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Lessons Learned from Jack Handey

“You’re good enough.  You’re strong enough.  And gosh darn it, people like you.“

I remember watching Jack Handey on SNL years ago and laughing my hindquarters off at this guy’s skits.  (side note - through the wonders of Google I also just learned there really is a Jack Handey).  As funny and cheesy as the aforementioned quote is – the heart behind it rings so true with me right now. 

How?  By calling myself and my team to be something greater than we are.  Not average. 

It’s the last day of the month and our department has surpassed its best month ever by 7% already and will end up around 15% ahead of our best month.  EVER.

EVER in this economy?  EVER with current inventory levels?  EVER with insert excuse here?  Yes.  Best EVER!  So what’s the secret sauce?  The magic template?  The phone script, pricing matrix, or process we implemented?

BHAG.  That’s what.  A Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goal. 

We implemented a BHAG that we could get excited about. One thing I have been blessed to be apart of is Grant Cardone’s Mastermind Group that meets via Google+ Hangout every Thursday night and discuss his most recent book The 10X Rule.  One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that success truly is my duty and obligation and with that,  

“failing to insist upon abundant amounts of success is somewhat unethical.  To the degree that electing to do our personal best each and every day is ethical, then failing to do so is a violation of ethics.”

The month started on an average August Monday and I had set some realistic average goals my salespeople, one that they would most likely hit.  I need to forecast correctly.  Right? 


Who gets excited about being average?  Who gets pumped to sell 8-10 cars?  What drives someone to being greater than themselves?  Average goals?  For me – average doesn’t get me going.  You?  Mostly likely neither do your salespeople.

So – I set some new goals for each of my salespeople to “go big or go home.”  We set out to have out best month ever and we have since crushed it.  I constantly let them know where they were at with sales.  How many selling days are left in the month, and how many we need to sell per day to hit our BHAG.

Guess what – they arose to the challenge.  To say that I am filled with pride is an understatement.  Not pride in myself because *they are the ones in the trenches.  My pride is centered on my team.  All I did was put out a goal….oh…and there was no financial incentive either.  No contests.  No games.  Just a unified vision and passion to have our best month ever.  They got excited about being better than average.  They got excited about being great

So let me ask you this.  Are you calling yourself and your teams to be greater than you all are?  Is your goal to be average?  If not – just remember what Jack Handey said, “you are good enough, you are strong enough, and gosh darn it….YOU CAN DO IT!”



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