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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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R. J. James
Think nobody wants to work hard these days?

R. J. James  Aaron... THANKS for starting this interesting dialog.  Everyone has chimed in with good points and I strongly agree with Derrick's summation that dealerships are still managing like it's 1985.  

Chris K.
Think nobody wants to work hard these days?

Chris K.  For many, the problem is that YOU are better than many of your managers. And they know it, but that is why you should polish up your resume and TAKE THEIR JOBS.

Chris K.
Too many individual services

Chris K.  Heck yes! We stopped AT and Cars - no drop in sales at all. The truth is they just take our money. Reduced CTA's on website, increased leads, not the other way. Most website companies still hire "low-grade tech people" who act as success managers, but it's frustrating when they really don't know as much as you do, and you can tell it. I'm going through it now with a MAJOR company. I'm not surprised - but there will be many NEW and even better website companies than there are now in the next few years, and many are non-automotive who break in - since most dealers are accustomed to over-paying for services by vendors. How is a snippet of code worth $499/mo - like for a trade tool? It's not. You can have very similar coded and built for you and own it for less than $499, for ever.

Chris K Leslie
FB Lead Ads

Chris K Leslie  Seems like the past few days my lead ads keep getting disapproved. It says the reason is that its forcing a download or something but thats not the case. Anyone else having issues with lead ads? BTW its only happening on one of my ad accounts not on all of them...  

Chad DeSelms
Staying motivated

Chad DeSelms  The most empty feeling is to go a week without selling anything and not know why.  Teach them right away to track their activities and to review them constantly.  It is much easier to recognize a step that isn't sharp and focus on that step than it is to try to guess why the success wasn't there. 

Piyush Agrawal
Ramp Up the Sales Curve With Effective Use of Dynamic CRM

Piyush Agrawal  This is the exact article about what I am looking for. in-depth information about Ramp Up the Sales Curve using Dynamics CRM.Keep it up Thanks for the post.

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