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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Chris K Leslie
New Technology Stickiness

Chris K Leslie  How do you build stickiness when rolling out new technology at your store? 

Ron Diepholz
Digital Proposals

Ron Diepholz  We have just transitioned to Digital Menu Presentation in the Finance office and have had great success.  I am looking for a platform that will allow me to do something similar on the sales floor.  Utilizing a tablet to record interview questions, start the trade appraisal, select inventory and provide a proposal.  Anyone using such a system now? 

Josh Shisler
Facebook Market Place leads

Josh Shisler  Depends on inventory size. We have over 500 cars so our cost is $599 month to month no contract. Theyre results driven and they haven'tlet us down yet. If your inventory count is lower the prices start at $199 with 10 to 15 cars. Martin give my friend Sebastian a text or email at and let him know I referred you. He'll set you up with a 30 day trial run. I think they're having another promotion right now. Pretty sure he said something about if you pay for your first month upfront and he'll give you 2 more months for free. 1 for 3 kinda deal. Hope that helps!

Elliot Benn
Appraisal tools

Elliot Benn  vAuto Provision doesn't charge for MMR. The tool comes with the Provision R Book and MMR. You can also choose two additonal books of your choice. 

Chris K Leslie
DSES Takeaways

Chris K Leslie  Curious what everyone is hoping to get educated on or what key takeaways are you hoping to gleam at this years DSES? 

Martins Ville
Used vehicle pricing

Martins Ville  The only real metric for pricing seems to be what is reflected in Provision, and where any vehicle is at for current market price vs. it's competitors.. Some dealers seems to think starting at 105% or higher than market, with hopes and wishes, but those dealers Has everyone heard of COPILOTSEARCH ?

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