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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Joy Johnson
Females In Auto

Joy Johnson  Hi- I'm a sales consultant currently, but have worked in the auto business for going on 6 years.  Spent time as an internet sales manager, worked in the corporate office/ buy here pay here department, and spent a great majority of my time as a BDC at various dealerships.  Happy to chat with you!

Carlo Castillo
10 Ways Sales Managers Fail

Carlo Castillo  On point! Passing this along to rest of the team. thanks Joe 

Sunny Schweisthal
on line credit apps

Sunny Schweisthal  I have used Credit Miner at previous dealerships. We got a ton of leads from it, because it didn't require a social security number.

Ty Bullard
new car pricing

Ty Bullard  chris do you mind sharing that matrix with me on how you price?   

Ty Bullard
Sales Mgr Report Card

Ty Bullard  Great stuff.  I agree with all of it.  Thanks for responding.  I just want it to be effective and helpful to the sales manager.   But one thing we don't do a good job of in this business is telling our people how they are doing and where they stand.  Think this could be a tool to help communicate some of those important things 

Scott Larrabee
Sales Mgr Report Card

Scott Larrabee  Sales training frequency and competence of the sales process and ability to teach it to sales staff?

Sunny Schweisthal
Sales Mgr Report Card

Sunny Schweisthal  Manager T.O.s vs Showroom VisitsSales Manager follow-up on Unsold Showroom TrafficAverage front gross profit per new and used unit

Scott Larrabee
Car Dealer’s Top Closing Techniques

Scott Larrabee  Great read, I believe one of the biggest mistakes sales people make is they forget to stop selling and close!

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