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Autosoft Announces Toyota Integration

Autosoft FLEX DMS offers robust, flexible technology and affordable dealer management system for Toyota Motor Sales dealers


WEST MIDDLESEX, PA – April 30, 2014 – Leading dealer management system (DMS) provider Autosoft, Inc., ( announced today that Autosoft FLEX DMS has been approved for integration with Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.

“Toyota dealers can now benefit from the affordable, feature-rich Autosoft FLEX DMS that helps them operate their dealerships comprehensively and yet more easily,” said Mark Hellbusch, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Autosoft. “They can now join our current dealerships already enjoying Autosoft’s more streamlined Sales, Service, Parts, F&I and Accounting solutions.”

The key benefits of the new Toyota integration with the Autosoft FLEX DMS include:

·         Retail Delivery Reporting (RDR) and Credit Contract Updates: RDR information is automatically sent to Toyota Motor Sales (TMS). Credit contract details are generated and sent to TMS when the dealership sells GAP, credit life, A&H and EWU (Wear Care, Smart Lease Protection or Environmental Protection) on any deal.

·         Vehicle Updates: Through Autosoft FLEX DMS, TMS sends vehicle inventory adjustments to the dealership daily for both new and used inventory. Autosoft sends updates to TMS as changes are made to vehicle records for both new and Toyota-certified used inventory.

·         Warranty Payments: Autosoft automatically pulls Toyota warranty payment data every Monday morning into its Factory Payments screen, from which the dealer can apply warranty payment data to the Factory Receivables Statement. The integration simplifies payment posting, eliminating the need for manual entry.

·         Financial Statements: Autosoft FLEX DMS enables the dealer to generate a monthly financial statement that can be transmitted directly to TMS.

·         Parts Inventory: Autosoft sends daily and monthly parts inventory updates to TMS; the monthly update includes the dealership’s entire parts inventory.

·         Parts Master: Dealers can download the Parts Master. The system pulls pricing updates daily, making them readily available to load into the master inventory to ensure dealers have accurate parts data.

·         Parts Workbench: Pulls manually entered parts orders and parts returns generated in Autosoft and submits directly to TMS. This direct connection helps the Parts Department more effectively manage its parts inventory and eliminates the need for rekeying.

·         Repair Orders: While scheduling an appointment or creating an RO, this integration provides notification of special service campaigns. Open service campaigns can then be pulled to the RO, and FLEX DMS will write the repair. The RO is transmitted to TMS when it is closed.


·         Labor Operation Guide: FLEX DMS downloads labor operations data daily. The labor operation database is available when closing warranty claims to ensure users pull the appropriate labor operation codes to the claims. 

Stated Autosoft’s Hellbusch, “This integration between Toyota Motor Sales and its dealers is part of our continued commitment to bring innovative technologies to market that help our customers work more effectively.”

The Autosoft FLEX DMS helps streamline business functions for maximum efficiency:

·    Affordable, powerful functionality gives dealers a proven way to manage operations and communicate with customers and prospects, while servicing and selling cars quickly

·    Easy to use, scalable architecture for a single store or a dealer group

·    Integration capabilities with leading technology providers

·    A reliable, dependable platform DMS that has been the core of Autosoft’s business for more than 25 years

About Autosoft, Inc.

Autosoft, Inc. is a leading dealer management systems provider that gives customers the control and flexibility to operate their automotive dealership. We bring more than 25 years of proven dealership services that drive our customers’ day-to-day operations with greater efficiency, improved performance and profitability. Autosoft has an established customer base of more than 2,000 dealerships and 30,000 users in the U.S. and Canada and is committed to delivering a comprehensive portfolio of products, services and support at affordable prices that deliver a fast return on investment.


With Autosoft, You Drive.

For more information about certification with Autosoft, call 800-473-4630, email or visit the web site at print

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