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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Brody Dezember
SRP Banners on Your Site

Brody Dezember  Not 100% the go-to.  We look at the entire flow and end result.  Meaning, customer clicked the banner, viewed qualified inventory, submitted a lead.  The results show a slight increase in leads with the banners.

Bart Wilson
SRP Banners on Your Site

Bart Wilson  @Brody, good call.  I do wonder how that CTR fluctuates with targeted placement.  Is that your go-to measurement for your billboards?

Amit Sharma
Customer Lifetime Value

Amit Sharma  This is very professional advice for business growth. thank you.

Carl Maeda
Google Data Studio?

Carl Maeda  @Brody - one of the best resources to get started is Google's Analytics Academy.  They have a Data Studio course and be sure to check out SuperMetrics - it makes importing data from most of the common places super easy.

Brody Dezember
SRP Banners on Your Site

Brody Dezember  @Bart, that all depends on how you measure it.  The CTR on these banners are typical for most display ads. The conversion rate is also typical.  These are really just billboards with information on them that is relevant to the customer.  We use them to reinforce our offer, especially if they clicked an ad offsite with the offer and landed on the model specific page showing the same offer.

Bart Wilson
How do you become a better YOU in the auto biz?

Bart Wilson  @Ryan, for example, if you are a sales manager, ask your peers what you can work on.  It's important that everyone has someone they can go to that will give them constructive, honest feedback.  Often, we can't see what we need to work on.  We become blind to it.

Bart Wilson
SRP Banners on Your Site

Bart Wilson  @Brody, how are these banners performing?

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