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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Dealer Guy
Top 6 Things Car Dealers Do To Make Car Buying Difficult

Dealer Guy  You can't just walk into a dealership and say, "How much for this car?  Yes you can! The price is right here on the window sticker - it's $24,590 sir equipped as you see it, but it could actually be a lot more or maybe a lot less depending if you qualify for our special event sale or not.  "They'll look at the car, they'll look back at you, and then they'll ask you some deflective question, talk about rebates, trade-ins, your kids. It's hard to get a straight answer, 'cause their goal is to have you sit down, relax and then determine how they gain the most profit on the sale of the new car, your trade-in, financing and any after-market products." Nonsense. There's a lot more to buying a car than most other things you ever buy. Facts are collected to help the dealer representative first understand the needs of the prospect, and that is done through conversation. All that data is then analyzed to reveal any possible matches in their inventory in relation to the customers budget. Then again, car buying tends to be impulsive, and when that happens all rules are thrown out.

Maddy Low
Blasted With Emails

Maddy Low  My apologies for anyone who just got blasted with DrivingSales comment emails! We're figuring out what the issue was. Thanks!

Derrick Woolfson
Service BDC pay plans?

Derrick Woolfson  Hi Linda! Here is the pay plan we have for our Service BDC (1 person team): $11 an hour  $3 per service appointment that showed (must have a minimum of 60% show rate to qualify) $150 for 1,200+ phone calls per month It has worked well for us, and we gave a lower bonus per appointment as service appointments are largely captive. Hope this helps!

Caleb  Twito
What are the most important metrics you track?

Caleb Twito  Thanks for your response, Kurtis. Sales process and improving that process especially phone ups which is a bit more "on your feet" as opposed to internet leads is important. Great to hear that your focus is on process.  So you would say:  Apt set Apt confirmed  Apt show Thanks again for your response. 

Garry House
Who Are YOUR Industry “Thought Leaders?”

Garry House  How do we define “thought leadership,” or more specifically, how should the term be applied to the retail automobile industry? According to Wikipedia, the term “thought leader” was coined in 1994 by Booz Allen Hamilton, a Fortune 500 corporate consulting firm, and it was used to describe individuals or firms that introduced business ideas that “merited attention.” Without question, thought leaders tend to be the most successful people or organizations within their respective fields. However, I believe that the definition needs to go far deeper than that.There seem to be many definitions of the term. It would probably be worthwhile to try defining just what a thought leader is, or maybe more importantly, what a thought leader is not. I think that what differentiates a thought leader from any other knowledgeable individual (or company), is the recognition from the outside world that the thought leader deeply understands his business, the needs of his customers, and the broader marketplace in which he operates. I believe that thought leadership requires a spirit of unselfishness…the sharing of one’s time, intelligence, and knowledge (even if these things are often provided at a profit). I understand that thought leadership is the “buzzterm” for expertise, but I think that the most important descriptors of a thought leader are “innovative” and “ground-breaking.”​Some of you may consider me to be a thought leader. I’ve got news for you; that’s not today’s primary mission of Garry House & Associates. Our priority is to provoke thought…by identifying opportunities within your dealerships, by seeking and recognizing best practices to capitalize on those opportunities, by communicating those practices, by documenting those best practices as written processes, by training those processes, by helping you implement those processes, by asking you the “hard questions” about why you aren’t habitually performing and flawlessly executing those processes, and by assisting you in enhancing those processes. There’s nothing innovative and ground-breaking about that specific mission.​​Personally, I’ve identified a number of thought leaders who have influenced my professional development. Early in my retail career, F. Lee Galles (Competitive Edge) and John Williamson (Key-Royal Automotive Group), as well as Clint McGee (GO, Inc.) and Lew Whitehead (Automotive Service Consultants), with whom John had partnered in their consulting firms, were definitely some of my thought leaders. Today I consider Dave Anderson (, Dale Pollak (vAuto), Chris Saraceno (, Tommy Gibbs (, and Jared Hamilton ( to be several of my thought leaders. There certainly have been, are, and will be many other industry thought leaders with significant impact on me.​Either as I define it (or as you define it yourself), when YOU think of the term retail auto industry thought leader, who comes to mind? I’d like to know, and I’m sure others would also. Share with me, and I’ll share with everyone! Please drop me a note at regards,Garry House

Linda Loepker
Service BDC pay plans?

Linda Loepker  Would anyone care to share pay plans for service BDS reps?Small dealership - very small - so we are looking for a pay plan based on on % scheduled, but any information would be appreciated.Thanks!~Linda

Kurtis Hicks
What are the most important metrics you track?

Kurtis Hicks  Appointments and % of appointments confirmed is big for me. Depends on what you are focusing on, I feel like my marketing is dialed in so I watch my reports on that now but I'm focused on increasing effectiveness on the sales process side. Our in store customer experience is good so we are really focused on getting the door to swing by converting on appointments..

Caleb  Twito
What are the most important metrics you track?

Caleb Twito  Thanks for your thoughts. I would ask even further when it comes to website metrics, what you feel the most important metric is. SRP to VDP, Lead conversions, sessions or are they all equally important? Thanks! 

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