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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Don Kelley
Is anyone using a texting solution for service successfully and if so which vendor do you recommend?

Don Kelley  We use "" for our dealership. Great platform, customers love it, advisors love it, sales love it.

Sunny Schweisthal
First Response?

Sunny Schweisthal  There isn't a cookie-cutter email template that will guarantee a response, but if you keep it simple, spell things correctly, and use proper grammar, you will have more success engaging customers. Also, try ending your emails with a question or call-to-action. Great news, Aaron! The 2012 Buick Enclave you inquired about is waiting for you at Sunny Motors! We also have six other Enclaves that you may have missed online. Would you like more information on those, or did you want to swing by today to take a look? Again, no guarantee on the response, but hopefully it will spark enough interest for them to hit the reply button.

Andy Wiggins
Balloons question

Andy Wiggins  Aww.  Did you ever pop them? And how?  I would be there saving them all the time if I knew they were popping them 

Sunny Schweisthal
Balloons question

Sunny Schweisthal  One dealership I worked for only put out balloons on Friday and Saturday. At the end of the day on Saturday, we would just pop the balloons and dispose of them. But there was this one time a woman came by and asked if she could have the balloons for her son's birthday party, and since we were just going to throw them away anyway, we gave them to her. There were two more occasions after that (that I can recall) where we gave the balloons away to people asking for them.

Sunny Schweisthal
Sales BDC - when leads opt out of text messaging

Sunny Schweisthal  If they originally opted in and then chose to opt out later, I would be looking at the kind of messages that are being sent to them and how often. Were they engaging? Were they relevant? Too spammy? Like others have mentioned, I would still try to reach out via email and phone call.

Sunny Schweisthal
Parts Delivery

Sunny Schweisthal A buddy of mine who delivers paper supplies in Milwaukee recommended that.

Sunny Schweisthal
Take the Work Out of Hiring. Facebook Allowing to Apply on Facebook

Sunny Schweisthal  I haven't always liked some of the changes Facebook made, but this, I definitely like this.

Sunny Schweisthal
80% of purchases are Influenced by Women

Sunny Schweisthal  Really liking that "Women Wednesdays" concept! I haven't come across any dealerships that do anything special or go out of their way to cater to women in the market. Yet.

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