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Want to make more money selling cars? Here are a few hard questions about your own mental attitude towards selling.
How would you rate it? Is it good? Bad? Positive? Negative or indifferent? It's sad. Most of us get into sales with a lot of handed down self-defeating attitudes about selling. Let's take mental inventory of your own attitude.

On Mondays… are you excited to start work? Do you look forward to setting that first appointment? When asked at a party what you do for a living, do you cringe? Or are you proud to say that you are an auto sales professional? Are you afraid to close? Are you nervous about price competition? Do you feel guilty about asking for the sale? It's a fact: If you improve your mental attitude about selling, you automatically improve your results. Once armed with a positive mental attitude - even an average salesperson can transform overnight into at least a good salesperson.

However, there is an even higher level:
If you hunger - really hunger - to become more than just "a great sales professional", if you see yourself wanting to break away from the pack and move into the realm of the legendary, then you my friend, need to go beyond just developing "positive" mental attitude" and learn to cultivate and develop these "7 Rare Mental Attitudes of Top Auto Sales Superstars."

These are the "uncommon level" attitudes that have carried many regular sales professionals beyond ordinary to extraordinary results, from middle income earnings into six-figure incomes, and helped them go from being fearful followers to becoming fearless leaders. If this sounds like where you are headed, read on. When you are done, print this blog and affirm these attitudes to yourself on a daily basis.

Rare Attitude #1
Knowing Your Product From The Inside Out

The key for extraordinary results is to always remain brilliant at the basics. Close to thirty percent of your sales effectiveness will come from just how well you know your product. Not just the product's features (interior room, horse power, inventory) but "true" product knowledge - which means knowing the real benefits that your features offer your customers, the circumstance in which it best shines and the major and minor benefits that they can solve.

When you become knowledgeable about what you are selling and you are skillful in your ability to present it as a valuable solution, then you will begin to develop the calmness and confidence that carries you through even the most challenging competition.

Rare Attitude #2
Placing High Value On Exceptional Work Habits

Personal responsibility is probably one of the most lacking attitudes in auto salespeople. Yet it is one of the most important. So many mediocre salespeople have the attitude that, "the product should sell itself" or the dealership should motivate us more. They blame things like the economy, product problems, manufacturer issues, an unfriendly credit policy, the weather, uncooperative customers, or five hundred other things, for their sub-par performance.

The fact is that your work ethic is an internal principle. Your ability to follow-up and follow-through is determined by you and you alone. Extraordinary salespeople take ownership and responsibility for "how" and "when" they work. Their clocks and standards are internal and they do not need to be told what to do.

  • They are motivated by internal personal goals and use professional selling to help them achieve them.
  • They harness the power of their minds and spend time reinforcing goals and beliefs through affirmation.
  • They spend time forming good habits that help them do more and achieve more.
  • They understand the power of priorities, and stay true to being as effective as possible.

In fact, accountability and measurement are two of the things that really excite them. Time is something that is managed by extraordinary sales performers - not something that manages them.

Rare Attitude #3
Viewing Objections As Buying Signals

Do you have a strategic plan for handling objections? Can you disagree without being disagreeable? Well, extraordinary sales 
superstars possess the "rare" attitude that objections are merely buying signals from a prospect. Therefore they have developed confident and non-threatening techniques for handling these objections; they are very comfortable and relaxed when the prospect raises one of these. They almost never lose business based on "price objections" and they can spot the difference from legitimate concerns from commonplace stall tactics.

Rare Attitude #4
Recognizing That Rejection Is Not Personal…It's Part Of Auto Sales!

Let's face it, regularly being told "no" is a normal part of the selling game. In fact, if everyone you present to says "yes," chances are pretty good you are not talking to enough people, changing too little or are too quick to drop your price!

Fear of rejection can cause you to develop a great reluctance about waiting on customers; it can also make you timid about asking for an order, or make you so depressed that you waste your most valuable selling time worrying about personal matters.

Extraordinary salespeople recognize that prospects buy for their reasons, not yours or mine. The opposite is also true: People refuse to buy for their own reasons. They may like you, respect, you, and generally feel very positive about all their dealings with you, but they may refuse your deal for their own personal reasons. But it does take some work to move from intellectually accepting this idea to incorporating it into your mental attitude.

Rare Attitude #5
Expecting to Win.

Extraordinary salespeople seemed to have an attitude of calm, confident, positive self-expectation. They feel good about themselves and they have absolute faith that everything they are doing is contributing toward their inevitable success. They know they are good at what they do, and their customers know it as well. Often, their customers decide to buy from them even before they've made a product presentation. That is because they walk into every situation with the end clearly defined in their minds. They have already closed the deal mentally before they wait on their prospect. They go in with an "expect to win" mental attitude. Imagine walking toward your next prospect knowing that you are just there to collect the check or get the signature on the deal. How much easier would it be for you to really tie up that deal?

Rare Attitude #6
Having Specific Clear Visions Of What You Want Out Of Life

Extraordinary sales superstars have very specific and clearly defined goals about what they want. They know exactly where they want to live, the make, model and color of the car they want to buy, how much money they will donate to charity, and have a time line for achievement. Because they are so specific, they are always internally motivated, and never have to be dragged out of bed on a Monday morning. Every day they visualize themselves as they would like to be - and then they act that way!

Rare Attitude #7
Viewing Selling As A Process, Not An Event.

Extraordinary sales superstars have the "rare" attitude that auto sales is a science that when practiced correctly, becomes an art. They have set themselves up to win by taking the guesswork out of selling and adopting an integrated, comprehensive selling system that runs like clockwork, no matter what the circumstance. They personally choose to follow a selling system that:

  • They can close their eyes and implement with very little effort.
  • Allows them to customize their selling game plan, but remain on target for the close.
  • Is simple to learn, easy to remember and produces results with all customers.

They know that by having a process, their chances increase dramatically; without one, it drops significantly. And they are NOT willing to take that chance!!

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