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These guys just don’t seem to get it.  It’s an unseemly fight that Insignia is picking with Dealer Track (see below), to be caught in a war for a difference of less than $30 PNUR.  They’re missing the point because in this economy where every dollar counts, technology and tools are important but there’s much more money to be made with the right process in place.

Dealer’s using izmocars Add.On.Auto product, supported by our iConsult team of in-store consultants and process experts, realized an average PNUR of $455 in June, almost 3x that of Insignia, and more than 3x that of Dealer Track/Chrome.

But regardless whether or not you opt to use our tool, there are some key best practices that can really help:


Top Five Simple Tips to Rev Up Accessories Sales


  1. Take advantage of any “wait time” after the purchase has been negotiated and financing is being arranged to let the customer digitally configure their new vehicle with accessories.
  2. Find an online tool that can literally configure the exact vehicle (including the year, make, model, interior and exterior color) with accessories - on the fly - so the customer can immediately visual the enhancements.
  3. Interior accessories (like DVD players, navigation, dash kits, etc…) are critical to accessories profitability, so make sure the tool you choose has interior as well as exterior visualization and configuration capabilities. 
  4. Ease the financial pain by calculating the enhancements into the overall financing and monthly payment as well as providing the upfront price.

5.       Ensure that the accessories sales, financing, and installation process is coordinated across the entire dealership, facilitating the efforts of everyone involved (customer, sales, F&I, service, parts, management).  Your accessories sales efforts will crash and burn quickly if any one member of the value chain has a bad experience.


From: Insignia []
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 3:42 PM
Subject: [Spam] PNUR Higher with Insignia

July 14, 2010:

Analysis of 2010 PNUR data reveal higher accessories sales from GM Dealers using Insignia.


Bottom line: dealers using Insignia sell more GM Accessories. Despite nearly a year of GM forcing the use of Chrome, 14 of the 20 highest volume accessories dealers still use Insignia - including the highest volume and PNUR dealer. 

The PNUR data from January to May 2010 reflects the realities that dealers using Insignia have a higher PNUR ($165 average) than dealers not using Insignia ($137 average).

No other system offers the features, service, value and track record of success like Insignia.

"Pay for what you get - get what you pay for," says David Perry, parts manager of Suttle Motors, (PNUR $241). "From what I have seen, the Chrome product leaves a lot to be desired. GM should concentrate on building vehicles and producing parts - not pushing software."

According to Steve Meadows, parts manager of Serra Buick-Pontiac-GMC-Cadillac (PNUR $166): “We signed up for Chrome and kept our Insignia site to compare them. After using the Chrome system, we decided to stay with Insignia because it offers more and is easier to use.”

In fact, dealers like Jon Hall Chevrolet - highest car volume dealer in Florida (PNUR $173) - stayed with Insignia. Parts manager, Scott Bowser, says: "Our accessories sales are up 37% for the year with a 45% increase in May."

Are your sales numbers up? You can do more. We will show you how.

Dealers that want to sell accessories and make it a part of their overall dealership success use Insignia. CALL US 888-579-4458 ext. 3.


In 2008, Insignia launched the only accessories selling guarantee. It was simple: use our product with our process and we would guarantee accessories profits.

Since that time, Insignia has trained countless dealerships and dealer groups to achieve success and profits.

Insignia offers the "whole" package:

*    Fully researched, accurate and timely GM Accessory data - Let us prove it.
*    Easy to use and understand interface for customers and sales/service staff.
*    Complete process support through our system that set the standard and is still unmatched by the competition.
*    REAL people; REAL experienced Customer Support with nearly a DECADE of working with GM dealers.
*    REAL in-store accessories sales process training - stop trying to learn a new program. Use what is easiest and proven to work.
*    Dealership web site integration and support - perfect with your Cobalt site!
*    360-degree vehicle configurator views - soon to include interiors!
*    Feature-rich fixed operations support and order processing - since 2005.
*    DMS integration to ADP Systems.
*    Kiosk and flat screen offerings for merchandising and presentation.

Mike Martinez
Update: PNUR for izmo customers using AOA for the first half of July is up to $472.

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