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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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R. J. James
Eight Traits Football Teams and Dealerships Share

R. J. James  Zach... Great food for thought and the football analogy made it easy to read, understand, analyze, and identify what a dealership could/should do to be a Champion.

Kristen Tepper
Research-backed Customer Retention Techniques

Kristen Tepper  These are great! Love the mobile loyalty, now that we're on-the-go more than ever - it's crucial!

Brandin Wilkinson
eCommerce for your Parts Department

Brandin Wilkinson  Thank you for your help Kristopher. I'll be checking these resources out. I already passed off Revolution Parts to the team so I'll also mention your advice. 

Tori Zinger
What's Your Hiring Process?

Tori Zinger  How many interviews does an applicant go through at your organization? Which job roles interview them and decide whether or not to hire? What does the application process require?

Tori Zinger
Costing out the BDC

Tori Zinger  Great question; I'll be following this to see what good insight others have to offer on this topic!

Tori Zinger

Tori Zinger  Oh, I like that, Kristopher -- I like that a lot.

Kristopher Nielsen
Top Reasons You Should Respond to Negative Reviews

Kristopher Nielsen  I think they are trying to protect their ecosystem of "Yelpers" and magnify the views of frequent reviewers over others.

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