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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Derrick Woolfson
Commission Based Sales Comp Plans

Derrick Woolfson  On a side note, I do find it fascinating that it was *assumed* w/ out reading the disclaimer that it was the *actual* plan. I will offer that when we hire people w/ out industry experience we do start them off as a "product specialist," which is a 90-120 day program. The program starts with the product specialist learning the OEM & the road to the sale. They are paid a weekly salary and a flat bonus. *HOWEVER* during the program as they are learning the process and understand the potential they are then transitioned into a sales consultant role. Bottom line, I like both sorts of pay plans depending on the role. As the salaried plan works very well for an industry newbie giving them a chance to get their foot in the door. And if they do well, they soon realize the potential to earn 6 figures and *gladly* switch to the Sales Consultant pay plan.  

Derrick Woolfson
How Many Surveys/Review Requests Do We Need?

Derrick Woolfson  @Scott - did you know btw for our OEM that the pre-survey NRM does not get sent unless the RDR is done within 8 business days? We do not hold RDR's. But (to be honest) we have gotten like maybe 2 NRM surveys in the last year. Do you get any? It seems that we only get them for Service. And yes, that 35-page survey was BONKERS! I nearly fell asleep filling one out, and just got click happy at the end as I could not take clicking another circle asking the same question for the 9th time. 

Derrick Woolfson
Stop Stopping the Clock!

Derrick Woolfson  @Mark, I completely agree. 6 years ago my BDC team was incentivized on response time (which I have always been against & after many conversations, they agreed with me that it does not work), and now - even with *stopping* the clock - each customer gets a *thoughtful* response within 15 minutes. Sometimes longer depending on what the customer was asking or inquiring on. Especially leads that require a new video. Not on topic, but we have gotten several requests lately for photos/videos of the undercarriage. So, we stop the clock - get the video taken - putting a note in the CRM that we are getting the video done. As many have said/offered - it is about the results. The other metric to look at is "days to close." Namely, how many days does it take to close new vs. used leads? Our average is 2 days used 3-4 days new. 

Mark Hoffman
Stop Stopping the Clock!

Mark Hoffman  Somewhat off topic, but it's important that we're managing to results, not metrics. If employees know that they are measured by a metric, they will almost always game the system in their favor. I remember reading a story about a company that had a great idea to incentivize their support staff to handle more calls per hour. More support calls handled meant more happy customers, right? What could go wrong? What went wrong was the support staff simply hung up on the phone on customers as soon as they dialed in. The metric they were being measured on skyrocketed, but customer satisfaction plummeted. Stopping the clock, in general, is a good idea if it means the prospect has received a meaningful, thoughtful response. But if sales people are being incentivized to auto-respond or manually send out a canned, generic response just to appease a metric then nobody wins.  

Scott Larrabee
Be Thankful EVERYDAY, Happy Thanksgiving

Scott Larrabee  I know that this time of year everyone is thankful for this and thankful for that, but shouldn't we be thankful every day since tomorrow isn't guaranteed to anyone? I'm going to try and remember to be thankful every day, and like Larry Levine recommend on LinkedIn today, I am going to thank 10 customers each day because that will lead to great things, and it will do wonders for you and your relationships. Happy Thanksgiving 2017 DS Family :)

Scott Larrabee
Reviews run this house...

Scott Larrabee  @Amanda when the customer is filling out the review while waiting to go into finance, where are you directing them to place the review? I have never thought about doing this because I push DealerRater reviews and if they do it on our IP Address I believe we get into trouble and the reviews get banned, or at least that's what I was told!

Scott Larrabee
Chasing the Carrots

Scott Larrabee  @Amanda, agreed... I work in a Honda and Nissan store and I can tell you that we GIVE AWAY Nissan's and it's all because we are chasing those carrots. As a salesperson, it helps get a few extra easy deals because who can say no to leasing an AWD Nissan Rogue S for $199 a month with nothing down right?? But damn, if you're going to train all the customers to think everything should be LOW PAYMENT, NO MONEY DOWN, %0 FOR LIFE than you make it hard to make gross. Even used cars have seen their margins shrink terribly where I am selling in my opinion because so many of our used car leads are coming from third party websites which make the competition so fierce that it comes down to a price war to get the top rank and attention. Customers call in or submit a lead online and immediately receive invoice pricing and we are supposed to switch them to another alternative when they show up and hope they forget we took $3000 off the last car they asked about? SMH

Scott Larrabee
What to make of the future of car dealerships

Scott Larrabee  The traditional model, yes, of course, it's already vanquishing and I live in MAINE!!  The free coffee and friendly salesperson approach even sounds old school like the salesperson is wearing a plaid jacket and has a thick black mustache and waves his hands excitedly about the newest model that just arrived. Customers spend an average of 17 hours shopping online before hitting a car lot and visit less than 1.5 dealerships, they know more about these cars than some salespeople considering 55% of salespeople don't feel qualified and trained to do their job anyway. What a customer is going to want is FAST, TRANSPARENT, EASY, and FLEXIBLE service and guidance during the buying process ONLINE and IN STORE. The dealers who are adapting to this are having success already, those that fight it holding on the traditional way of doing things will go the way of Circuit City or other companies who went extinct. JMO :)

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