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Are you the CEO of this Dealership?

Saturday Morning, I was reading the news when I received an IM from a client telling me traffic was good today and it was already a good day... I asked what did he attribute the increase in traffic to and when he said his sales staff I was really pleased and reminded of a sales meeting where I was asked to speak to the sales staff and it went something like this:

I presented this question to the sales staff. "Are you the CEO of this Dealership"? When I looked around the room many looked confused and no one answered. So I started singling people out and each one replied "NO"...Think again I said!

I believe to be successful you must have a CEO mentality. All successful sales people view themselves as a business within a business.

Never forget that the dealer principal writes and signs your check, but you fill in the numbers.

Always take responsibility for everything!

You are the CEO of your own business! You do have control of your income and success if you are willing to plan it and work it!

How do you get your business? Walk-ins, in-bound phone calls, repeats, prospecting, networking, referrals, affiliate marketing programs, database mining, database swapping, niche marketing, seminars, websites, email blast, craigslist, oodle, olx, backpage, ebay, Facebook, YouTube and one of my favorites... working a couple hours on Sunday if your store is closed. Do you have at least one strategy for utilizing each one of these? Many people may not even know what many of these items are. The good news is that the majority of your co-workers don't either. You can catch up and pass the most seasoned and productive sales people with dedicated strategy and smart actions.

Top sales people gain and maintain their results through many avenues beyond walkin traffic. When you are new, you spend 80 percent of your time gaining new customers and 20 percent maintaining them. As each month goes by, your goal will be to reverse the time used to 80 percent maintaining current customers and 20 percent gaining new ones. To do this, you must develop a process with multiple streams of lead generation. Lead generation = dollar creation.

If floor traffic dries up, you still have to sell vehicles. From now on, excuses are not allowed. What is your strategy for walk-ins? Do you have a process? Does anyone besides you follow up with unsold customers? Does your dealership utilize a call tracking program like Whoscalling?  If so ask for access to it so you can follow up lost calls and you will be amazed how many opportunities were lost due to poor phone skills but can be had if you work it. 

Are you utilizing monthly planners or productivity software that allows you to automate your followup of sold and unsold customers by phone, mail and email? Do you have a monthly newsletter or, better yet, an email newsletter that reaches your customers unobtrusively and at zero-cost? 

Here is a few free CRM's ZOHO.COM,, Sugar

If you let your mind expand, your wallet will follow.

You have choices, you can use excuses like, “My managers won’t let me do anything,” “I don’t have the time,” “I have to make money right now,” or the market is down. Or, you can think of your business as a business and become the CEO with a long-term, committed strategy to grow expeditiously.

 I Promise You people are buying cars, look on ebay at ending auctions and you will see this fact.

Now Go Sell,

Paul Potratz | Potratz Partners |



Jared Hamilton
so true. In the sore i know first hand the draw was always to be doing what was new and exciting. It feels so bland to focus on the basics but really thats where the hefty rewards start. It seems so much more energizing and cutting edge but if the propper foundation isnt laid it wont really get us anywhere. Sometimes we forget "Rome wasn't built in a day" so to speak.

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