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Check Out the Hottest New Direct Mail Strategy

Recently I've taken a fresh new look at your classic "Super Sale" and thanks to Tri-Auto I liked what I saw. There's nothing new about a 5 day dealership event where you send out 40k direct mail pieces luring customers in to claim their prize. With people waiting to register, balloons, and of course wonderful prizes, these extremely successful sales were just what the doctor ordered for many dealerships in low times and for some a regular form of advertising.

One obstacle of these sales is the loads of customers coming in without any interest in buying car. It's up to the dealership to convert these customers into buyers and energize them with why now is a great time to buy a car. The successful sales are full of these conversions and most of the time you can easily see without these conversions a sale can come up very short. So how do you increase this conversion rate while also bringing additional value to the sale? One way to do this is registering customers, mandate all sale participants be registered for the sale giving your salesman an opening to speak to the customer and investigate their situation. Gaining their information is also valuable being you can later contact these locals for a 2nd or 3rd chance to earn their business. This is all pretty standard for most business's promoting these sales but today’s market is in need for something bigger and better.

Most competing dealerships are heavily if not completely involved online. Websites, social networks, email marketing, and Google are all a huge parts of just about every dealership and for some a real struggle. Many dealerships are so focused on these “front line” marketing efforts they don't even consider direct mail a valuable source of marketing anymore. I don't really blame them either; most direct mail marketing doesn't do much more then list a website when it comes to including the online dynamic. Customers want more than just a flier to keep them interested and finally someone decided to do something about this and developed a way of incorporating not just the internet but the whole process of how most customers are used to shopping for a car these days.

Tri-Auto took the lead with direct-mail advertising introducing us to Market Vision 7 software a data collecting and showroom traffic controlling machine. Market Vision 7 utilizes a microsite and in-showroom kiosk to create an efficient way of recording and controlling all the sale participates. Let’s take a look at their process and the strategy behind it. 

·         Attract

Tri-Auto’s direct mail pieces elicit consumer attention because they’ve been developed through years of testing.

·         Engage

Market Vision 7™ microsites feature multiple points of engagement that generate qualified leads to fill your pipeline.

·         Amplify

Social Share motivates users to share your event across their social network to amplify your marketing message and enhance its response.

·         Convert

The Market Vision 7™ in-showroom kiosk tracks responders and includes tools to help your salespeople close more deals.

·         Analyze

Real-time reporting provides actionable data during your sale and post-sale data allows you to benchmark and leverage information to improve future sales.



Sound familiar? One thing that makes me such a fan of this program is it fits today’s customer and the process they are used to using to purchase and applies it to direct-mail advertising. A whole separate category of ROI that otherwise would not be utilized or considered for ROI. A dealership looking for the classic production of foot traffic to the show-room but wants to include the rest of their marketing efforts online is the perfect type of client for this program. Whether you have a strong social presence or need a quick way to catch up, the microsite will not only get you Likes and Tweets but will actually encourage customers to share and engage your brand socially. You are still registering customers but not on a stack of unorganized registration forms. Instead customers are walked to a kiosk and assisted while they go through the registration process with the salesman. This gives your sales staff ample opportunity to convert non-buyers to buyers while collecting key information to qualify the customer. During the registration process customers are asked about their currently vehicle offering them a predetermined percentage of NADA value as well as trigger questions you train your guys to ask sparking purchasing signals. When all else fails they are presented with a friendly roulette wheel that they can physically spin to see what they have won. This takes the pressure and responsibility of the prize off the salesman and allows them to do their job.

 While the activity in the showroom is producing sales you can manage all the data being collecting through the microsite and kiosk live through Market Vision 7's online dashboard. Here you can contact leads generated from the microsite, pull credit from online credit apps, monitor salesman performance, and even collect appointment information made by microsite visitors. This would be a great time to also reflect you’re in showroom promotion on your social networks and collect even more participants. You can easily collect dozens of likes and shares throughout a 5 day event as well as begin marketing via email to your sale database. Tri-Auto has done a fantastic job of revamping direct mail advertising with a one of a kind process that includes every dynamic offered in today’s market. 

In my experience with Tri-Auto this program has been just what we were looking for when connecting with customers we weren’t currently touching with are online only marketing strategy. The bonus for us is we didn’t have to miss out on internet customers either. It allowed us to leverage our online presence and capability with customers that weren’t already aware of us online.  The fact we can continue to reap the benefits of the sale weeks later was more than enough ROI to make it a solid investment.  If your already running direct mail promotions you have to give this a try and if you’re not  I suggest you give an old but now new strategy another shot. 

I would like to offer everyone everyone Special Program Pricing and Free Market Analysis-

Mention this post and please contact:

Tonya Ingram 



I would be interested in any other similar advancements anyone has seen with direct-mail. Anyone else use a similar system before? 

Thank you,


Russ Chandler



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