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Dear Dealership, "It's GO time!"


What are a prospect’s expectations when they submit a “Request for Contact” on your website?

           "Dude, we'll totally sell you a car."

           “What’s it gonna take to get you into our dealership today?”

           “If I could, would you come down today?”

           “I don’t know if the manager will even let me do this…”

           “You’re not going to believe this, in fact I think it may be a mistake!”


A dealership’s greatest opportunity for growth in 2012 is online, but old school, traditional tactics will not be tolerated by today’s savvy customers.  The shopper in 2012 is a well-informed, tech savvy shopper that demands a certain level of respect and an even higher level of customer service.

Ask yourself this; If 90% of my customers (online shoppers) are being handled by employees that aren’t highly skilled in Digital Marketing and Sales strategies, is that a good formula for my dealership?

Countless hours are spent in dealership meeting rooms across the country with sales managers training their people how to:

            * Meet & Greet

            * Build Rapport

            * Perform a Needs Analysis

            * Perform a quality product demo

            * Perform a quality demo drive

            * Convert a demo drive to a write-up

            * Convert a write-up to a close

            * Etc, Etc, Etc

Sales managers are highly skilled at this because they have been doing it for years.  The Internet is still in its infancy, yet our consumers are demanding that dealers know how they want to be treated and what the “NEW” sales process looks like.  Gone are the days of leading the customer down the road to the sale using traditional tactics.  Today’s consumer has the road to the sale sitting on their lap in the form of a laptop or Ipad.  They are defining the process by awarding the dealerships that are trained to perform for today’s Digital Customer.

Is that your dealership?

Bryan Armstrong
Oh bull, "Just get 'em in"! O.K. That was sarcastic because you are right on the money here. According to the latest research (Google) the average Car buyer visits 18.5 different sites in their buying research. What consumers may be looking for is the one Dealer that will use the same tools they did to validate their research and provide the least amount of pain in their process.
Ron Henson
Great point Brian. That's why you are one of the very best!
Chris Costner
"We have always done it this way." Dealers who are approaching their internet leads as the last stop for the customer prior to visiting their showroom are clearly wrong. It's about efficiency for the client. Bryan is spot on with the customer looking for the dealer to validate their research. Dealers who are actively practicing the withholding of information from the client in hopes to get them in the showroom are throwing away money and sales. How? The dealership two blocks down the street are approaching these customers with a "No problem" or "My pleasure" attitude and making the sale. This is great Ron, thanks for sharing.
Jeremy Alicandri
I'll read anything with the "Dude" in it.
Ron Henson
Great comments Chris. You are spot on!

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