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Sarah Nelson
How to create a friendly atmosphere in your dealership?

Sarah Nelson  Buying a vehicle is a challenge, that’s why people are looking for a stress-free experience these days. How to keep your customers coming back?1. Positive atmosphere is important to make a great first impression. Greet your customers with a smile on your face, offer them refreshments, and they will feel your friendly vibe.2. Comfortable and cozy waiting area is a perfect choice to show that you really care. Offer free Wi-Fi, charging stations, clean furniture. Creative mind is a step forward.3. A family-friendly room is a great method to keep you clients’ children entertained while their parents are test-driving the car or signing some papers.Implementing these steps will help you to satisfy your customers and make their experience easier and more pleasant. 

Sarah Nelson
How do you coach your salespeople?

Sarah Nelson  We provide continuous training to everybody. New techniques appear and we need to know them to make our work effective. That's why I would rather say that training is a real MUST.

Sarah Nelson
CAR SALES TRAINING: Learn How to Overcome a $100/mo. Payment Objection!

Sarah Nelson  Nice one, thanks a lot! As we provide continuous training to our staff, that's a useful video.

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solutionbo solutionbo
How often do you train how to close car sales?

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Helpdesk Email
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