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Cobalt/ADP ORM Solution Review

As one gets to know me they will soon find out I am a passionate person in all I do.  I love what I do and am passionate about digital marketing and online reputation management specifically.   So when given the opportunity to take a sneak peak a new Online Reputation Management (ORM) solution – I jumped on the chance.

Last week I sat in with Beth Latta from Cobalt/ADP and took a peak at their new Reputation Management Solution.  Most of us know the importance of ORM and the impact it can have on our business, but what I have found out is how hard it is to keep up with our entire ORM along with my other duties as an Internet Director for a large autogroup. 

This was one of the driving forces on why and how Cobalt/ADP built out their solution.   They recognized the busy lives of dealers everywhere and wanted to build a solution that meets the needs of today’s dealer. 

Here’s where their solution kicks in.  It is a one-stop shop for us as dealers.  They attack ORM with a three-pronged approach:

A Dedicated (Real Life) Reputation Manage Specialist.  This persons role will be to come along side the dealer and help them with all things related to the dealer’s online reputation management.  At first they will be setup and get you going to maintain all of the business listings across the web.  After the initial setup – they are that person that is always checking, always monitoring, and ultimately the dealer’s ORM wingman

A proactive process to generate reviews by polling a dealer’s DMS system for service & sales transactions and them automatically sending an email to solicit customer feedback within 24 hours. 

Lastly, a dedicated testimonial website that will showcase your dealership customer reviews and opinions.

So what all does that mean?  Basically as a dealer we will have a wingman or wingwoman looking out for us watching our ORM’s every move.  Calling us, prodding us, and helping us raise the bar.  This by far is my favorite aspect to their solution.  They have the other technology to help the dealer, but this is what differentiates their solution.  Someone’s job is to watch and monitor my ORM.  That’s nice.  What’s even better is the roll up of all your ORM metrics delivered to you by your wingman in a monthly report.  It’s not just a data dump but actionable insight into the dealers ORM with an expert to help craft your strategy based on those metrics.

Secondly what happens is that they poll our transaction data and then send out an email asking for a quick review.  Super quick, super easy.  At that point after they finish the simple survey the customer is then directed to leave a review on Yelp and/or Google. 

With the growth of Yelp and domination of the Google Place Page – they thought this was the two best places to direct our customers.  I love the fact that there is a quick and easy survey and review to grab the customer immediately.  Those are the surveys and reviews that are then pushed to a dedicated website that we can embed inside any website of our choosing. 

I like the idea in theory for this and any review is better than no review – but my main concern is will the customer leave 2 reviews?  One for the dedicated website and one for Google or Yelp?  The weightiness of reviews on Yelp and Google by far outrank the reviews that would be left for our own website by the sheer visibility factor.  So – will they leave two reviews?  I don’t know, BUT, with the customer already leaving one review they might be swayed to leave another.  I guess time will tell if this approach will work.

So – dedicated ORM specialist, automated process to request reviews, and then a dedicated website to host said reviews = a one-stop shop for any dealer’s ORM. 

Bottom line is that I like it.  Dealers will benefit from it, and ultimately increase their exposure and klout around the web.  If interested in talking with me more one one - feel free to shoot me a message.  This is available to all dealers right now - so if you are serious about ORM, it's worth a look.


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