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Wednesday Webinar: Put Customers in the Driver's Seat by Letting Them "Couch" Their Own Deals

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Getting Started with Instagram Marketing

With more than 600 million active users, Instagram is not a platform that dealership marketers can ignore. In fact, Instagram is not only popular and influential, but it is uniquely suited to meet the branding needs of dealerships, its image- and video-focus lending itself to visually pleasing cars and trucks.

Before your dealership can find success on Instagram, though, you first need to know your way around it—a tall order for those who have never even used Instagram before. But not to worry. Here’s a starting guide for the Instagram novices out there!

First, Adopt the Right Mindset

Before you do anything else, get your mind right—and adjust to Instagram’s uniquely visual-driven approach.

Instagram is all about images and videos; yes, you can write captions, but that’s not what draws people to this platform. Plus, it is important to note that Instagram’s user base skews young and includes a lot of creative and artistically-minded folks. The bottom line? If you’re going to find success on Instagram, you’ve got to start thinking in terms of creative, attention-grabbing images.

Start Exploring

Next, we’d recommend simply signing up for a personal Instagram account and exploring some of the options. Play around. Consider it a test drive! There’s no better way to familiarize yourself with the platform’s features—or its potential.

As you do so, you might also try following some of the dealerships in your area. See how they use the platform—what works for them, what doesn’t, and what you might draw inspiration from. Take special note of these things:

  1. Which of their posts seem to get the most likes? What are the commonalities between these posts?
  2. Are there certain types of posts that don’t seem to get as many likes? Again, what are the trends?
  3. How often are these dealerships posting?
  4. Are there consistent themes in their images?
  5. What hashtags do they use?
  6. What information do they provide in their captions, if any?

Set the Right Goals

It’s always wise to set clear, measurable goals before you launch any new social media campaign—and Instagram marketing is no exception. Generally speaking, there are three basic goals that an auto dealership might set:

– Get more followers, increasing your Instagram audience and reach;
– Build local awareness for your dealership;
– Create excitement over your inventory—hopefully propelling buyers to call you or come down to your showroom.

Always be sure your goal is attainable, measurable, and relevant to your dealership’s big picture.

Get Help with Your Instagram Marketing

Once you set your goals, it’s time to put a strategy in place and start meeting them—and that’s where Get My Auto comes in. We’re seasoned automotive marketing pros, and we work with independent auto dealerships throughout California to improve their visibility and move their sales needle. We’d love to help you put an Instagram marketing strategy into place. Reach out to us directly to get the process started!

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