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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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bitts project
Fixed Ops Finances

bitts project  Thanks for discussion. Food Handlers Certificate

Matteo Batelli
Home Delivery Confusion

Matteo Batelli  Thanks Morgan,  Mark, How do you guys doing the sale for in-state sales without customer coming to dealership ? When you go to customer, do you guys collect payment (down payment or check). Do you guys signing the paperwork in customers house ? Our Dmv Officer said we cant collect or sign paperwork outside dealership location?  Your answer is much appreciated.

Marc Lavoie
Dealer Principal Video

Marc Lavoie  I think this is brilliant whether in a crisis or not. I love what Rob Ruth (Bob Ruth Ford) is doing these days, adressing questions & posting daily updates.

John H
Has COVID19 affected your dealer?

John H  I want this thread to be a resource for dealerships searching for solutions in challenging times like these.#1: How has COVID19 affected your dealer?#2: What have you done to adjust?#3: What's keeping you afloat right now?

Derrick Woolfson
Changing Marketing

Derrick Woolfson  That is a good point, Travis - we have updated our Auto-Responders to reflect our current processes. 

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