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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Chris K Leslie
Low-Cost Service Marketing Tactics for December

Chris K Leslie  Winter is a great time for writers to help sell extended VSC’s too. 

Chris K Leslie
Darren Shaw on the Future of Local Search

Chris K Leslie  I love the idea of google focusing on lead gen, especially in a world full of third party vendors who avoid the idea of lead gen like the plague. 

Chris K Leslie
Notification Overload! Top Reasons to Avoid the Clutter.

Chris K Leslie  I’m with you man. The more notifications the more people learn to ignore them. 

Boruch Gelfand
Cargurus and Carvana

Boruch Gelfand  Someone need to file a class action lawsuit

Kevin Reid
Qualifying Over Phone or Get Them In?

Kevin Reid  Always bring them in. What they say they'll do over the phone isn't necessarily what they're willing to do once they fall in love with a car. If you prequalify before you bring them in you're probably talking some people out of buying cars.

Kevin Reid
website pricing

Kevin Reid  I've experimented both ways. I find that when I take pricing offline I get the same amount of leads and calls. However when the customer comes in I have a lot more to work with and I'm not pigeon holed into a no profit deal. If you're going to put a price online you need to be willing to be the lowest price, other wise you're just advertising for your competitors 

Kevin Reid
A question to Desk Managers

Kevin Reid  in my opinion a sales manager should be checking in through the process that way when you get to the end and need a T/O you're not a stranger to the customer. But if you do get to the price and are just getting involved here's some I like to ask, in no particular order: 1. Has the customer driven the car. 2. Is there a trade involved 3. If the numbers make sense are they ready to buy this car today 4. Where are they from 5. rebate questions.  

Carl Maeda
Why Do Dealerships NOT Automate Their Monthly Specials?

Carl Maeda  As a website provider, I wanted to chime in here.   What we do is automate the specials using rules we setup with the dealers.  The rules can be based on several factors such as incentive APR rate, incentive cash amounts, total savings, lot age, price and more. If the dealership wants to manually mark vehicles as specials, they can and those would display first. For example, if the dealership wants 5 specials and they manually mark 2 vehicles as specials, the other 3 vehicles would get filled in using the rules we setup.  If they only want 2 specials, they can update the specials page to show just 2. Many of our clients manually mark vehicles as specials because there may be increased demand, its' a new model or they may have a sales theme such as Hybrid month.

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