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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Benedict Camberpruff
personal question for me

Benedict Camberpruff  Hi everyone. I have for you one slightly personal question for me. Is watching porn a betrayal of relationships? The fact is that recently I started dating a girl. And I worry if my love of porn will hurt our relationship. Usually I watch streams on the site Maybe someone heard

Chris K Leslie
Whats Holding You Back?

Chris K Leslie  We all have lists of things that we want to do or things that need to get done. What is something you've been wanting to do but have been held back from doing it? Whats holding you back from getting it done or started? 

Chris K Leslie
New Years Resolutions

Chris K Leslie  As the month is quickly coming to an end. Are you still holding true to your new years resolutions? DO you need some support? Sound off in the comments. 

Chris K Leslie
Video In Sales

Chris K Leslie  WE have all talked for years about doing more video in the sales department. Now that most CRM's have the ability to shoot and send video inside their mobile apps. Are you guys seeing more salespeople adopting this tech> 

Chris K Leslie

Chris K Leslie  I am a fan of marketing to people who haven't bought yet. I think marketing often to those folks is necessary. Hit em often with varied messages. 

Chris K Leslie
Customer Contacts

Chris K Leslie  Woah! 8x a day is a lot. Do you find that it works for you guys? 

Chris K Leslie
Respecting the BDC Department

Chris K Leslie  The thing to remember is that communication and process issues exist in all types of businesses. There is a reason why you guys are there and why the department exists. Just remember that you dont have to answer to anyone except the person who wants you to be there. 

Chris K Leslie
Manager T.O.'s

Chris K Leslie  We have a team leader who spends a lot of time with sales folks and their customers. 

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