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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Amanda Gordon
How "Social" is your team?

Amanda Gordon  Thanks for adding Tori! Derrick have you seen any major changes in Dealer Rater since the acquisition? And I couldn't agree more regarding the consistency on behalf of the human element aka sales staff. At one of my old stores they would spiff for reviews. I think the new wave is Social media posts and perhaps an incentive geared in that direction would add to the positive flow of things.

Scott Larrabee
How "Social" is your team?

Scott Larrabee  With every sale, I take a thumbs up pic and every time I also post the same hashtags #NewCarDay #AskforScott and whenever possible get video testimonial instead, tag store and customer etc. Creates a wonderful social experience to begin the continued relationship and gather referrals. If salespeople aren't required to do it someone should be in charge of it, too valuable not to take advantage! 

Scott Larrabee
Ethics Questions

Scott Larrabee  I've just lived by a personal belief that my integrity is never for sale... Always be ethical! 

Scott Larrabee

Scott Larrabee  Educate everyone about their importance in the process and what the end goal is and what's to be expected. Culture is important!

Scott Larrabee
Fading F&I

Scott Larrabee  I know some amazing F&I managers who kill it on the backend consistently and make a great living doing it, but they all can sell ketchup popsicles to a person wearing white gloves!

Scott Larrabee
F&I Sales Training

Scott Larrabee  The F&I Managers I know like F&I Resources

Scott Larrabee
Man or Woman? Does a sales rep's gender matter to you?

Scott Larrabee  I think it matters more to a woman that they have the option to work with another female if they choose instead of having to work with a male salesperson. But to me personally it doesn't matter, I find I am usually disappointed with most salespeople anyway. 

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