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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Marty Rouse
Tent Sale: Tried and True or Obsolete?

Marty Rouse  So, are these tent sales "Road shows" or just dealership sales people involved?

Paul Rushing
Content Marketing vs. PPC: Which One’s Better for Your Dealership?

Paul Rushing  Content marketing for a used car store would be classified as a waste of bandwidth and money. Using buzz words to grab traffic, click bait, to a page long infomercial is the very definition of webspam. I wonder when / if drivingsales will every put a stop to this.

Paul Rushing
The benefits of working in F&I

Paul Rushing  The F&I half days are a pretty good perk too, You know the half from 8 to 8..

Paul Rushing
How to Prevent Car Break-ins?

Paul Rushing  More parasite spam. All the way from Australia..  

Paul Rushing
What Difference Holds Between a Conveyancer and an Attorney?

Paul Rushing  Place is turning into a spam feast. Vendors do it now outside seo companies are doing it after they see how easy it is for the vendors to do.

Derrick Woolfson
Handling Calls: Challenged Credit

Derrick Woolfson  I agree, @amanda! It’s a dreaded call. But they deserve to know. And we also offer that once they’ve built up their credit to give us a call and we’d gladly help them out!

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