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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Appavdoo Raddia Ramakrishnan
Are You Looking For Projecting? Or Seeking For An Active Provider Of Bank Instruments

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Derrick Woolfson
Videos Still Work, Right?

Derrick Woolfson  I love it! That is a good question, too - it is something that managers often do not think about. And as you know, it helps sell the car when the consultant is on the test drive if s/he knows the product. This is awesome!! 

Derrick Woolfson
BDC that cannot give you the price

Derrick Woolfson  Dan, we just went through this! (UGH, I FEEL YOUR PAIN). The way I 'won' the argument was plain old analytics. I know you were just brought on, BUT there is nothing better than showing the owner the before vs. after of lead volume with the "no pricing mentality."  I was able to show that not only leads were way down, but the overall set & show rate dropped. I do agree with Sunny in regards to focusing on selling the appointment - it is very important. And more often that not we really do not go over the price itself or payments. We like Sunny said find ways to redirect those questions - for example  "What is your best out the door price on your (vehicle)"? Sure, in order to best serve you Mr. customer can I have your zip code? I need to verify your incentives. Is the "vehicle" the only make and model you are considering?  "Yes, I want the price on the road" I understand, if in fact we can get to the numbers you are hoping for are you available now or later today for a test drive?  ***if they say no then they have not committed to purchasing the vehicle whether it is at your dealership or not. The average days to close on a lead (even new) is 4 - 5 days average. So it has helped my BDC tremendously to handle it from this perspective. BUT I do truly understand your frustrations, as you are the DEPARTMENT that BRINGS the TRAFFIC to the store!!! GOOD LUCK!

Derrick Woolfson
Email Templates

Derrick Woolfson  Is it just me, or is it really frustrating when vendors throw their services in the forum threads. Vendors who don't even have photos of their reps. Not to mention, they do not share *actual* feedback. This forum is for those who want to help each other, learn, grow, and develop - without the pressure of signing up for a "vendor." Rant. Over. 

Maddy Low
End Of Month

Maddy Low  Haha @sunny and @dealer guy you certainly don't have to share your best secrets, we'll just appreciate the advice we do get from you! ;)

Sunny Schweisthal
End Of Month

Sunny Schweisthal  I'm with Dealer Guy on this one. If it's working for me, why would I share it with the rest of the internet? Lol :)

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