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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Scott Larrabee
Vendor Swag

Scott Larrabee  @Sunny, I prefer food myself! ;-)

Dave Wells
Social Marketing: Self Serve or Agency?

Dave Wells  Piggy backing on Sunny's comment above Bringing this in-house is the best approach if you are looking to maximize your digital and social activity. You will have to pay a full time salary, but you will have this person at your disposal to strategize and focus on your projects alone. Dabbling part time with this is risky since if it isn't done right by someone with experience, it could turn you off from wanting to invest in digital/social marketing going forward. You may not get the ROI you wished due to not having the experience to optimally execute. You can start by hacking your way through, but seek expert advise via research and forums. Obviously with an agency, you get the experts, but you are sharing time with other clients. I would weigh the cost of your spend with an agency vs hiring someone in house. It will come down to the amount of time you want to commit to digital/social marketing.   

Dave Wells
CRM/DMS Access

Dave Wells  Hey Leo, DrivenData does this. CRM, DMS, Inventory, Digital, and Attribution reporting in one dashboard.  

Mark Begley
Want to learn the "7 Steps to Earning Trust in Your Sales Process"

Mark Begley  Autosoft periodically posts white papers which contain very interesting information about our car business. See our latest ones here... 

Matt Lamberth
KBB Buying Center - valuable lead source?

Matt Lamberth  We are considering becoming a KBB Buying Center as way to increase and diversify our leads.  There is not a lot of information regarding the leads or lead performance but it looks like it could be a steady flow of about 500 leads a month.  Most of the leads would be customers that request a "cash offer" on their trade-in vehicle through a Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer link. Does anyone have experience with this lead source?

Maddy Low
Cox Automotive Study

Maddy Low  Anyone interested in being interviewed for a study?We are doing a story on a Cox Automotive study, and I'm wondering if you'd be interested in doing a quick interview about some of the findings and letting other dealers know your opinion.The study is mainly about millennials vs. other generations and the way they shop for and purchase cars, as well as those making more or less than $75,000 a year.Comment or email me at

Kristen Saddler
bdc culture

Kristen Saddler  I think that a great starting point is remembering that the BDC's purpose is to drive traffic to the showroom, so in order to do that, we all have to remember that we our the first impression of the dealership for our customers. Therefore, I always remind my employees to "Be the Best First Impression". Answer the phone cheerfully, knowing that EVERY phone call is an appointment opportunity, and a car deal for the dealership.  Positivity is number one in our BDC. After that everything else follows. You can't be both awesome and negative at the same time :)

Derrick Woolfson
Texting - The Good, Bad & Ugly

Derrick Woolfson  @Scott - I know, I wish there was an app that told you how many times you looked at your phone (I should totally patent that idea!) - marketing companies would kill for that kind of data. 

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