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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Oliver Czavar
High "maintenance" Mechanics...

Oliver Czavar  @Amanda, Yes, there has been a change - in my opinion it really started when all the manufacturers started the training requirements and that the techs performing repairs paid by the manufacturer to be “ certified “ in the area that they are performing the repair. Today’s technician utilizes the laptop/PC on every vehicle they work on, after verifying the clients concern, they use the PC to see if any TSB( technical service bulletins) are relevant - shop manuals are on websites-everything is web base related...they ask for big money because the vehicles they are working on are far more advanced and the technology requires a highly skilled technician to correct the clients concern and let’s not forget that for the most part the manufacturers have lowered the time they pay for any specific labor operations and or recalls ( i for one have seen as much as 40% labor for recalls been lowered) in the past 6 months. I choose to hire from schools that have factory trained classes and the student earns a couple of factory certifications at the graduation. Upon hiring I assign them to a Master certified tech and I tell him/her that I want them to learn get used to my dealership way of doing business and it may take as little as 2 weeks or as much as 2 months but at the end they are ready to perform and they feel confident in doing the job. I do not hire lube techs - most of the vehicles that I service come I for maintenance and other warranty/recall concerns. I have the technician assign to the vehicle perform all clients concerns and if there is something that he does not feel confident with - then the shop Forman comes into place and works with that technician in correcting the concern. This way the young man/woman learns for the next time. i don’t pay minimum wage , and I constantly monitor all my technicians performance and I have no problem at all giving a raise to the one that I feel that earned it. This way I keep my techs loyal - but I am also loyal to them. Sorry for the long response but I hope it helps.

R. J. James
You Transformed Your Showroom Experience. Why Not Your Website?

R. J. James  Good reality check for rethinking the dealership's Internet Strategy and Messaging.

R. J. James
Do You Trust Your Employees?

R. J. James  EXCELLENT Point, because Trust is a fundamental element of a successful Team! 

Sami Aqqad
What is a BDC?

Sami Aqqad  any resources to train BDC staff  please 

Kenny  Hammad
How to Handle the "Shop Around" Objection by Educating the Customer

Kenny Hammad  Why would let him go to shop you for a $121.00? Why don't you give it to him, save time for both of you and give this customer a reason to comeback to you in the future? This is the old school hammer that does't work with today's iphones and Androids. 

Eric Brown
In 2017 AI went from the periphery to mainstream

Eric Brown  Artificial intelligence has been gaining traction across several industries over the past few years, but this year it really took a leap.According to the Association of National Advertisers, AI was deemed the most influential word and/or marketing term of 2017. Major companies like Apple, for instance, have made the implementation of Advanced AI technologies a priority as they develop new devices and software. Put simply, AI “has gone from something to think about to real-world development and implementation”AI is everywhere and poised to keep growing in 2018. So when it comes to the automotive space, what AI technologies are you most excited about seeing implemented across the industry?

Derrick Woolfson
Net Neutrality & Digital Marketing

Derrick Woolfson  This is very concerning. One of the *biggest* concerns is search engine bans. There has been a lot of discussion (articles) on the notion that companies can block engines. For instance, Google could then block Bing, etc. Therefore, smaller companies (such as dealers) could face issues with their web traffic through organic searches.  The other issue, too, (and this could be a stretch) is whether or not an OEM could pay to play. Where let's say one OEM is treated better over the other. This same issue might not just be limited to OEM's, either. I imagine large corporations doing the same thing. Only time will tell. 

Brendan Dolan
Sales stats for Xmas week?

Brendan Dolan  I don't have it across the nation, but my old group would sell twice the amount of cars from the 26th through the 31st than we did before Christmas. This is my first year out of retail, and I can't wait to not have 5 fifteen hour days back to back. 

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