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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Chris Murray

Chris Murray  In the Lane training is a fantastic option and if it is backed up by on-line support and again through live phone support and coaching the only thing standing in the way of success will be the manager! Managers want a solution to training and spend tremendous amounts of money and time in an endless search and, sadly, will never be satisfied because they are off target. Management is the position that needs to be trained not the Service Advisors! The speed of the ship is the speed of the captain as the saying goes and training Service Advisors is only one third of the equation! Training management and the Metrics are the other two legs on the stool and, if actually executed, the success is assured. As simple as this seems just try getting a Service Manager to subject themselves to this kind of accountability!

Chris Murray
Scheduling the next Service Appointment

Chris Murray  It is a practice that I insist upon, with no exceptions, the results are plain and obvious. The factories, yet again, have no idea what they are doing when it comes to runnung a dealership. I say this because several OEM's are attempting to automate this process, and, much like the digital MPI, sales will go down as a result.

Chris Murray
What Old Habits and Traditions do you think need to come to an end in the industry?

Chris Murray  The old commission structure, roughly 114 years old, and the under 30 crowd that we need to bring into the dealership business our diametrically opposed to one another. At least initially but dealerships are always running on the "cheap" or "really, really cheap" and have, as a result, attracted a sub par level of salespeople. Dealers have turned the car business into the new "safety Job" which, as you know, means at least you have a job. We need to attract professionals and, in my opinion, salary and a career path are the two key ingredients to attract quality people. Eventually, after time and training (training is NOT watching Youtube videos and "shadowing" 8 car Charlie for two weeks) the sales professional can be slowly brought on-board to a commission plan which will satisfy the 100 year old mindset of not actually paying for salespeople.

R. J. James
What changes should we expect in automotive retailing in the next 5 years?

R. J. James  In five years, I expect the consolidation and reduction of the vendors that provide tech and digital solutions to dealerships.  This will be driven by corporate and large-private dealership groups increasing their Tech/Digital Teams to create a better and less expensive "In-House" digital marketing edge.  Also, this will force mid-size dealership groups to seek more help from Tech/Digital vendors. 

R. J. James
Marketing your Service Department - Best Tactics?

R. J. James  Loyalty Programs that reward a customer for every visit are a great marketing and business building tool.  Unfortunately, the success of a Loyalty Program is directly related to the front-line employee (Service Advisor, Service Cashier, Sales Consultant) presenting and leveraging the customer benefit.

R. J. James
chat followup

R. J. James  Using Chat as a follow-up toll is still evolving.  Like Chris, I agree its too early to have definitive rules on how much to use Chat.  In all BDC / Customer interactions (phone, e-mail, text, video, chat, in-person), I coach that 80% of the time we will meet or exceed customer expectations; 10% of the time we will far short; and 10% of the time we will fail.  But, never let the fear of falling short or failing stop you from continuing to follow-up... follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!!!

Dealer Guy
Preferred Social Media Platform

Dealer Guy  I'm still ambivalent towards social but were present on Facebook and we retarget there; on Twitter - which is flaccid, and Youtube with a little over 3 million views (pale in comparison to my sisters Channel with over 348 million views).   There is plenty of time for another major social platform to emerge. Remember, back in the 1930's they thought all the patents ever possible had already been issued. They lacked belief in the human spirit to accomplish great things.

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