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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Jason Volny
Habits and Success

Jason Volny  @Mandie I agree. What would be a good habit to add to the habit schedule to make sure your employees always have a positive attitude? Is "Have a positive attitude" enough? or Would "Take 10 minutes to meditate" add to that?

Jason Volny
5 Steps to creating a dealership new-hire orientation process

Jason Volny  @Mandie It does make it fun. Ask Allison, she created a few great ideas for that. 

Jason Volny
The Power of Performance Reviews

Jason Volny  @Mallory I agree. 74% of employees leave because something a manager did or should be doing and they don't. Managers should be held accountable by the same Performance Review process that they hold their people accountable. 

Derrick Woolfson
How do you stay sharp?

Derrick Woolfson  A few things, one is attending conferences (DSES!) annually. This is what I call "recharging the batteries." You learn high-impact takeaways, and my goal is that each year I take one or two "ideas," and actualize them. Another way of staying sharp is continuing to take marketing classes, Google is always going to change their expectations, and the more you know about digital advertising the better you can manage your vendor relationships. 

Bart Wilson
Service drive traffic

Bart Wilson  How is your traffic on the service drive? Is it picking up over last month? The same? Dropping?

Cooper Gruszka
Facebook Ad CTA's

Cooper Gruszka  In our ads we use the "Send a message to secure your voucher" bit. Make sure you have something in the ad that warrants reserving a voucher of course and refer to it when you go to set the appointment after all their questions are answered ("Are you ready to reserve your voucher?"). This really helps make the customer feel like they are coming in for a limited time deal that requires them to act NOW instead of continuing to scroll and maybe sending a message later.

Bob S
Should Dealers Be Disinfecting Vehicles?

Bob S  We use permasafe... works out to a couple bucks per car for the touch points. doesnt destroy the leather and plastic. 

John Brennan
Are Your Techs Ready for Electric?

John Brennan  There has been shortages of techs to fix cars for free as long as I can remember.

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