connectivity. Through connected cars, automakers can give a new meaning to the trust and loyalty of consumers. Consumers of 2019 and beyond, are looking forward to a future wherein, issues will get resolved faster than before and lack of involvement of the dealer will not be a hurdle.

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