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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Derrick Woolfson
How Many of You use a tablet for New Car Delivery?

Derrick Woolfson  The one OEM uses a tablet for new car delivery, which did, in fact, increase customer satisfaction. The goal of using a tablet was to tailor the new car delivery to the customer's wants/needs. Where you can select which features - other than mandatory ones - to review with the customer. This also provides those sales consultants (with less experience) the ability to explain features/options they otherwise would not be able too. All of which can offer the customer a stress-free positive delivery. Now if they'd only follow-up the next day to thank the customer! 

Paul Clark
Advice on new small dealership

Paul Clark  Thanks Sherri for the link!  I really appreciate it. Thanks Chris, I would appreciate any input your friend might have.  I'm a sponge at this point.   Paul

Tom Provitz
BDC Process Map

Tom Provitz  I usually take a 1-7 day email, phone call and text approach. I try to meet the customer on their ground where they are comfortable.

Derrick Woolfson
How Many of You use a tablet for New Car Delivery?

Derrick Woolfson  Does your OEM have a new car delivery app on the tablet? I am curious to see if anyone else uses one?

Derrick Woolfson
CarFax Leads?

Derrick Woolfson  @Mark, the results seem mixed. I guess it depends on market area, etc? 

Derrick Woolfson
BDC Process Map

Derrick Woolfson  @Roberto, for follow-up/Answering a lead? Or the position? 

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