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How Selling Parts Online Can Boost Your Dealership Revenue

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How to Boost your SEO during Corona Times?

Search engine optimization is a strategic process of utilizing online content, improving the user experience, and finally implementing technical aids for helping a website to rank higher among the search results. Its primary target is to support the site is attracting a wider online audience and therefore improving the organic traffic.

In times when online shopping is the only method of buying non-essential products, internet users must be able to find your website among the top search results. Let’s look at some ways how SEO can experience a boost during corona times.

  • Look for the best keywords and keep updating your content

Quality content providing necessary and target information is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of enterprise SEO. Google requires happy users, which implies that it will have to serve them with those pages that match their intent of the search.

This is the main reason why finding the perfect keywords for your niche and using them for improving the texts on your site could be your shortcut to online success. To see what words or phrases people are using to search for services or products, you can take help from some free tools or switch to more feature-rich paid programs.

Focusing on the most visited subpages is best for optimizing your content. Adding useful articles on your blog is also an appreciated move as this can bring you additional organic traffic and at the same time establishing your site as a quality information source. Offering trustworthy content might be one of the key advantages for you in these uncertain times because people have so many unanswered questions every time.

  • The loading time of your site should be improved

The searchers might simply give up and switch to your competitors if your website is very slow to load. This is the reason you should make use of Google’s self-made tool Page Speed Insights for checking up how quickly the mobile and desktop versions of your site open. If you get a bad result from testing, one of the things that can be done on your own is checking the size and resolution of image files on your website. These are often so large that you might require to lower their resolution and then compress the files. Pacing up the working of your site is greatly important during times when all wi-fi networks are under such heavy load.

  • Google My Business rating should be optimized

Google My Business listings help the searchers in obtaining the elementary information about your company even before actually visiting your website.

If you are unable to open your physical outlets because of the emergency measures, take the help of Google My Business listings for educating the searchers about yourself. It is also an incredible method of emphasizing that you are still available to your clients via email or phone. Double-check on the email addresses and numbers that are added to your listing for any corrections to make sure that the clients are actually getting the information to reach you.

  • Construct backlinks and relationships

Even though self-isolation is one of the prime keywords in the present scenario, networking should not be sacrificed. And if you are expanding your online network, forgetting about the backlink opportunities is never an option. They indicate Google about your online content being reputable and trustworthy.

Ask your business partners to add your site’s link to their page so that this can contribute to its online authority. You can even utilize time in writing a PR article with one or more links directly to your site. Never forget to return the favor of your partners if they agree to help you with link-building.

  • Discover Hidden opportunities by using analytics data

Now is the perfect time to reveal the power of advanced analytics. Use the fine metrics for determining which is your target audience, finding out which pages are most popular, or discover the keywords which bring you the most organic traffic. You might get surprised after discovering an opportunity that you have not thought of before. With the help of analytics, you will be able to base your SEO strategy on realistic predictions and real data, thus making your investments in optimization worthwhile.

  • Cleaning your website from time to time

Especially if you did not create your website yesterday, there is certainly some content that you created a long time ago and then deleted when it wasn’t relevant anymore. Such pages can still be lying in Google’s index, which clearly implies that they can be displayed in search results.








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