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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Maddy Low
Weekends vs. weekdays

Maddy Low  Do you sell differently on the weekends vs. the weekdays? Why or why not?

Maddy Low

Maddy Low  What information do you need to have on an SRP, vs a VDP? 

Chip Dorman
Is anybody using or planning to test Snapchat?

Chip Dorman  C'mon guys, we're supposed to be professional marketers. Pros don't guess, they know. And they don't know until they test. What's it going to cost to test and know for a fact? If we as professionals don't find out then we're flying by the seat of our pants and going with our guts just like all of the dealers we call on that refuse to make decisions based upon data and facts.

Derrick Woolfson
Appointment Setting Online

Derrick Woolfson  We have *experienced* this before - that said, we took a full years worth of appointments and averaged out appts. per day. This allowed us to set capacities per appointment "type." However, if the appointment type was 'booked,' then we offer the customer a message to call the dealership. We then get an alert. If you do not setup the parameters right then it can really cost you business. In fact, on average only 27% of the customers actually book online. The other appointments are calls into the dealership from the appointment page. We provisioned a line on that page (the mobile breakpoint having a unique number), and it helps us offer a better experience noting that something is not right with such a low appointment average. As we hope to increase appointment traffic online! 

Mark Dubis
It Has Never Been Easier To Be Average

Mark Dubis  Maddy, thanks for sharing Jay's post.  Anyone in business and in this industry knows how important it is to provide a good customer experience.  Research shows that most customers when they leave the dealership, leave happy or satisfied with their purchase or service.  The details are what they may have had to go through to get there.  They dread the process, lack of transparency, and the games that many dealers play.  When every dealer says they are a great place to buy a car, and every website looks like same . . . consumers think every dealer is the same. If a dealer is profitable today, why should they put money into marketing that truly differentiates them from the competition, or into training to provide tools to cut their turnover.  When a dealer is average and profitable, what is the incentive to change?  Being a dealer principal today is not easy, but if they don't initiate programs to change with the times they will soon become irrelevant.I'm sure Jay's presentation in October will be great.

Maddy Low
Appointment Setting Online

Maddy Low  When I was at a dealership we would get calls alllll the time to change when the online scheduler would allow people to make appointments. They would tell us they were overbooked or the online scheduler was set to accept too many appointments. Do any of you have this problem? Does anyone have a solution that worked for them, a set number of appointments that could be set online that really worked? 

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