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What could be your dealerships achilles heal? Are you Good Enough?

Being good enough can be the Achilles heal in your organization...

b4d2906eeb035b26a8df2fedceb26cb8.jpg?t=1At the beginning of November, there was big ol’ racing going on in the Big Apple called the New York City Marathon.  I had the honor and privilege to run NYC last year with my amazing wife (who by the way likes to remind me she beat me my .01 seconds…we have it framed just to remind me).

Since I ran NYC last year, I have done one other half marathon (in February), and since then have probably ran a total of 5 miles for 2014.  5 miles…TOTAL.  If anyone that knows me, knows I love to lace up my sneakers and just hit the pavement.  I hate to admit, that has not happened for most of 2014.

My problem as of lately is not one of me being too busy, rather it is that I have not made running, or working out for that matter a priority.  I am now starting to “feel” it 8 months later.  That blahness feeling that can come over you after eating too much on Thanksgiving, and just wanting to take a nap.  That blahness of being making excuses of being too tired to work out or run.  The blahness that can be a slow cancer taking your body over.

My wife and I were speaking about why I haven’t been running and I told her that I am just not motivated.  Plain and simple.  I just don’t want to. 

She made a statement to me that took a couple days to sink in.  As any good wife, she encouraged me and stated it was easy for me to not run because in my own eyes, my body looked “good enough”.  Meaning, I am not overweight, I watch what I eat (most of the time), I don’t have a big ol’ belly, and there are no outward signs of any problems with how I look or feel.  For all intensive purposes, I look healthy, when in reality; I know I am not where I need to be.

This same thing can happen in your dealership.  The, “We are good enough” attitude. 

You are selling cars, making money, your CSI is off the charts, your close rate is good enough to make your bosses happy…but deep down, that blah feeling looms over you.  That feeling of knowing you can be better than you are.  That feeling knowing you missed deals in October because you were “good enough”.  Maybe you don’t feel it yet, but you will.  I promise.  Maybe not tomorrow, or next month, but it will happen. 

Slowly but surely, the good enough attitude can steal small pieces of who you are, and all you end up with is being mediocre and average.

I was speaking to one my clients who had their best month EVER in their Internet department.  My challenge to him, and you my reader is to not let yourself fall into a Good Enough Coma.  Don’t ride these last two months out on what you have done for the past 10.  Push harder.  Push for more.  Demand more of yourself and your team.

Take what is yours, and that is knowing you did everything you could do to run this car dealership race

If you have ever ran 26.2 miles, there are times during that race where you try to justify quitting.  Your legs are cramping, your feet are numb, you are as mentally and physically exhausted as you have ever been in your entire life…and that’s when good enough creeps in.  You try and tell yourself no one will mind or care, they will understand.  Heck, you just ran, 18,19, 22 miles.  You just want to quit, because it was good enough.

But as a runner, you don’t stop.  You can’t.  You don’t quit because you know how those pride filled goose bumps feel when you cross that line and get that medal around your neck.  You know that you did it, no one else did it for you.   You ran that race, and accomplished that goal and earned all of the pride that comes with it. 

So finish strong.  Run the last 2 months as hard and fast as you can, because on January 1, 2015, you don’t want to look back and say, you were just “good enough”.

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