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social media ads.....what works?

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Breakouts In Your Back Pocket - How Podcasts Can Educate Your Team All Year Long

6d1740cd8306086bb0a9bf05b0022bc4.jpg?t=1With what is affectionately known as "Conference Season" in full swing, you can hear a lot of talk about "which conference are you going to? As I type this - the DrivingSales Executive Summit is under 2 weeks away.  It runs October 12-14 at the beautiful Bellagio in Las Vegas.  I'll be there -- and if you're going (why wouldn't you? seriously?) - make sure you look me up - I'd love to say "hi!" With an agenda chock-full of the best and brightest both in and out of the industry, this is a "can't miss" conference. (In a bit of shameless-self-promotion - if you are going to DSES, make sure you clear your schedule for Monday at 3:25 PM & swing by my breakout session with my General Manager, Andy Guelcher to learn how Dealership Culture Directly Relates to Profitability).

But what happens after "Conference Season" is over? Where do you as an automotive professional turn for cutting-edge information? One place is the quarterly DrivingSales Innovation Guide. But if you're anything like me, you have a constant thirst for knowledge. Clearly, you see value in forums and blogs (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this).

But what about while you're in your car -- on your daily commute. Do you listen to the local radio station that plays the same 17 songs over and over and over?

Have you listened to podcasting? There's a few automotive-industry specific podcasts which are run by some very, very smart individuals.

The first I want to touch on is Jason Stum's MarketPunch podcast. I originally crossed paths with Jason because we were both finalists in the DrivingSales Best Idea Contest at the 2013 DrivingSales Executive Summit. I've been honored to have been on Jason's podcast twice.  First, we did a post- Best Idea Contest Podcast while in Vegas together. Most recently, Jason, Robert Karbaum & I caught up and previewed this year's DrivingSales Executive Summit as well as offered some advice to this year's Best Idea Contest finalists. Make sure you check it out!

The second automotive podcast that I won't miss is Michael Cirillo and Robert Wiesmann of FlexDealer's Dealer Play Book. Michael and Robert have rock-star guests on every single week including Gary Vaynerchuk, JD Rucker, Grant Cardone and so many more.

Both of these podcasts give immediate actionable tips and tricks that anyone in the auto industry can implement in their dealership.

I asked Robert a few questions about podcasting. When I asked him "Why podcasting?" He said,

"It's my favorite medium right now. I listen to it all day. Right now, my cue is full of 50-100 shows. And I listen to every single new episode those shows have. I think it's the hottest thing in online marketing. It's the only form of media that you can take anywhere. You don't take a walk or jog and watch a video. If you're going down in a basement to a gym, you can still listen to a podcast. It goes you a high level of influence. Someone is putting your media into their earbuds for 40 [give or take] minutes a week. It replaces just listening to music - this is free educatoin. You get to learn from the world's leading experts on their categories for free."

I also asked him what other podcasts he listens to

  • Amy Porterfield - On-Line Marketing Made Easy
  • Life On Fire
  • School Of Greatness with Lewis Howes
  • The Art Of Charm

Which podcasts do you listen to?

Shannon Hammons
Thanks Megan for sharing this. Constant education is something we all need.
Jason Stum
Thanks for including me and the MarketPunch Podcast in your article Megan! Just like Robert said, I too am constantly listening to podcasts when I'm communing, working out (yeah right) or mowing the lawn. In my life traditional radio has been replaced by podcasts and I love it. A few of my favorites that the DrivingSales crowd might find useful are: - The Social Media Marketing Podcast from Social Media Examiner - This Is Your Life by Michael Hyatt - The Email Design Podcast from Litmus - The Lede Podcast from Copyblogger - KonigCo Podcast Looking forward to connecting with you in a few weeks and recording our DSES Wrap-Up Podcast live from Las Vegas!
Will McGinnis
So that's why the Nano.... :) Great post, Megan! I need to get in on this podcast game and load my phone up with them!
Megan Barto
Shannon - what podcasts do you listen to?
Megan Barto
Oh & Jason - of course I'd include you - as far as I remember, you were on of the original #AutoMarketing podcasts! Will -- load up that phone for your long flight to DSES next month! :-)

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