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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Ed Morgan
Deal Cover / Checklist

Ed Morgan  Looking for a deal cover checklist for F&I that can be utilized to tighten up process.  Would anyone have on that  you can share.  

Jennifer Bueckert
Habits and Success

Jennifer Bueckert  Structure is key! With a bit of flexibility 

Bart Wilson
How did May end up?

Bart Wilson  Based on your expectations going into the month, how are you projecting to finish? From new or used vehicle sales, finance PVR, fixed ops performance, how does it look?

Bart Wilson
Website traffic flat

Bart Wilson  Wow. Let's hope this traffic leads to some sales. Interesting info on the Internet leads. It makes sense.

Bart Wilson
Solo test drives?

Bart Wilson  Has anyone been able to quantify the impact of customers going on solo test drives without a salesperson? I know it's hard to isolate, but it would be interesting to see if it matters that the sales rep goes.

Bart Wilson
COVID-19 Sales Process Changes?

Bart Wilson  @Aimee, looks like a thorough list. I didn't think about the pens. It's a little thing that really matters. What are you communicating to customers? What to expect?

Aimee Rogers
COVID-19 Sales Process Changes?

Aimee Rogers  We are not requiring everyone to wear masks (many of them wear them anyway), but cleaning like crazy.  Everyone has boxes of gloves, cleaners, paper towels, and hand sanitizer.  Every car gets disinfected before and after test drives, the customer's trade gets the same treatment.  We are social distancing,  customers going on solo test drives, we are doing at home test drives as well. New, clean pens the customer takes with them. Desk and chairs get cleaned between customers and typical touchpoints - doors, bathrooms, etc are getting cleaned multiple times a day as well.  Increased video communication with customers prior to them coming in or us bringing the vehicle to them.       

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