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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Arthur Bratton
The one alert in Google Analytics you need to set today

Arthur Bratton  This is as fantastic idea! I am sad to say that I have experienced the inexplicable loss of analytics data in the past, and yet I don’t have this set up for my accounts yet. I am adding this right now!  

Jason Volny
Help Me Understand Vendor Hopping

Jason Volny  @Randy Thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree, they can't possibly be that different in 2020 to justify such a switch. If money is an issue, it's a race to the bottom for most of the vendors. Let them know, they might just agree to lower it. 

Randi DeSantis
Help Me Understand Vendor Hopping

Randi DeSantis  When everyone was switching over to Dealertrack DMS from either CDK or Reynolds, we did EXTENSIVE research into what it would mean to switch. For us, the pros have never outweighed the cons.  I think dealerships or dealer groups that vendor hop do so with just the bottom line in mind. That is the reason at least that has been shared with me by people that have switched. For us, the small amount saved was never worth the risk of breaking something that was already working. 

Randi DeSantis
Is it worth it?

Randi DeSantis  Seems idealistic. I still have to work in 3 web browsers just to access all my DMS, CRM and manufacturer websites. I cant imagine going that particular with hardware. We do have PCs and iPads that serve their own functions. I see no problem maintaining bother. 

Randi DeSantis
Parts E Commerce

Randi DeSantis  We are launching our web stores for our parts departments, but we are all scratching our heads when it comes to how and when to apply sales tax across state lines. I have called NADA, my CPA, the parts site people- and everyone seems to not have a straight answer. We are in Michigan, Michigan is a nexus state, and we have a 6% sales tax. We know we must apply that sales tax rate to everyone living in Michigan, but what are the rules for out of state purchases? Has anyone had to sort through this before? Can you beat everyone else I am still waiting on to an answer...?Thanks

Randi DeSantis

Randi DeSantis  Ha ha. We do. Our service manager and assistant manager finesse the system as needed. We have a large shop with more cars to work on than we have people to work on them. We do everything we can to push things through and yet we are still booked out 3 weeks. So yes, we require finesse. Luckily, no one is ever standing around so I don't have to worry about how "expensive" it sounds. 

Chris Murray

Chris Murray  That sounds very expensive. Who requires "finesse" to perform their duties?

Vanser Lam
car gurus again

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