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What Your Dealership Should Be Doing on Instagram

Instagram is a lot of fun—but can it also be a useful tool for used car dealerships, looking to actually move inventory?

You’d better believe it can.

The first step to making that happen is to be clear about your goal: Yes, Instagram can be a sales tool, but only if you treat it as such. This means having a strategy in place, investing some time and money, and tracking your results.

So, what does a good, results-driven Instagram strategy look like? Allow us to offer a few tips and suggestions.

Things Your Dealership Should Do on Instagram

Promote Sales Events

First, if you’re running any sales events, specials, or giveaways, make sure you let your Instagram audience know. In fact, you might run some Instagram-only promotions, creating real value for those who choose to follow you on this platform. Obviously, you’ll want to post photos and videos of the vehicles you’re promoting, and also make sure you use hashtags that include your city—allowing you to potentially pick up more interest from the surrounding community.

Post at Strategic Times

Instagram isn’t just about what you post. It’ds also about when you post. Try to think of times when your audience will most likely be checking Instagram. For a lot of working folks, that’s first thing in the morning, on lunch break, in the late afternoon and early evening. Experiment with a few different times, and pay attention to which hours of the day seem to work best.

Generally speaking, we’d say the best times to try are in the morning between 7 and 9; midday, between 11 and 2; then in the evening between 5 and 7.

Build Trust

In order to sell cars, you’re going to have to get consumers to trust you. Instagram can actually be very helpful here. Definitely promote inventory and sales events, but also provide actionable insights and advice. Post graphics or videos that shed light on the used car buying process. Advise buyers on financing, vehicle upkeep, warranty matters, and more. Show that you’re here to help, not just to sell. Establish yourself as a used car authority.

Don’t Forget About Instagram Ads

As nice as it would be if you could be really successful through organic reach, paid ads are increasingly crucial to the social media marketing experience. Gain some insight into Instagram Ads by working with our team at Get My Auto, or start experimenting with low-dollar bids and feel your way through the platform. When done right, Instagram advertising can be an invaluable way to nurture ads.

Get Help with Your Instagram Marketing

Whether you know a bit about Instagram marketing or are a total novice, Get My Autocan help. We love working with used car dealerships zealous to step up their online marketing game. To learn more about the results we can deliver, don’t hesitate to contact the Get My Auto team right away.

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