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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Chris K Leslie
Sales Consultants using their cell-phones?

Chris K Leslie  Web Dude, yeah we have the integration I think it comes with their unlimited plan. 

Chris K Leslie
Body Shop Marketing

Chris K Leslie  Thanks D I think that might be the route to go

Dealer Guy
Personalized Video - Tips and Best Practices

Dealer Guy  Nice video Steve - great meeting you at DD Tampa. More to come!

Bev Corte
Best sub prime lender for small new dealership

Bev Corte  I have a small dealership in Florida and am looking for advice on sub prime lenders.Im losing deals daily because I only have Gateway one as a lender . Not keen on recourse (obviously) Thanks in advance , what a challenge :)

Steve Roessler
Personalized Video - Tips and Best Practices

Steve Roessler  Lots of questions on personalized video thru many posts.   Thought a video would help provide some fun tips & tricks in shooting personalized video to help get your engagement higher.    Close the end of the month strong everyone.   :)      Any good ideas to share as well?   

Derrick Woolfson
Value Your Trade Leads

Derrick Woolfson  Scott - we used KBB Instant Cash Offer. In the last 4 years we have averaged 140 or so leads a month. Purchasing 16+ A & C vehicles a month. It has been very lucrative.

Derrick Woolfson
Body Shop Marketing

Derrick Woolfson  Chris - we started a Facebook page for our Body Shop. And have also started to do some SEO/SEM. We have seen an increase in clicks on the body shop page for appointments. With Facebook being the top social media referral. 

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