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Change the Game with Special Finance

2b27c290e78717cda768991798841d5d.png?t=1~~In today's technology driven, high speed, high cost, velocity environment in which we live there has to be more than the race to the bottom to sell new and pre-owned vehicles. There has to be more than just the "best" price, and the "best" customer service. There has to be more than just the "free" oil changes, and "free" tires.  Listen....why be the same? Change the Game! 

Well… I am pleased to announce that there is certainly more for those Dealerships that have moved beyond the mere commodity side of this business to master and leverage the opportunity to sell solutions. Of course, I am referring to Special Finance. But wait... what is Special Finance exactly? Special Finance is creative solutions to everyday problems such as poor credit history, no credit history, limited income, limited work history, negative equity, and limited cash down. Dealerships that excel in Special Finance solve everyday problems, set customers up for future success, and dramatically change lives!

Have you mastered Special Finance?
Do you sell solutions?
Do you change lives?

Here are my top 4 reasons Dealerships should master Special Finance and leverage Selling Solutions:

1: Opportunity for you to stand out in a big way!

There are few Dealerships that truly focus on the Special Financial market, fewer Dealerships that are actually successful solving the everyday problems that Special Finance customers face, and even fewer Dealerships that have mastered the craft and possess the skills and talent to change lives.

2: Opportunity for you to improve your customer retention in a big way!

There is no loyalty in the commodity business. Dealerships that sell solutions build authority through serving their customers, become a trusted advisor, and in turn build a power base of loyal customers that are referral magnets.

3: Opportunity for you to improve your bottom line in a big way!

Commodities are valuable, but solutions to everyday problems are invaluable. Dealerships that sell solutions recognize much greater profitability and volume, that is both certain and consistent.

4: Opportunity for you to improve your employee engagement in a big way!

Engagement is the result of purpose. Everyone wants to know that their efforts each day truly matter and make a difference in the world. Hard-work doesn't cause a lack of engagement, burnout and turn-over....meaningless work does. Dealerships that have mastered selling solutions enjoy a much more active, engaged salesforce, with less turn-over because there is a noble purpose behind their efforts. They dramatically change lives and they know it!

Special Finance is a unique craft requiring an uncommon skill-set that is dialed in to both the psychological side of the business, as well as the credit and financial side of the business. Operational structures and staff vary, but success is always found at the intersection of Sales Process, Lending Programs, Inventory Pieces, and Promotion.

Who stands out in your market? ~~Why be the same? Change the Game!

Michael Hirschfield


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader!”
John Quincy Adams


Michael Hirschfield
Cornerstone Dealer Development, LLC

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