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Industry Trainer, Rafi Hamid Acquires Partnership in AutoJini


Nationally recognized trainer Rafi Hamid, the owner of Dealers Technology Inc. has acquired ownership in AutoJini, one of the leading auto dealer website design and SEO Companies in the country

Chicago, IL -- Rafi Hamid President and CEO of Dealers Technology has become a partner and the new Chief Operating Officer for AutoJini.  Rafi Hamid, an industry veteran and nationally recognized speaker with over 28 plus years of automotive experience will be leading sales, marketing, account management, process streamlining in the areas of services deployment & customer support, and product enhancements.


Syed Azam, AutoJini’s President, says, “With Rafi’s diverse background covering consulting and managing large dealer groups, he is uniquely positioned to bring his incredible insights and expertise to all the AutoJini dealer clients.”  He continued, “After becoming intimately knowledgeable about all the major website providers, Rafi’s recognized the unique value proposition of combining our technology and his expertise to offer dealers solutions that will be unmatched in auto retailing.”


Under the leadership of Rafi Hamid as Chief Operating Office, AutoJini will be focused on helping dealers achieve the highest performance levels, not only with AutoJini's website services, but in utilizing his knowledge to raise conversion levels, increase traffic and reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction. With over 250 clients AutoJini is positioned to help them reach new levels of success.


Dealers who have worked with Rafi know he is able to transfer his passion to staff in the dealership which drives a singular focus on sales process and results.  The AutoJini technology improves automobile dealerships’ performance by managing inventory data from multiple sources, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory on the websites, and exporting inventory data to leading classified websites (both paid and free). This lowers the cost of online leads and generates a higher per unit profit.


Rafi Hamid shared, “I have been approached many times over the years to get involved with technology companies, but until I saw the technology and potential of the AutoJini systems I was happy to keep my attention on consulting and dealership training.  I feel that my background will not only help improve the AutoJini products but help in optimizing implementation at the dealer level and provide an unfair market advantage for our clients.”


Dealers can reach Dealers Technology or AutoJini at 877-808-3966.


About Dealers Technology:

Rafi Hamid started Dealers Technology in 2008 to provide auto dealers with the highest caliber of automotive technology sales process and tools to achieve maximum results from their marketing efforts. His 30 years of experience including high level mega-dealer activities brings his message to new levels.  Rafi Hamid is also a nationally recognized speaker and award winning professional trainer, conducting hundreds of in-dealership programs nationwide.



AutoJini is web-based software suite of solutions used by 100s of automobile dealers across North America. The AutoJini software suite includes the development and implementation of dealership websites, mobile websites, micro sites, Facebook applications, inventory management solutions, data export to 3rd parties, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and news and blog software.

Offices are located in Ames, Iowa, U.S. and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Eric Miltsch
Rafi, Congratulations and best of luck to you and the AutoJini team. I worked with Syed and his team while I was with Auction Direct - he has a solid, knowledgeable group that I've often considered another hidden gem within the vendor community.
Syed Azam
We are very excited to have Rafi on-board with us. This will allows us to serve dealer community better than ever before. Rafi's insight and expertise in dealer industry is exemplary. Syed Azam President,
Ali Najfi
Rafi, Congrats and I am excited to see what you will do to a company that is already doing so well. From working with you in the past, I know that you don't put a ceiling on anything that you do and you always look for new ways to make enhancements. Syed, Congrats to you as well. I don't know you but I do know the person you are bringing on board. He will be a true asset and benefit to your company. Take care and best of luck!
Syed Azam
Thanks Ali. Syed Azam
Rafi Hamid AutoExecutive
Thank you for your kind words, I was really not planning on getting into web site business until I came across AutoJini. While I was on a contract with Joe Cooper of Cooper Auto Group as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing, I wanted to have few additional sites built and I signed a contract with a large, well known website provider. Well that large website provider returned a signed contract apologizing that they could not fulfill our website requirement and stating that their Regional Sales Manager mistakenly promised something they could not deliver. Honestly, I came across AutoJini right after that incident and AutoJini developed our sites with awesome functionality that were deemed not possible by the biggest name in the industry. Then AutoJini not only provided us with everything we were looking for, they did at half the cost of the previously mentioned vendor. Long story short, due to huge success in our marketing my stay in Oklahoma went from 6 months to over year and half. I will be moving back from Cooper back to Chicago at end of this month. I wanted to expose this hidden “Jini” to our industry in a big way. I have been lucky to be in such a situation where every client of AutoJini will have unlimited access to my SPAM “Structure, Process & Auto Marketing”☺ . I will continue with Dealers Technology’s training and consulting while developing AutoJini. Dealers Technology and AutoJini are a perfect match and complement each other in increasing dealer’s profit by increasing sales and service business with lower cost of acquiring business. AutoJini has over 250 clients and most of them are auto dealers and I have already reached out to a couple of large and secured initial commitment. Eric, once again thank you for your comments.

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